Police visit christian school as part of the Safer Schools programme

Sterkspruit � Creating a conducive environment and educate learners about the danger of associating themselves with criminals activities is a priority to the SAPS.

Hence, when we receive the call from the school management to visit their school at Christian school in Sterkspruit, we honoured the invite.

South African Police Service who formed part of the visit were the Cluster Corporate Communication, K9 Unit, LCRC, and Sector Team of Crime Prevention.

The programme was divided into two phases, in the first phase, learners from smaller grades were gathered at a hall where Warrant officer Chawtorn from LCRC educated them that “you have a choice not to be involved in any criminal activity that can destroy you future further”. He told learners that each person is very special and unique not to have the same fingerprints. He said that the role of the LCRC is to lift fingerprints from crime scenes when a crime has been committed and link them.

The second phase was dealt with by Sgt Schoeman from Aliwal North K9 Unit. He explained to the learners how to look after a dog and treat it like a human being because it is going to look after you and your family. Thereafter he continued to conduct a search inside the classrooms of higher grade learners.

Source: South African Police Service