More Than a Matter of Curiosity [press release]

Describing a paper as revolutionary might seem a bit extreme. However in the case of an avant-garde’ paper, Curious Matter, the claim is substantiated …
Already used by numerous international brands, from TV broadcasters through design magazines, to museum catalogues and luxury end-users, Curious Matter is the latest innovation from Arjowiggins Creative Papers’ Curious Collection.
It launched to designers as well as printers in South Africa this week at events hosted by Antalis South Africa (Pty) Limited in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban.
The extravagant creature created using Curious Matter by designer Gary Card.
Caroline Coughlan, Marketing Manager, Antalis South Africa (Pty) Limited, who did the presentation at the launches, says choosing paper has always been a creative act. “Today that rings even more true than before as paper competes with digital and digital communications. Therefore, paper has to generate a bigger impact.
Curious Matter, which took Arjowiggins spent eight years to create, and is a complementary part of the multi-sensory Curious Collection, is such a paper. “It is a new patented generation paper with unique characteristics, and it is these that give the paper a tactile experience unlike other paper because of its texture which is contradictory,” she explains.
This is because at first touch the paper is sandy, but at second touch it is silky. The third touch evokes thoughts of inspiration; of creating – exactly because it is a sensory touch experience.
Using starch for texture
To achieve this unusual texture of the paper, and in a different approach to sustainability, potato starch is used in the process to metamorphosis the paper. Using the same process that molecular gastronomy breaks down foods to reconstruct them in completely surprising forms, Arjowiggins used the spherical particles of raw starch – a by-product from the food industry – to form an arrestingly textured surface.
The names of the different papers in the collection are inspired by the type of potato used – Black Truffle, Adirondacks Blue, Desiree Red, Andina Grey, Ibizenca Sand, and Goya White. She also says that the advanced vivacity of colours of the paper is because pigments were used instead of dyes.
Designers are constantly searching for a unique look and impressive feel. “This paper will allow designers to create textural contrasts through the creative application of silk screening, embossing, debossing, die stamping and foil-blocking. The textured surface contrasts well with the smooth finish of an applied varnish or foil.”
It also provides differentiating effects at an accessible price and the paper does not require expensive print techniques. “Selecting the right colour and font is enough, as the paper will enhance even the most minimalist designs,” she explains. The paper can be used for every type of communication, from folders to business cards and invitations, and is said to be perfectly suited for offset and dry toner digital printing. It is claimed to give a sharp print performance and is suited for all finishing techniques.
Its versatility means that it fits with all different print techniques. It is easy to use as it prints very well with standard offset printing or on iGen4. This paper can be easily creased and folded, hot-stamped, varnished, laser-cut and laminated. It is even suitable for dry toner printing, compatible with Xerox iGen3.
“We know Curious Matter is popular with avant-gardist designers and brands, but we wanted to get that message across that it is suitable for any use and any environment from cosmetics, food, to luxury good.”
Designer Gary Card, a rising star of the London scene and fêted costume and set designer for Lady Gaga, launched the range overseas. He created an extravagant creature transformed from earth into an explosion of texture and colour by the hand of Man.