SAPS and FPB join hands in the fight against crime

JOE GQABI DISTRICT – A very successful and fruitful four day crime awareness program from the 15-18 August 2022 was held together with the FPB (film and publication board) at Identified schools.

Me Nomfundo Ralante and her colleague “AJ” from the FPB communication office in Cape Town were joined by Capt Roelofse of Corporate Communication, Sgt Motiki District CPO, Sgt Lufaba Aliwal North CPO, W/O Gala from FCS and Sgt Mfaxa the CPO from Lady GREY, Mr Nepo Makaotsi from the Aliwal North CPF and Kwanele that represented the youth desk. Me April of social development also joined the team.

The aim of the campaign were to create awareness and educating learners on the dangers and risks associated with the illegal use of children in pornographic material and content and equally the exposure of children to such content as well as the dangers associated with cyber space and cyber bullying.

The schools that were visited included Malcomes High School, Nchafatso Primary School, Bishop Demont High School, Maletswai Primary School, Vumile Full Service School, LADY GREY arts academy, Transwilger Primary School. Egqili SSS and Aliwal North High School.

Me Ralante gave a very professional, powerful and age appropriate presentation on the topics of child pornography, cyber bullying and related abuses of children and youth.

She started her presentation on an introduction and explanation of the FPB.

A cellphone can be a positive tool to assist you with your homework and assignments but when you start to play games it must be with caution.

Most games has an age restriction of 18 years. She also gave the definition of a child. If you use Facebook you tell everyone who you are? all your information is on social media.

She explained how it becomes possible for you to have 1000 Facebook friends, because you just accept people you do not even know they can even be from prison? People also create fake Facebook profiles. You do this because you want to be famous and get likes.

You can also open up yourself to child and human trafficking when you make friends with strangers. A video clip were showed to the children to show them how easily it can happen.

Do not take naked photos of yourself and send it to a boyfriend he will humiliate you with the same photos. Some girls have even committed suicide.

It is better to focus on your school work. Girls were also warned against teenage pregnancy.

If you are finished with school you are going to study further and look for work. In these days before you are invited for an interview the employer will do research on your FB.

Think before you post a picture on your phone there is a “virtual cloud” that whatever you delete will always be traceable.

She also explained what a paedophile is and how easy they can use social media to make friends with boys and girls. Do not talk to strangers.

If you find yourself in such a situation you have to speak out.

The topic of bullying together with a video clip were also showed to the learners.

In the ” clip” boys fight and other children take videos there were also incidents where a video were taken from a girl that were bullied and she committed suicide.


A bully is usually a person that will humiliate, embarrass and speak mean words to you. A bully is a person that is not happy with him or herself.

We all come from different homes and backgrounds and we need to respect each other. How other people look, their build and even gender issues has nothing to do with you.

The awareness activities were very informative and the pupils were very privileged to have had an opportunity to be part of the excellent presentation.

All the schools and role players highly appreciated the awareness that the children found very interesting they listened attentively and participated enthusiastically.

The acting District Commissioner Brig Asogran Naidoo thanked the FPB for this positive partnership with the SAPS as we have the same goal and that is to protect our children against crime.

Source: South African Police Service