Two caught in the act of business burglary

BLOEMFONTEIN – Two men will soon appear in court for a business burglary after being caught in the act by members of the Bloemfontein K9 Unit.

K9 Unit members, Sergeants Seppie September and Lorthiam Campbell were patrolling in the area of Heidedal in Bloemfontein on Saturday, 30 October 2021, when they received information about a burglary in progress at a business premises. They followed up on the information and caught two suspects in the act with the stolen property.

Members recovered an industrial compressor, pallet jack, aluminium window panes and other building material to an estimated value of R60 000. The two suspects aged 17 and 33 will appear in court on Tuesday, 02 November 2021.

Source: South African Police Service