Businesses urged to be vigilant and alert: Port Elizabeth

Fighting crime is a shared responsibility therefore police are urging garage/business owners to educate and inform their staff to be vigilant and alert to their surroundings especially during the evenings and early hours of the mornings. This appeal comes in the wake of two garages being robbed during this weekend.

In the first incident, a garage in Westering was robbed by three men during the early hours of Saturday morning, 9 February 2018. It is alleged that at about 00:45, the assistant was busy attending to a customer in the shop when the suspects entered with firearm and took an undisclosed amount money from the till, a few packets of cigarettes and energy drinks. A customer was also robbed of her cell phone. The suspects fled and no arrests were made.

In the other incident, another garage was robbed early yesterday afternoon, 10 February 2018 in Korsten. It is alleged that at about 16:00, 5 men entered and threatened the assistant to open the till. Also, an unknown amount of money and cigarettes were taken before fleeing.

In both cases, police are investigating cases of armed robbery. Police are once again advising garage owners to keep minimum cash in their tills and to engage their security companies to make frequent patrols or even park off at their premises during the late hours of the evening. Staff should be able to activate the panic alarms immediately and to be extra vigilant when a group of people enter the shop at the same time especially when it is late at night/early morning as the garages are quiet.

As a precautionary measure, drivers should not collect cash from their customers. On numerous occasions, drivers are robbed as they get into their vehicles after delivery goods. The latest case reported was on Saturday, 10 February 2018 when at about 18:20, a driver was accosted as he got into his truck in Kabega Park after delivering cooldrinks. The driver was pulled out of the truck and pointed with a firearm and the suspect demanded the money. A substantial amount of money and the complainant’s cell phone was taken. CCTV cameras fitted in the vehicles will assist the companies and businesses in identifying the suspects and also give an indication as to what exactly transpired at the time of the alleged robbery.

In order to avoid becoming victims of crime, the SAPS is appealing to companies to take proactive measures in safeguarding their properties as well as the safety of the staff. By adhering to these hints, serious crime can be avoided.

Source: South African Police Service