About Us

South Africa Gazette is an interactive website which acts as a comprehensive guide to the news and press releases. Through this transition of local and international media related to South Africa is integrated in the form of a structured layout for the visitors of the website. The web portal is dedicated to delivering news and analysis of the agenda of which is to provide comprehensive information which updates the readers featuring news, food and beverages, key issues, politics and technology news coverage.

South Africa Gazette provides information all of which is associated with South Africa. The website portal is convenient and makes posting and submitting of press releases easy for the visitors. The website includes features such as archiving which makes extraction of information easy and bonds the clients to establish a friendly and fruitful relationship for both the parties.

The visitors of the website can register and subscribe to the news releases via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and RSS Feeds. The visitors can also subscribe through the email facility to stay updated with the latest news feeds posted on the website.

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