Office of the Provincial Commissioner Mpumalanga

MPUMALANGA – Today, the Police in Mpumalanga, in Mhala are investigating a case of murder after an unknown man was found dead in an unused government building in Dumphries B.

At around 8 o’clock in the morning members received an anonymous call informing them that there was a person who was assaulted to death in an unused government building in Dumphries B.

Police responded swiftly and upon arrival they found an unknown man who was handcuffed and had bruises all over his body in the garage. He is a well-built (muscular) African male with a Mohawk haircut, trimmed beards, wearing a brown trouser, a white T-shirt and Adidas push-in shoes. He is estimated to be between the age of 30 and 40.

The building is used as a mobile clinic. The preliminary investigation reveals that he was assaulted by sticks, panga and stones.

All role players were summoned to the scene and he was certified dead. The motive is unknown at the stage.

We appeal to anyone with information to contact Detective Warrant Officer Jeffrey Sithole on 072 624 5133.

Source: South African Police Service