Freedom Park commemorates first slave walk, 29 Nov

Freedom Park will on Sunday 29 November 2015, commemorate the First Slave walk in Rural South Africa with the local communities, indigenous organizations, religious institutions and local government structures.

The historical Slave Walk is celebrated annually throughout the world did not happen in the cities around the world only. Many slavewalks for freedom and celebrations took place in rural regions around the globe. In South Africa this significant event also happened in the Southern Cape region of South Africa.

The local communities and organizations have for many years tried to involve the broader South African community in sharing this historic event with them. Freedom Park will be the first national institution to have the honour of honouring those brave slaves who walked the long walk for their freedom in this rural region.

Members of the media are invited as follows:

Date: Sunday, 29 November 2015

Time: 13h00

Venue: Blanco Civic Centre, George


Lydia Howard

Cell: 082 445 9162

Naomi Madima

Cell: 060 961 3651

Tel: 012 336 4006