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Five suspects arrested for hijacking in Kraaifontein

The quick response of police members, who reacted on a tracking signal of a hijacked vehicle, landed five suspects behind bars during the early hours of this morning in Kraaifontein.

Members of the Maitland Flying Squad were doing patrol duties in Kraaifontein at around 03:50 this morning, when their attention were drawn to a signal of a vehicle, a Toyota Corolla that was hijacked minutes before. Following a brief pursuit, the vehicle was forced to stop in Botfontein Road, where the five occupants aged between 21 and 28 were arrested. A search of the vehicle led to the discovery of a replica firearm, seven cellular telephones and house breaking implements, which included a crowbar.

Once charged, the suspects are due to make a court appearance in Blue Downs on charges of possession of a hijacked vehicle, presumes stolen property, a dangerous weapon and house breaking implements.

Source: South African Police Service

Police Committee Wants Action from SAPS on Software and Technology Contracts

Parliament� The Portfolio Committee on Police has noted media reports indicating that a State Information Technology Agency (Sita)-appointed service provider is threatening to terminate essential software services due to non-payment.

The Chairperson of the committee, Mr Francois Beukman, said such a step will have a negative impact on policing and service delivery in the policing environment. The situation is untenable and national police management must address the matter as a priority, Mr Beukman said.

The committee is of the view that the quality of the management of procurement and the contract management of technology in the South African Police Service (Saps) is far below par, and urgent intervention is needed by the National Commissioner to clean up the environment.

Mr Beukman said the status of some of the procurement agreements entered into by Saps and Sita are a major business and security risk to the organisation. Contingency plans must be in place to avert any threat or interruption of business and software systems.

Several irregularities in contracts were recently pointed out by the Independent Police Inspectorate Directorate during a briefing to the committee. The committee expects the National Commissioner to launch the necessary investigations into the specific contracts, service providers and Saps members involved, Mr Beukman said.

The situation raises serious questions about the procedures for vetting service providers and of service level agreements sponsored by Sita and the Saps technology department.

The committee will discuss the current state of affairs and remedial action taken by police management during the budget hearings in two weeks’ time and have a special hearing on Saps technology procurement in June 2018.

Source: Parliament of the Republic of South Africa

PE Flying Squad arrest murder suspects

Our Back to Basics on enhanced police visibility and the immediate following up on any information received either voluntarily or anonymously is certain to yield positive results.

On 4 April 2018, PE Flying Squad members arrested two alleged murder suspects within the hour after the offence was committed.

It is alleged that at about 14:30, a man (30) was stabbed several times and shot while fleeing from the suspects. His body was found lying in the yard in Burness Street Malabar Ext 6 in Port Elizabeth.

According to witnesses, the two suspects were seen jumping into a maroon VW Polo. A description of the vehicle was immediately circulated via police channels and soon after, the vehicle was spotted in Gelvandale. PE Flying Squad members stopped the vehicle and two males aged 20 and 32 years old were arrested. The suspects are affiliated to the Upstand Dogs. They are detained on a charge of murder and is expected to appear in the Port Elizabeth magistrates’ court on Friday, 6 April 2018.

The Cluster Commander for Mount Road Cluster, Maj Gen Thembisile Patekile has commended the teamwork of the members. Through teamwork, coordinated efforts and swift reaction we, the SAPS will succeed in apprehending criminals, added Maj Gen Patekile.

Source: South African Police Service

Gauteng Detectives arrest 622 suspects for violent crimes against persons during March 2018

As police continue to act on the volumes of most reported violent crimes against persons including murder, attempted murder, assault with the purpose to inflict grievous bodily harm, sexual crimes and armed robberies, Gauteng detectives have arrested six-hundred and twenty-two (622) suspects during the month of March 2018.

Looking at previous years’ statistics, volumes of crimes against the persons are worrying and police are appealing to the community to work together with the police to deal effectively with these acts of violence. The arrested suspects are already appearing at various Magistrate Courts for the purpose of criminal proceedings.

All the cases in which the arrest were effected were reported to the police during the month of March 2018. Although some of the cases are still under investigation, the following successes were achieved on the various categories of the cases:

Four hundred and seventy-three (473) were for the assault with grievous bodily harm

Fifty-two (52) for rape and sexual assault

Forty-five (45) for common robbery

Twenty (20) for armed robberies

Fourteen (14) for murder, and

Ten (10) for attempted murder.

There were several suspects who were also arrested for property crimes that includes theft, hijacking, housebreaking and theft, theft of motor vehicles and malicious damage to property. The arrests were effected as follows:

249 for theft

108 for housebreaking and theft

90 for malicious damage to property

8 for theft of motor vehicles

2 for hijacking.

There are also continuous operations to deal with reported cases and other crime prevention activities conducted by all law enforcement agencies across the Province.

Source: South African Police Service

SCOPA Shocked at Forensic Data Analysts Holding Country to Ransom

Parliament� The Standing Committee on Public Accounts (Scopa) is shocked and disappointed with the fact that one man can hold the whole country to ransom by having the power to switch off the criminal justice system. This raises the question of whether the South African Police Service (SAPS) is renting this equipment from Forensic Data Analysts (FDA) or owns it because from what the committee understands FDA is said to be handling the maintenance of this system only. Therefore, it is really puzzling as to why one man can have such power over equipment that is owned by the government. If this equipment has been bought by the government, what gives FDA the right to switch it off?

Scopa is also wondering what kind of contracts were entered into with FDA because this arrangement is a betrayal of the national interest. The committee believes that this matter should be attended to expeditiously if SAPS and government are serious about national security.

Secondly, the call Scopa made not to continue with the payments of the contract arose from the fact that the officials themselves were questioning the legality of the contracts. Scopa then said if there is illegality, the officials should not pay. Scopa did not just make the call in a vacuum, the call was informed by the concerns from the officials.

Scopa is scheduled to meet with SAPS to clarify matters relating to various contracts including the FDA contract. Scopa is going to prioritise the meeting with SAPS in the light of these shenanigans by FDA.

Source: Parliament of the Republic of South Africa