Daily Archives: March 10, 2018


PRETORIA– South African Police Minister Bheki Cele has warned criminals that police action will continue to be tough and that they must retreat or regret it, saying South Africans will not share space with criminals.

Calling on members of the police to put fear in the hearts of criminals, he said here Friday: “I am sending the message that we are not here to share space with criminals. This space is too small and cannot be shared. It belongs to the people of South Africa. It belongs to the women and children of South Africa who cannot be terrorised, assaulted and have fear of walking on the streets.”

If criminals decide to engage in war with the police, the Minister assured that there will be one side which survives, and that can only be the police, Cele added. “If criminals think they can terrorise us and do as they wish, we are declaring that there will be serious reversal …. We will fight with all the power we have in order to protect the people of South Africa.”

He warned criminals to desist from heists, mall and home robberies or assaulting and abusing women and children. Cele said his enemies were those who abuse women and children, murderers of farmers and members of poaching syndicates.

Despite the warnings, the Minister reassured that police are not at war with the community, but whoever declares war on members of the police. “Whoever declares war on us, on innocent communities, women and children, the elderly …. (they will get war). You want war, you will get war. You want peace, you will get peace.”

The Minister was welcomed into the Ministry on Friday with a special parade from all branches of the South African Police Service (SAPS). “Thanks for welcoming me but I am also welcoming myself home,” said Cele, who once served as National Police Commissioner.

Cele also issued a stern warning to police officers who intimidate and insult victims of crime, as well as those who tarnish the name of the police. He said the police’s task is to regain public confidence so that communities feel safe and are safe.

National Police Commissioner General Khela Sitole welcomed Cele, saying they were honoured to serve under his leadership. “Today starts a new chapter in the history of the SAPS… The morale of the SAPS has been boosted by the appointment of Minister Cele, as we are familiar with the energy with which he executes his tasks and his passion for policing.”

The General went on to announce his succession plan, wherein National Deputy Commissioners will be rotated to gain a wider understanding of how the organization works.