Mbakera retains leadership positions at Otjozondjupa Regional Council

Otjiwarongo Constituency councillor, Marlayn Mbakera was on Monday morning re-elected and sworn into her position of chairperson of the management committee of the Otjozondjupa Regional Council.

Mbakera was also re-elected to continue serving as the chairperson of the regional council for the next two and a half years.

The management committee of the regional council deals largely with the planning and budgeting of the development activities of the region’s seven constituencies of Omatako, Okahandja, Otjiwarongo, Otavi, Grootfontein, Okakarara and Tsumkwe.

Other regional constituency councillors who retained their positions and were sworn in to serve as members of the management committee are Johannes Hausiku of Tsumkwe and Israel Hukura of Omatako.

Elder Filipe of Grootfontein, George Garab of Otavi and Betheul Tjaveondja of Okahandja will continue to represent the region at the National Council where they are serving as members of parliament.

Ramana Mutjavikua of Okakarara remains an ordinary member of the region’s council.

Otjiwarongo Magistrate, Peingondjabi Shipo who presided over the internal election process here as well as at their swearing-in ceremony said: “ It is required by the Namibian Constitution for the politicians at the regional councils in the country to hold their internal elections after serving the regional council for two years and a half in their positions.”

These seven constituency councillors here joined the Otjozondjupa Regional Council on 02 December 2020 and are now expected to serve until December 2025.

Source: The Namibian Press Agency