Two teachers perish in head-on collision at Mwenge village

Two teachers died on Saturday night when their vehicles crashed into each other, while three passengers are in critical condition at Andara District Hospital in Kavango East Region’s Mukwe Constituency.

The Namibian Police Force in the region confirmed this in its weekend crime report issued on Sunday.

It is alleged that the two teachers, identified as Richard Thitaka, 30, from Diyogha village in Kavango East and Robert Liyali, 58, from Impalila Island in the Zambezi Region, lost their lives at Mwenge village, 30km west from Divundu on the B8 road of the Trans-Caprivi Highway.

According to the police report, the two teachers, who were the drivers of the respective vehicles, were approaching from different directions before the head-on collision happened.

The two teachers are said to be friends who both taught at Andara Combined School.

They reportedly called each other to meet up at Mbapuka village to celebrate the birthday of a friend who was also a passenger in one of the vehicles.

One of the cars was driving from the west to eastern direction while the other was driving from east to west.

The police explain that one vehicle upon approaching the other had its lights on bright mode, making it difficult for the other motorist to have a full view of the road ahead of him.

Due to that bright light, one of the drivers allegedly lost control of his vehicle causing the head-on collision that claimed both drivers’ lives on the spot.

The three passengers who were all in one vehicle where rushed to Andara District Hospital with serious injuries.

The next of kin of the two deceased teachers have been informed and investigations continue.

Source: The Namibian Press Agency