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InnovMetric releases PolyWorks® 2018 featuring universal inspection projects

QUEBEC CITY, April 04, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — InnovMetric Software Inc., the leading provider of universal 3D metrology software solutions, today launched the 2018 release of PolyWorks at the annual PolyWorks Conference USA event. This latest major release of the company’s universal 3D metrology software platform delivers universal inspection projects playable on any 3D measurement device, an enhanced alignment toolbox, smart collision avoidance for CNC CMMs, even more robust measurement sequences for CNC CMMs, and enhanced usability and performance that promote valuable gains in user productivity.

In recent years, we’ve worked hard to boost teamwork efficiency and reduce our customers’ measurement cost by delivering a universal 3D metrology software platform that interfaces with all 3D measurement devices, offers a universal workflow for performing all inspection tasks, and deploys universal inspection projects playable on any 3D measurement device. PolyWorks 2018 ties in perfectly with this strategy as it keeps improving the universality, flexibility, and usability of the PolyWorks tools,” said Marc Soucy, President of InnovMetric.

Inspection projects DIRECTLY PLAYABLE with ALL 3D measurement devices

Since 2016, PolyWorks universal inspection projects are reusable with any 3D measurement device by adapting their object measurement methods and measurement sequences using automatic conversion tools. PolyWorks 2018 empowers users to create and deliver shop-floor-ready inspection projects that are directly playable with any 3D measurement devices.

With PolyWorks 2018, users can maximize the use of their 3D metrology hardware and minimize the risk of operator errors by creating and embedding multiple piece measurement templates within a single inspection project!

With piece measurement templates, users can preconfigure an inspection project to:

  • Perform multiple piece measurements with CNC CMMs and portable scanning arms
  • Execute measurement sequences on bridge CMMs and horizontal arms
  • Set up for different laser tracker brands and models
  • Handle multiple CAD model versions and revisions
  • Manage multiple versions of an inspection routine

Universal inspection projects offer users total flexibility for the overall work organization of their 3D metrology processes.

Smart collision avoidance for CNC CMMs 

PolyWorks 2018 adds new measurement sequence fixers to the powerful real-time collision analysis technology. These tools allow inserting automatically computed Go to Position locations that modify the CMM measurement path in an optimal way as to prevent detected potential collisions.

Enhanced alignment toolbox

PolyWorks 2018 reference target and datum target alignment techniques are more powerful and more complete. Users can:

  • Balance part deviations using the integrated iterative alignment with reference targets bound to constructed features, which is useful when aligning symmetrical parts and balancing blade edges.
  • Simulate rectangular and circular fixture locating pads using the new datum target area.

Robust measurement sequences for CNC CMMs

PolyWorks 2018 offers intelligent solutions for measuring deformed, incorrectly aligned, or deviated parts without operator intervention:

  • Search hole – Triggers a spiral search when a hole is not located at its nominal position to estimate the actual hole location, and restarts hole measurement from the estimated location.
  • Locate hole center – Measures 3 points to estimate the actual hole location, translates the measurement zone to the center of the actual hole, and launches hole measurement.
  • Measure relative to other objects – Adjusts the position of the measurement zone based on the deviations of objects that are already measured.

Enhanced usability and performance

The improved discoverability, ease of use, and performance of tools in PolyWorks 2018 promote valuable gains in user productivity:

  • Simplified icons assure quick recognition, while retaining the original icon concepts
  • Colors are used to focus attention and better communicate results
  • Intuitive annotation positioning and editing tools directly in the 3D Scene
  • Single-click geometry transfer between PolyWorks|Inspector™ and PolyWorks|Modeler™

For more information about PolyWorks, including demonstrations and upcoming PolyWorks Conference 2018 events, visit: www.innovmetric.com.

About InnovMetric Software

Founded in 1994 and headquartered in Quebec, QC, Canada, with subsidiaries worldwide, InnovMetric Software Inc. is the leading provider of universal 3D metrology software solutions. The world’s largest industrial manufacturing organizations (Toyota, GM, Volkswagen, Honda, BMW, Daimler, Ford, Rolls-Royce, Pratt & Whitney, Boeing, Embraer, Bombardier, Apple, and many more) trust InnovMetric’s PolyWorks® software solutions and associated technical services to maximize the benefits of 3D measurement technologies for their engineering and manufacturing applications.

With its subsidiaries and joint ventures, InnovMetric has 340 employees in 16 countries: Canada, United States, Mexico, Brazil, France, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Sweden, Turkey, South Africa, India, Thailand, China, and Japan.

For more information about InnovMetric Software, please visit: innovmetric.com

Contact: Antoinette THIBEAULT, Director of Marketing Operations, InnovMetric Software
Tel: 1-418-688-2061 x309
Email: athibeault@innovmetric.com
Website: www.innovmetric.com

Precision Heliparts – Australia and LORD Corporation Sign Distribution Agreement for Aerospace Products

BRISBANE, Australia, April 3, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Precision Heliparts – Australia (PHP-AU), a subsidiary of Atlanta, GA based Precision Aviation Group (PAG) a leading provider of products and value-added services to the worldwide aerospace and defense industry, has signed a distribution agreement with LORD Corporation for its rotary wing product line.

Under the agreement, PHP-AU will assume responsibility to sell, distribute and support LORD aftermarket products for the Bell 206, 407 and medium series platforms in Australia.

“PHP-AU is pleased to be recognized as a value-added distributor by LORD Corporation under the new agreement. Being recognized as an Authorized Distributor gives us access to LORD Corporations unique product line which further enhances PHP-AU’s support of the Bell series aircraft,” said PHP-AU’s Director of Sales Jordan Webber.

“Appointing PAG as one of our authorized distributors is part of our strategy to achieve better customer satisfaction by letting our customers have better access to our quality products,” said Bernie Chan, LORD Asia A&D Director of Marketing and Sales. “As a distributor, PHP-AU will maintain stock locally to ensure our customers in Australia have more choices to reduce their inventory, operating costs, and respond quickly to AOG.”

About Precision Aviation Group:
Precision Aviation Group (PAG) is a leading provider of products and value-added services to the worldwide aerospace and defense industry. With nine locations and more than 260,000-square-feet of sales and service facilities in the United States, Canada, Australia, Brazil, and Singapore, PAG uses its distinct business units and customer-focused business model to serve aviation customers through two business functions – Aviation Supply Chain, and its trademarked Inventory Supported Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (ISMRO®) services.

Precision Aviation Group, Inc. Logo

PAG provides MRO and Supply Chain Solutions for Fixed- and Rotary-wing aircraft through: Precision Heliparts – PHP (www.heliparts.com); Precision Aircraft Services – PAS (www.pas-pag.com); Precision Accessories & Instruments – PAI (www.precisionaccessories.com); Precision Heliparts Canada – PHP-C (www.heliparts.ca); Precision Accessories & Instruments Canada – PAI-C (www.precisionaccessories.ca); PHP-Instruments & Accessories – PHP-LA (www.heliparts.la); Precision Heliparts – Latin America (www.precisionaviationgroup.com/php-br); Precision Aero Technology – PAT (www.precisionaerotechnology.com); Precision Heliparts – Australia – PHP-AU (www.precisionheliparts.com.au); Precision Accessories & Instruments – Australia (PAI-AU) (www.precisionaccessories.com.au); Precision Heliparts Singapore (PHP-S); and Precision Aviation Controls, Inc. – PAC (www.precisionaviationcontrols.com). PAG subsidiaries have MRO capabilities on over 35,000 products, including accessories, avionics, engine components, hydraulics, instruments, NDT, starter/generators, and wheels/brakes (www.precisionaviationgroup.com).                                                                    

Photo – https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/662332/PHP_AU_LORD_Corporation_Rotary_Wing_Products.jpg
Logo – https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/338527/precision_aviation_group_inc_logo.jpg

Two suspects arrested in botched armed robbery in East London

East London Cluster: East London police are investigating a case of armed robbery and attempted murder after an incident that took place in Buffalo street, East London last night.

Two suspects in their thirties were rushed to a local hospital for medical attention and are under police guard. The other suspect is still at large.

The exact circumstances surrounding the incident is still unclear. Investigation continues.

Source: South African Police Service

Awareness campaign on farm attacks

The 911 bikers, a group of bikers who travel throughout the country to raise awareness about crimes against rural communities and small holdings are in Northern Cape Province to show appreciation to the police.

The group was yesterday welcomed by the Provincial Commissioner, Lt Gen Risimati Shivuri in Kuruman and they proceeded to Upington.

Today they are in Springbok. Their purpose is to thank the police for the good work they do in preventing and safekeeping farming communities. The chairperson of the bikers, Pastor Maree said that they as a community come and add their voice to say ‘NO’ to crime against rural communities. Our believe is that SAPS cannot fight the war against crime alone nor can it function effectively without the involvement of the community, said Pastor Maree.

Source: South African Police Service

Glengary SAPS investigate case of murder

Queenstown Cluster 2: A case of murder is being investigated by the Glengrey SAPS after a report had been received that a 30-year-old male with severe injuries had died at a local hospital.

According to information received, the victim had allegedly raped a 60-year-old woman at her home in Zwartwater on Saturday. Following a case that had been opened, the victim had identified who her attacker was. The enraged community apprehended the suspect and then allegedly beaten him. He was taken to a local hospital where he died.

The Cluster Commander Queenstown, Major General Funeka Siganga said today, ‘ We are appealing to the community not to take the law into their own hands. Allow us to do our job. Acts of criminality will not be tolerated. As citizens you are expected to abide by the law! Perpetrators of these acts of violence will have to face the full might of the law once they are arrested.”

Any person with information on this incident to contact their nearest police station or Crime Stop on 086010111. All information is strictly confidential and the caller has a choice to remain anonymous.

Source: South African Police Service