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Gauteng Sport, Arts, Culture and Recreation commemorates Boipatong massacre, 17 Jun

Gauteng MEC for Sport, Arts, Culture and Recreation Faith Mazibuko will be in Boipatong this coming Sunday, 17 June, to commemorate the brutal Boipatong Massacre.

The incident which happened 26 years ago on 17 June 1992, is described as one of the bloodiest and brutal moments of violence in South Africa which happened on the dawn of democracy.

Atleast 45 innocent people were senselessly killed and many more injure.

The commemoration programme on Sunday, will start with laying of wreaths at the Vuka Cemetery in Sharpeville, where most of the victims are buried. Proceedings will then move to the Boipatong Monument where MEC Mazibuko will deliver her message to families of victims and the community.

Source: Government of South Africa

South Sudan Wants New Site for Peace Talks

JUBA, SOUTH SUDAN, South Sudan’s government says it wants a planned meeting between President SalvaKiir and rebel leader RiekMachar to take place outside the countries of the East Africa bloc IGAD.

Kiir and Machar were expected to meet in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on June 20. But, speaking to reporters Friday, government spokesman Michael Makuei suggested South Africa as the site for the meeting.

Machar, who is Kiir’s former deputy, has lived in exile in South Africa since fleeing South Sudan in 2016, after the collapse of a peace agreement between the government and Machar’s faction, known as the SPLM-IO.

Makuei said there were “competing interests” among IGAD member states Sudan, Kenya and Ethiopia, all of which have offered to host a Kiir-Machar meeting. “It seems that there is some sort of undeclared competition,” he said.

Makuei said South Sudan’s government now preferred to have Kiir travel to South Africa to meet with Machar.

“The best thing is to hold it in a neutral ground, so that none of these three [countries] takes it for anything other than a neutral place,” he said.

IGAD still involved

Makuei said any meeting between the two leaders would still be organized under the auspices of the Intergovernmental Authority on Development, even if South Africa hosted it.

MabiorGarang, head of communications for the SPLM-IO, was not available to comment on the government’s suggestion.

Colonel Lam Paul Gabriel, the faction’s deputy military spokesman, said, “We [are] only aware of the IGAD process or the invitation given to us by the prime minister of Ethiopia, that the face-to-face meeting will happen in Addis Ababa. Anything about South Africa or any other place, we are not aware about it.”

Gabriel said Machar was preparing to arrive in Addis Ababa for the June 20 meeting with Kiir.

South Sudan’s conflict began in 2013 as a power struggle between Kiir and Machar. The civil war has displaced more than 4 million South Sudanese.

Source: Voice of America


The Portfolio Committee on Health conducted hearings with the eight provincial departments of health. The committee was briefed on the state of public hospital services. The hearings follow the tabling of the annual inspection report of the Office of Health Standards Compliance (OHSC) for the 2016/17 financial year.

The OHSC reported that 696 routine inspections were conducted, surpassing the 649 inspections undertaken during the 2015/16 financial year. All the inspections were unannounced. The OHSC highlighted concern over the state of some hospitals and clinics in the country. The office encouraged the health sector to work on improving conditions at poor-performing facilities and to maintain the ones that are doing well.

Committee Chairperson, MsLindelwaDunjwa, said it is important to note that the results do not paint an entire reflection of health establishments, however, the report highlights the serious challenges that the health sector is facing.

The provincial departments acknowledged the report of the OHSC and the challenges that they are facing in the hospitals and clinics. Responding to questions from the committee on how the departments plan to address the issues of non-compliance that have been identified by the OHSC.

In their response the provincial departments made a commitment to improve the challenges that have been reported by the OHSC.

The committee expressed concern about the amount of accruals incurred by provinces, as this has a negative impact on the delivery of quality health services. The committee said the trend of accruals is very concerning as this implies that departments start each financial year on a deficit.

Provincial departments are failing to pay outstanding accounts on time. The Gauteng Department of Health told the committee that at the start of the 2017/18 financial year, accruals amounted to R6.9 billion.

The committee is concerned about the amount of medico-legal claims provincial departments are facing. The committee is of the view that this hugely affects the current and future budgets of the departments.

Among the challenges the provinces highlighted, is the difficulty in attracting specialist doctors, particularly in rural provinces. Mpumalanga, Limpopo, Eastern and Northern Cape informed the committee how they are struggling to fill in specialist positions.

The committee expressed dissatisfaction over the huge amounts of reported irregular and wasteful expenditure. Coupled with budget underspending, the committee said this was unacceptable, since provincial departments are facing a huge demand for services.

On the outsourcing of support services such as laundry, catering, gardening and cleaning and security, the committee said provinces need to phase out outsourcing and begin to insource these services.

Source: Parliament of the Republic of South Africa

Free State Economic, Small Business Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs, launches 2018 Tabalaza Pitching Programme, 16 Jun

Department of Economic; Small Business Development; Tourism and Environmental Affairs (DESTEA) in collaboration with The Free State Black Business Chamber (FSBBC) will on Saturday 16 June 2018, launch the 2018 Tabalaza Pitching Programme. This is part of the Provincial Government’s Youth Month Programme and government’s effort to identify businesses that can be supported by the department as well as potential investors and funders.

The programme was designed after realizing that regardless of interventions and opportunities by government for small business, many SMMEs still struggle to access funding due to various reasons ranging from lack of information or cost of accessing them. The SMMEs to be considered for support will be within priority sectors including, manufacturing, mining, tourism and transportation/ logistics. The Chamber will as part of the Programme introduce its 35 Under 35 Youth in Business Project; a Youth development project aimed at investing in the growth and sustainability of young entrepreneurs in the Province.

35 Under 35 Free State Youth In Business is a development project engineered to align the efforts of Chamber; government as well as possible corporate partners to invest in the sustainability and growth of 35 young individuals under the youth age of 35 over a longer period of time. This project will furthermore utilize the remainder of the month to celebrate and elevate the work and achievements of young business people in the province who have been influential to both their peers as well as communities at large.

As a Chamber; we understand the amount of work that goes into the development and sustainability of a business and this is why we want to make an added effort into ensuring that these businesses are well grounded; have the ability to expand beyond just their communities as well as grow the economy of the province. said the Chairperson of the Chamber; Mr. Reggie Mutsi. We are using this opportunity as a Chamber to not only celebrate the work by these young people but to also assist them in the promotion of their products and services on different platforms. added Mutsi.

This project further enables the Chamber to know and understand the business dealings and industry-focus areas that are youth related; the kind of support and resources needed to expand these businesses and how to position them for future investment opportunities. We believe in creating a viable networking environment that will enable learning; support and even the development and growth of small and medium enterprises. It’s important that we build a legacy project that is able bear fruits over a longer period of time. We want

to be deliberate in our actions to produce quality and successful leaders who will also intentionally breed a group of constructive and powerful leaders. Mutsi said.

As part of its commitment to empower young entrepreneurs; the Chamber will on the day of the launch; award 5 entrepreneurs with machinery directed at the advancement of their productivity and business output.

Source: Government of South Africa