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No April Fools’ Joke: Chinese Space Station Expected to Crash April 1, Early April 2

China’s Tiangong-1 space station that is hurdling toward Earth should re-enter Earth’s atmosphere around 8:10 p.m. EDT April 1, give or take 2.5 hours, according to the latest prediction from California-based Aerospace Corp.

Most of the 8.5-ton spacecraft the size of a school bus is expected to burn up on re-entry, posing a slight threat to people on the ground, scientists said.

The re-entry area covers huge parts of the Earth’s oceans, so any surviving pieces of the space station are most likely to end up at the bottom of the sea.

Most of the United States, Africa, southern Europe, Australia and South America are within the range of 43 degrees north and 43 degree south, where the space station is expected to crash. Out of range: Russia, Canada and northern Europe.

Tiangong-1, called “Heavenly Palace,” is the largest manmade object to re-enter Earth’s atmosphere in a decade. It was first launched in 2011 as a facility for testing docking capabilities with other Chinese spacecraft and to explore the possibilities for building a larger permanent space station by 2023.

Source: Voice of America

Three hijackers nabbed in Nyanga

Efforts made by police to deal with the scourge of hijackings in Nyanga resulted in the arrest of three suspects involved in hijacking cases. Two suspects were arrested on Wednesday, 27 March 2018 at about 04:55, for a hijacking that occurred in January 2018, when a family was robbed of their belongings before the suspects drove away with their Toyota Yaris.

The third suspect was also arrested on Wednesday, 27 March 2018 at about 07:30 for a hijacking which occurred earlier this month. The suspect’s accomplices were arrested and he managed to run but an on-going investigation led to his arrest.

The trio, aged 21, 33 and 41, are due to appear in the Athlone Magistrates’ Court, and they will face hijacking charges.

Source: South African Police Service

Unknown man killed in accident near Dutywa

KING WILLIAM’S TOWN: Dutywa Police are investigating a case of culpable homicide. It is alleged that a man who is believed to be 30-years-old was hit by a motor vehicle.

The accident occurred on Thursday, 29 March 2018 at about 19:45 along N2 road near Canca forest Dutywa. The deceased died at the scene.

The cause of the accident is under investigation by Dutywa Police detectives. Anyone who can identify the deceased may contact Dutywa Police on 047 489 1333.

Source: South African Police Service

XCMG livre une commande de 70 tombereaux articulés d’une valeur de 31,63 millions USD

XUZHOU, Chine, 28 mars 2018 /PRNewswire/ — XCMG, le fabricant mondial majeur de machines de construction, a livré 70 unités de son tombereau articulé XDA40 à des clients d’Asie centrale et d’Afrique du Sud pour une commande d’exportation s’élevant à 200 millions RMB (31,63 millions USD).

XCMG's USD 31.63 Million Order of Dump Trucks Are Delivered to Central Asia and South Africa.

Le tombereau articulé XDA40 avancé et résistant, qui a été conçu pour être utilisé dans des projets miniers majeurs et est en mesure de manutentionner des charges allant jusqu’à 40 tonnes, est le modèle phare de XCMG. Les 70 unités de cette commande majeure, qui sont hautement adaptables pour répondre aux besoins de clients du monde entier, ont été conçues sur mesure selon les spécifications du client et seront utilisées dans des projets majeurs situés dans des climats et terrains variés sur deux continents.

« Cette commande d’exportation de 200 millions RMB établit un nouveau record en matière de tombereaux articulés. Elle représente la puissance de XCMG et de la Chine dans le domaine de la fabrication d’équipements haut de gamme et constitue un jalon sur la voie de la domination mondiale de la Chine sur le marché mondial des équipements miniers », a déclaré Wang Min, le président-directeur général de XCMG.

« En 2017, le volume des exportations du département d’activités de machines d’excavation de XCMG a augmenté, en glissement annuel, de 150 %. Notre équipement minier a impressionné le marché mondial grâce à son génie et il a brisé le monopole des marques étrangères. Nous continuerons dans le futur de fournir tous les efforts nécessaires pour être à la pointe de l’industrie et demeurer une marque d’équipement minier de calibre mondial », a ajouté M. Wang.

XCMG, qui est un pionnier et un leader de l’industrie chinoise de machineries de construction, a adopté une stratégie axée sur l’innovation afin de réaliser continuellement des percées en matière de technologie et de développement de produits.

Le groupe a récemment terminé les travaux d’une ligne de production haut de gamme fabricant des pelles hydrauliques minières de 70 à 700 tonnes, des tombereaux miniers de 60 à 360 tonnes et des tombereaux miniers articulés de 30 à 60 tonnes. Grâce à cela, XCMG est devenu l’un des rares fabricants mondiaux, et le seul en Chine, qui est capable de développer et de fabriquer de l’équipement minier à grande échelle pour l’exploitation minière à ciel ouvert.

À propos de XCMG

XCMG est une société multinationale de fabrication de machinerie lourde dotée d’une histoire de 74 ans. Elle se classe actuellement en huitième place mondiale dans l’industrie des machines de construction. La société exporte vers plus de 177 pays et régions à travers le monde.

Pour obtenir plus d’informations, veuillez visiter : , ou les pages de XCMG sur  Facebook , Twitter , YouTube , LinkedIn et Instagram .

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Appointment of Senior Managers including Divisional Commissioners and Provincial Commissioner


Greetings to all of you gathered here today. It gives me great pleasure to officiate this press gathering this afternoon, together with the National Commissioner of the SAPS General Kehla Sithole; on such an important task of officially announcing the new senior appointments of Lieutenant Generals who will be taking over new responsibilities as Divisional and Provincial Commissioners of the South African Police Service.

The new appointments to the top level echelon of the police hierarchy, in the post of Divisional Commissioners, Crime Intelligence, Detectives and Protection and Security Services as well as the Provincial Commissioner of Free State consists of men and women of exceptional calibre and renowned credentials in the different fields of expertise. The SAPS continues to advance and upholds the fundamental principle of excellence and professionalism in implementing the recruitment strategy.

Members of the media, the fight against crime requires crime intelligence that is focused and progressive. The need for a complete overhaul of that environment remains a priority for the new leadership. Equally, Detective Services needs re-engineering and repositioning in order to do justice to its core business of resolving crime.

We are confident that the new breed of leadership will improve efficiency and effectiveness in the business of policing and further contribute positively in the implementation of the turnaround plan as championed by the National Commissioner. Moreover, the police machinery requires individuals with wealth of knowledge and understanding in the various disciplines.

Ladies and gentlemen, we remain strongly entrenched in the ideals of progressive leadership hence we pride ourselves in the following appointments:


Major General Anthony Jacobs is appointed as the Divisional Commissioner of Crime Intelligence at the level of Lieutenant General. Lt Gen Jacobs joined the police in 1995 when the Statutory Forces were incorporated into the Service. At the time of his appointment he was attached to Western Cape Province as a Cluster Commander of Wynburg. He has a vast experience in operational policing including the crime intelligence environment, having occupied various senior managerial positions that include provincial head of crime intelligence and border management. He has also gained valuable experience in the operational environment when he worked as a Deputy Provincial Commissioner: Operational Services, Provincial Commander for Provincial Operational Command Centre, Operational Response Services and Police Emergency Services. He has a Master of Science Degree in Corporate Security from Cranfiels University, United Kindom (SAQA accredited at M Tech Degree)


Major General Tebello Constance Mosikili before her appointment as the Divisional Commissioner, Detective Services at the rank of Lieutenant General, was serving as the National Head of Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences Unit, a position she has held with distinction since 2016. Mosikili is an investigative expert, with 17 years of her total 27 years in the police served at investigation environment at various levels. She is a service oriented professional who has served at all the spheres/levels of policing, having been a station commander, cluster commander, provincial commander as well as section head at national level. Lt Gen Mosikili is a career police officer who went through all the ranks to get to the position of Divisional Commissioner.

She is an investigative solutions and strategic leader who brings with her a wealth of investigative as well as operational expertise coupled with her understanding of the criminal justice system. She has a B Tech Degree from Tshwane University of Technology (Technikon South Africa) as well as capacity development courses that include Advanced Psychologically Motivated Crime, Exercise Cyber Tracks and Detective Commander’s Course.


Major General Samson Shitlabane is appointed as the Divisional Commissioner of Protection and Security Services at the level of Lieutenant General. At the time of his promotion Lt Gen Shitlabane was the Gauteng Provincial Head: Protection and Security Services. Since his enlistment into the police in 1995, Lt Gen Shitlabane has served from the lower level ranks as a close protector in the Protection and Security Service and has moved up the ranks in the same environment at various positions � positions such as National Commander for Deputy President which included servicing former state presidents and Section Head: VIP Protection Services. He has a wealth of knowledge in the protection and security services environment and his appointment will bring about efficiency and effectiveness. Shitlabane is in possession of a Bachelor of Policing Practice Degree and is due to complete his post graduate diploma in Management (Security field) with the University of Witwatersrand.


Major General Moeketsi SEMPE is appointed as the Provincial Commissioner of Free State, with immediate effect at the level of Lieutenant General. At the time of his appointment Lt Gen Sempe was the Deputy Provincial Commissioner of Policing at Free State. He joined the police in 1993 and started working in the community service centre. In 1996 at the level of Sergeant, he became a Shift Commander at Excelsior Police Station in the Free State. He moved up the ranks in operational environment serving as a station commander, cluster commander and has also occupied several senior management positions at provincial level since 2008. As a the Deputy Provincial Commissioner.

Lt Gen Sempe therefore, brings to the position a vast experience in policing with impeccable knowledge of policy frameworks. He is an energetic visionary with proven leadership skills. He has a Magister Technoligae (MTECH) in Policing and has successfully completed several operational courses and management and leadership programmes.

Ladies and gentlemen all four strategic appointments are aimed at responding directly to the core mandate of fighting crime and furthermore ensuring that the people of South Africa are and that they feel safe.

We wish to thank the sterling leadership of the National Commissioner and his team in facilitating the new appointments.

The business of squeezing crime to zero continues…

Source: South African Police Service