SAPS Kabega Park launches anti-drug and anti-bulling campaign

Port Elizabeth: All students should be safe from bullying and feel comfortable and at ease when at school. Students who don’t feel safe or part of the school cannot learn effectively and reach their full potential. Bullying is a problem that affects millions of children around the world. The effects of bullying are difficult for any learner to bear especially in situations where there are no programmes in place to equip these children to deal with it. It is therefore important for schools to work with various organisations and to build relationships with the police and other law enforcement agencies to curb this type of negative behaviour among the learners. Today, members of SAPS Kabega Park teamed up with Department of Corrections and the Intermediate School in Kuyga and addressed approximately 260 learners on the use and effects of drugs as well as bullying. This campaign was welcomed and all the speakers were dynamic and most certainly made an impact on the children. Initiatives such as this must be ongoing and regular visits to the schools will definitely eradicate the abuse of drugs and bullying within the school environment.

Source: South African Police Service