Suspects arrested in Milnerton with drugs

WESTERN CAPE – While the majority of the public confined themselves to their homes as determined by the Disaster management Act last night after 21:00, a 44 year old man regarded himself above the law and took to the streets in his vehicle in Milnerton. Not only did he disregard the curfew, but in the boot of his vehicle he was carting six boxes of whiskey and a box mandrax tablets with an estimated value of R30 000. He also had an amount of R24080-00 in his possession which he could not account for. The suspect was stopped by Milnerton police in a vehicle check point at around 21:30 and arrested.
In an unrelated incident, members of Milnerton police reacted on a tipoff and searched a residence in Joe Slovo last night where dagga with an estimated street value of R8000-00 was confiscated. The 26 year old suspect was arrested and both these suspects are scheduled to appear in Cape Town Magistrates court on Wednesday.

Source: South African Police Service