Historic moment for AmaZulu nation

AmaZulu King, Misuzulu Sinqobile Hlomesakhishlangu kaZwelithini, has officially been introduced to the ancestors and his people during his Ukungena esibayeni (entering the kraal) ceremony, known traditionally as Ukucocwa KweSilo.

A strong contingent of Amabutho, dancing maidens, aboMama and dignitaries from around the country and further afield descended at the KwaKhangelamankengane Royal Palace on Saturday for the sacred ceremony.

Thousands flocked to the royal grounds to witness the historic event last seen 52 years ago, when the departed King Goodwill Zwelithini was crowned the King of the AmaZulu nation.

The proceedings started mid-morning, where King Misuzulu arrived amid heavy security and police presence, who kept an eye over the festivities.

The King was welcomed by Amabutho, who sang and danced in jubilation, before heading to the kraal for the sacred ceremony, which was held away from the prying cameras of the media.

The ceremony comes after His Majesty’s lion hunt this week, which paved the way for him entering the kraal.

The ceremony involves prayers, calling upon the ancestors — including the departed Kings — to bless, protect, and give strength and wisdom to the new King.

The official programme started late in the afternoon, where King Misuzulu made his way to the marquee, where he was greeted with ululation and songs from the jubilant crowd, who were waiting to hear a message from His Majesty.

Government officials, including Cabinet Ministers, Minister in the Presidency, Mondli Gungubele and Minister of Water and Sanitation, Senzo Mchunu and Members of KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Legislature and MECs, were among the thousands of people who braved the scorching heat to witness the historic ceremony.

Also in attendance were representatives from royalty from the AmaZulu in Zimbabwe, the AmaMpondo aseNyandeni from the Eastern Cape, AmaNdebele, and royalty from Vhavenda and Bapedi in Limpopo. Royalty from outside the borders of South Africa, including AmaSwati (from where King Misuzulu’s mother, the late Queen Regent, Mantfombi Shiyiwe Dlamini Zulu, hails), Lesotho, and the Nazareth Baptist Church also attended in support of the ceremony.

Kings of Zambia and Malawi, as well as royalty from the DRC, Nigeria and Tanzania, were also among the dignitaries who graced the ceremony.

King Misuzulu thanked all those who came in their numbers, including the dignitaries, to show support for the Royal family.

The King also thanked all those who have supported him, including President Cyril Ramaphosa, who has given him a certificate, which recognises him as the King of the AmaZulu nation.

“Today is the biggest day in the history of the Zulu nation. I promise you that, as from today, the Zulu nation remains united. I pledge, as the Zulu King, to lead my father’s nation,” King Misuzulu said.

The King also committed to defend and lead the nation with honour.

Well wishes for King Misuzulu

King M’mbelwa from Malawi congratulated His Majesty for ascending to his rightful throne, and promised to come back and offer the words of wisdom.

“Today we are witnessing the settling of the dust on the Zulu land,” King M’mbelwa said.

King M’mbelwa told King Misuzulu that his first big task is restoring the traditional Nguni languages and uniting all Africans.

“Bring us together, all of us in Africa. I wish you good health as you begin this journey, and may God bless you so that you lead your nation with wisdom,” King M’mbelwa said.

He also offered a bull as a gift from the Malawi Kingdom to His Majesty King Misuzulu.

King Mpezeni from Zambia, also congratulated King Misuzulu, noting that after his father, King Zwangendaba, left the Zulu nation 200 years ago, Zambia has received an influx of AmaZulu in their country.

“Coming here is to pledge that you are the King of all the Nguni in all Africa,” Mpezeni said.

Source: South African Government News Agency