Nedbank Women in Media conference slated for Saturday

The third Nedbank Women in Media conference will take place in Windhoek on Saturday, with the goal of creating a platform for women in media to address gender inequality.

The conference is sponsored by Nedbank Namibia and will bring together women from diverse backgrounds and expertise to connect, exchange ideas, and embark on collaborative projects.

Selma Kaulinge, Communication and Public Relations Manager at Nedbank Namibia, in a statement said Nedbank is proud to stand alongside the Women in Media initiative.

“Our sponsorship demonstrates our commitment to supporting and promoting gender equality, not just in the media industry, but throughout society,” she said.

Kaulinge stated that young women interested in entering the media industry should take advantage of this opportunity to learn from the best in the industry while also cultivating a feeling of community among both seasoned professionals and newbies.

“Be prepared to be charmed by an amazing line-up of female executives who are transforming the very fabric of Namibia’s media business. Influential voices such as CRAN CEO Emilia Nghikembua, Sasscal Executive Director Dr Jane Olwoch, and veteran journalist Esther Mbathera, among others, will contribute essential views and experiences on relevant topics confronting women in the media,” Kaulinge said.

The Nedbank Women in Media movement addresses the underrepresentation of women’s voices in mainstream media and developing links between women in the media and women newsmakers. Aside from the conference, the movement organises a series of workshops, training sessions, and mentoring programmes targeted at developing the skills and knowledge required to thrive in the sector.

Co-founder Jemima Beukes noted how important the conference is in amplifying women’s voices and shifting detrimental stereotypes that primarily affect women journalists, women newsmakers, and women readers.

Beukes noted that when women’s voices are not adequately represented, harmful stereotypes are perpetuated, contributing to gender inequality.

“Women’s voices in the media can serve as role models for women and girls, inspiring them to pursue their dreams and break down gender barriers.”

Source: The Namibian Press Agency