Allocation of internships for 2024 health professionals concludes

The Department of Health has concluded a process of allocating eligible medical interns and community service applicants for the 2024 mid-year cycle of Internship and Community Service Programme scheduled to commence in July.

‘This is a short cycle meant to manage the placement of applicants who could not be allocated during the January 2024 Annual Cycle due to a number of reasons including eligibility as a result of pending academic results/incomplete modules to confirm that they met full requirements to complete the academic qualifications,’ the department said on Saturday.

A total of 885 eligible health professionals including medical doctors, nurses, pharmacists have been placed as required by law to undergo medical internship and community services.

The department has concluded the allocation process and has been informing all successful applicants of their allocated provinces and health facilities where they are scheduled to commence their duties from 17 July 2024.

‘Provinces have commenced the proc
ess of contracting as part of human resource and it is anticipated that this will be concluded by end of June 2024.

‘The department has tried to place the applicants according to their choice; unfortunately it is impossible for everyone to be placed according to their choice areas and provinces of preference due to limited posts in some areas,’ the department explained.

The allocation process was conducted in line of the relevant employment laws and guidelines, which prescribe that priority, should be given to qualifying South African citizens, followed by permanent residents and lastly foreign nationals who wished to pursue their career in South Africa.

‘The system also recorded a moving target of community service medical doctors, physiotherapists and speech therapists still to be allocated. The department is in consultation with provinces to convert or repurpose some of the posts that are in excess from other fields of studies to accommodate these applicants.

‘This is meant to accommodate amongst other
s late applicants and those who applied to wrong professions. The Department will keep them abreast of the developments,’ the department said.

Source: South African Government News Agency