Department of Labour cautions public – scammers at it again!

Department of Labour wishes to caution the public to be on alert of yet another new scam which promises workers who have worked between 1990 and 2019 that they have rights to get financial benefits from the Department.

The Department of Labour has not solicited anyone to come forward to receive “any so-called benefits”.

The scammers have been using social media platforms to entice members of the public to access benefits due to them.

“The workers who worked between the 1990 and 2019, have the rights to get the benefits of $R30.000 by Department of Labour of South Africa” � reads the tagline used by the scammers to entice and scam the public.

The Department wishes to emphasise that it has not promised the benefits of so-called “$R30.000”. This offer does not exist on the side of the Department. In their nefarious deeds, the scammers are encouraging members of the public to share the information about the so-called benefits. The scammers have since created an online link in which members of the public are invited on how to withdraw the so-called benefits after answering a set of questions to establish whether they qualify.

The Department wishes to caution members of the public that when in doubt they should visit the Department of Labour Provincial Offices or Labour Centres spread across the country to seek information. Members of the public should not share their precious personal information with social media platforms run from “dingy places”.

Source: Department of Labour