State Capture report fourth part released

The fourth part of the State Capture Commission’s report has been handed over to the Presidency.

The report was handed over to the Presidency by Commission Secretary Professor Itumeleng Mosala on on Friday morning.

The four volumes of the report cover:

• The attempted capture of National Treasury

• Technology services company EOH Holdings company and the City of Johannesburg

• State owned mining company Alexkor

• The Free State government’s asbestos project

• The R1 billion housing project in the Free State

• Two volumes on the capture of state power utility Eskom

“I have to say that by the time [Chief Justice Raymond Zondo] had finished with the…six topics altogether, he felt like it would have been nice if it had been finished. We’ve been at this for a long time and we have to encourage ourselves to keep being focused and to do the work and do it as diligently as we can to produce quality.

“We understand that our nation and the Presidency – who is responsible for setting up the commission and responsible for what comes out of this commission – [must] feel that quality work has been performed,” Mosala said.

He said the commission is now steadfastly focused on completing the final part of the report within the next six weeks.

“We are not done yet, we are anticipating another eight volumes of the report and…it’s time for us to begin to pray that we can squeeze those eight volumes in the time remaining. But this is the product of four years of work and a lot of work what put into this commission. Lots of South Africans came and supported the project and we hope that we can complete it with dignity,” he said.

Acting Director-General in the Presidency Thami Ngwenya said although the finalisation of the entire report is eagerly anticipated, the six-week deadline extension granted to the commission this week is understandable.

“On behalf of the Presidency we express our appreciation to the Chief Justice Raymond Zondo and the entire commission for the work that they have put through. We understand and the entire country appreciates that this is not an easy task and all the complexities that go with it and the requests…for extensions emanate from the complexities of the work.

“But as the Presidency and on behalf of South Africa, we express our appreciation for this…monumental work that seeks to put our country on a proper footing and address all of the issues that have been raised and have been of concern to South Africans. We thank you for this work and we continue to wish [the commission] strength as you finish the task at hand,” Ngwenya said.

The final tranche of the report is expected to be handed over to the Presidency on 15 June.

Following that, President Cyril Ramaphosa will be expected to submit the entire report to Parliament and indicate what actions will be taken regarding the implementation of recommendations in the report.

Source: South African Government News Agency