SAPS back to school roadshow continues in Chris Hani District

The Back to School Roadshow continued to deep rural areas of Glen Grey and Lady Frere respectively, with emphasis on ensuring safety of learners and creating positive learning environment thereof.

The Eastern Cape SAPS Roadshow team visited Masikhule Senior Primary School in Glen Grey and Mhlontlo Senior Secondary School in Lady Frere, where learners of different ages were addressed and sensitized about different issues relating to well-being of children, in and out of schools.

Provincial Domestic Violence co-ordinator, Sergeant Nomakhwezi Martins described Domestic Violence as an influential factor that negatively affects lives of children in the society. She further sensitised the learners about different aspects relating to domestic violence.

Junior Commissioner Concept was presented as one of the effective tool, with learner’s participation, to fight criminality, and even change lives of the youth in communities. “You, as learners, have a critical role to play in the fight against crime, especially in your schools. We want to see you in different platforms discussing resolutions to criminality in your respective environments.” said Sergeant Xhanti Mjikeliso when he was convincing the learners to take the Junior Commissioner Project more seriously.

Substance abuse was condemned in strong terms, as it carries a negative impact to children’s lives, as some learners are addicted to alcohol and drugs at early ages. On the other side, some learners are being used by drug lords in drug dealing and trafficking.

The Team Leader, Colonel Michelle Matroos left a strong message with educators, encouraging them to be extra cautious when dealing with learners, as educators have a critical role to play in ensuring well-being of learners and creating conducive learning environment. She further emphasized that educators are primary agents of moral regeneration in schools.

Management of both schools praised the South African Police Service for their role in upbringing children and ensuring their well-being, as they believed that raising a child requires different role players. They were confident that the initiative would leave an impact, and as a result, create positive learning environment. Messages relating to substance abuse were appreciated.

The Back-to-School Roadshow is expected to continue to other districts across the Province.

Source: South African Police Service