Daily Archives: April 22, 2018

Twelve firearms recovered and several suspects apprehended in the Nyanda Cluster

In their efforts and commitment to remove illegal firearms from the Nyanga Cluster precinct, police members have confiscated twelve illegal firearms and ammunition and arrested more than 700 suspects for various crimes. The arrests and confiscations were the result of various focussed operations conducted in the past nine days in Bishop Lavis, Elsies River, Guguletu, Manenberg, Nyanga and Philippi East.

More than 12 suspects were arrested for the possession of illegal and imitation firearms and ammunition. A total of 197 suspects were nabbed for the possession of various drugs. Eighty-six were suspects wanted for various crimes and 31 were arrested for crimes against women and children. Forty-two were arrested for illegally dealing in liquor and more than 71 were arrested for the possession of dangerous weapons. The others were arrested for the possession of stolen property, which includes appliances, flat screens, vehicles, cell phones and other items. Several other suspects were apprehended for crimes ranging from murder and attempted murder to house robbery, business robbery, common assault and assault GBH, fraud and other crimes.

One hundred and sixty-one searches were also conducted at identified drug houses, which resulted in 254 mandrax tablets being confiscated, 285g of tik, 4870g of dagga, 5341litres of liquor and 14 counterfeit notes. Some of the confiscations were the result of 156 vehicle control points conducted.

Compliance inspections were conducted at licensed liquor outlets and visits at spaza shops.

The police members who took part in the operations were praised for their concerted efforts in ensuring that they remove illegal firearms from society and arrest suspects who continue to disrupt peace in the community.

Source: South African Police Service

Two firearms recovered and two suspects nabbed in Elsies River

Efforts to address the proliferation of illegal firearms in the Elsies River precinct resulted in the arrest of two suspects. The two were caught yesterday afternoon after they were chased by police members between Goodwood and Elsies River.

While police members were pursuing the suspects the latter started shooting at the police, but the members retaliated and chased them up to the Maitland Cemetery, where the two suspects were caught and two firearms recovered from their possession. One of the suspects was injured during the shoot-out. Both firearms were reported stolen: one in 2012 in Thembisa and the second one in 2015 in Sea Point.

The two suspects, aged 18 and 33, will appear in the Goodwood Magistrates’ Court, once charged for the possession of unlicensed firearms, attempted murder, possession of presumable stolen property and discharging a firearm in a municipal area.

Police members were applauded for their sterling effort in ensuring they arrested the suspects so that they can face the full might of the law.

Source: South African Police Service