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African Football Corp. Announces Strategic Alliance With The Guinea-Bissau Football Federation

BISSAU, Guinea-Bissau, June 8, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — American company, African Football Corp. (AFC) announced a new strategic alliance with the National Football Federation of the West African nation of Guinea-Bissau, promoting new opportunities within the country’s public and private sectors.  This historic deal will mark the first time an African FIFA member Federation outsources its operations to an American firm specialized in the promotion and business development of sports teams. The partnership is expected to move the national team from its current 104th FIFA ranking to the Top 50 within a four-year period.

The deal between African Football Corp. and the government from Guinea-Bissau will last 10 years, allowing the company ample time to curate and develop the country’s new team. The partnership will provide the Guinea-Bissau Federation with the private sourced funding required to operate and improve the team’s current global ranking.

The agreement was made official with the signing of President of the Guinea-Bissau Football Federation, Manuel Irenio Lopes Nascimento and President CEO of African Football Corp., Oscar A. Faria.

The signing of the agreement represents a big step forward for football in Guinea-Bissau, but also for the entire African region,” stated Mr. Lopes Nascimento. “This alliance acts as a springboard for future generations as a way to cultivate the talent that exists in the country by training with athletes at the local and regional levels, while generating new development opportunities for children of all ages, and strengthening the capabilities of young football players in Africa.”

African Football Corp. will play an all-encompassing role in the team’s management, by acting as the federation’s commercial agent, business developer, and agent for the national team’s players. By overseeing the team’s operation, it will help the athletes achieve the best deals possible with top teams across Europe, the Americas, and Asia.

African Football Corp. President and CEO, Oscar Faria, said: “We are very pleased with this strategic alliance bridging the public and private sectors in Guinea-Bissau. We believe in the country’s capability to provide the world’s football leagues with world class talent, while catapulting Africa as a football powerhouse. I am confident that this deal will be the first of many and I look forward to counting with other African federations that will join us in this journey.”

As football fanatics worldwide prepare for the Russia 2018 World Cup, slated to begin on June 14, 2018, African Football Corp. will begin working with the local talent found in Guinea-Bissau to hopefully prepare them for the 2022 games.

About African Football Corp.
African Football Corp. is an American company lead by a multidisciplinary team from all walks of life with two things in common, business experience and passion for Football.

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JOHANNESBURG– The shooting and killing of a 14-year-old boy by his father in Ennerdale south of Johannesburg this week has sparked debate on the use of guns for protection in South Africa.

Security analysts say the scourge of violence in the country is forcing South Africans to be hyper-paranoid and in a constant state of worry about their survival.

In the case of the killing of the 14-year-old boy on Tuesday by his own father, the man told police that he waited for his son outside the Fred Noman Secondary School when he fell asleep.

When the boy approached the vehicle his father was driving, he knocked on the passenger window, startling his father who then opened fire.

Head of Safety and Security Management at the Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) in Pretoria, Professor Jacob Mofokeng, said Thursday that people who owned firearms should be more safety conscience.

We are really confronted with a scourge of violent crime in South Africa, and that forces people, whenever they are in a case where one can be carrying a firearm, will always be conscious that one is a moving target.

You know as a person carrying a firearm you’ll always have to be conscious that firearms are quite inherently dangerous objects, explained Mofokeng.


Government Communications on approved Regional Engagement Strategy for Biosafety

At its meeting held at the Union Buildings in Pretoria on Wednesday, 6 June 2018, Cabinet approved the implementation of the Regional Engagement Strategy for Biosafety.

Farmers in Africa have over the past two years adopted biotechnology to improve food security by ensuring the safety of plants and animals.

The Acting Director-General of the Government Communication and Information System (GCIS), Ms Phumla Williams, said: The ultimate aim is to ensure improved food security and agricultural systems by adopting appropriate productivity enhancing technologies.

The strategy enables Intra-African trade and improves the regions’ competitiveness in global markets. It focuses on improving South Africa’s collaboration and cooperation within the African region.

Through the implementation of the Biosafety Strategy, South Africa’s contribution and support to African countries � based on expressed needs � is strengthened. Sharing of South Africa’s knowledge and expertise gained through the development of laws, regulations and institutional research capacity will assist other African countries.

Modern biotechnology offers a range of tools which are able to deliver useful products or offer effective solutions in major sectors of the economy, including agriculture, health, food and environment. This includes plant breeding to raise and stabilise yields; improve resistance to pests, diseases and drought and cold, and enhance the nutritional content of foods.

Biotechnology is being used for the diagnosis and treatment of plant and animal diseases, and also to speed up breeding programmes for plants, livestock and fish. Animal feeds and feeding practices are being changed by biotechnology to improve animal nutrition and to reduce environmental waste, she explained.

Globally, biotechnology is recognised as an important potential driver of economic growth and a major tool in the fight against hunger and poverty, especially in developing countries. It is potentially the most powerful tool for food security and the most beneficial for the poor. Therefore, it is important to share with the region the knowledge gained to improve biosafety, added Ms Williams.

Source: Government of South Africa

Energy labels can save you money

South Africans are encouraged to buy energy efficient appliances which will save energy and money.

Energy-efficient home appliances can save us significant amounts of money since they account for up to 30% (per cent) of your home energy use, said Energy Minister Jeff Radebe, while encouraging South Africans to save energy.

Addressing a launch of the activation of the Mandatory Energy Labelling requirements in Johannesburg on Friday, he said people should check their electricity meter at regular intervals, and take note of their energy consumption patterns.

I would like to urge for more compliance to the labelling requirements from industry and merchandisers. While we ensure compliance, let us also ensure that sales personnel on the shop floors also understand compliance requirements and are able to read and articulate better the information on the labels for the benefit of ordinary customers, the Minister said.

Last year, the Department of Energy developed an energy labelling guideline and a training manual which unpacked through training sessions in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg to the retail floor managers and nominated staff with the view to educate them on the information detailed on the energy label.

He said the launch of the activation of the Mandatory Energy Labelling requirements serves as a significant milestone in the country’s efforts of realizing the achievement of the goal of putting in place mandatory energy efficiency standards.

It also serves as a regulatory framework for the attainment of a total transformation of South Africa’s domestic appliance market.

It is a step in the right direction that greatly advances our country’s Energy Efficiency intentions and re-affirms government’s commitment to promoting the nation and economy-wide energy efficiency practices as defined in the national energy efficiency strategy of 2005, the Minister said.

Source: South African Government News Agency

Swift police reaction leads to arrest of seven hijacking suspects, and recovery of two vehicles: Kwanobuhle

KING WILLIAM’S TOWN – Eastern Cape Provincial Commissioner commends police for their quick reaction that led to the arrest of seven hijacking suspects resulting in the recovery of two motor vehicles within 30-minutes after a hijacking incident in KwaNobuhle last night.

This success followed after an incident that happened on Thursday, 7 June 2018 around 20h00, where a driver of a white Mazda, operating as a local taxi (jikeleza) alleged that while he was driving on Matanzima Road in KwaNobuhle, a silver Corsa Utility bakkie which was traveling in front of his car started to pace down.

Some of the passengers in the bakkie indicated with a signal for a jikeleza and he then stopped his vehicle. It was further said that two men from a bakkie, boarded a jikeleza and asked to be taken to Gunguluza area.

On the way to Gunguluza area, one of the two men took out a firearm and ordered a driver to get out of the vehicle. A driver who was with his girlfriend at the time, disembarked without any resistance. A vehicle together with a Corsa Utility bakkie immediately changed direction and sped off. The victim immediately alerted a police patrol vehicle that was passing by him and a chase ensued. The vehicle was immediately circulated in police communication channels, and other policing units including police vehicles from neighbour stations also gave chase.

In less than 30 minutes, police spotted a stolen vehicle in Botha Street, Despatch and pulled it off the road and the two occupants were arrested. A silver Corsa Utility bakkie with five was also spotted in Main Street, Despatch moments later and also pulled off the road. Five occupants inside a bakkie were also arrested. The two vehicles were seized and impounded for further investigation. The seven men aged between 24 and 35 are due to appear in KwaNobuhle Magistrate’s Court on Monday, 11 June 2018 for charges ranging from hijacking to possession of stolen vehicle.

Eastern Cape Provincial Commissioner, Lieutenant General Liziwe Ntshinga said: This success is attributed to our informed deployment of operational resources, which are in line with the Back to Basic Approach to Policing. This work is commendable, and also displayed commitment of our foot soldiers. The suspects will be profiled to ascertain if they are not linked to other trio crimes namely hijackings, house robberies or business robberies in the country.

Source: South African Police Service