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IBFD Centre for Studies in African Taxation Awards First Scholarship

AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands, Jan. 22, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — IBFD is pleased to announce that Mr Birhanu Tadesse Daba is the first-ever recipient of the foundation’s Centre for Studies in African Taxation (CSAT) scholarship. Mr Daba receives a full scholarship to the Advanced Master’s in International Tax Law (LLM), a joint programme of IBFD with the University of Amsterdam (UvA). The CSAT scholarship is awarded to the most promising employee from an African tax authority.

Mr Daba, an Ethiopian national, holds a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree from the Addis Ababa University and a Master of Laws (LLM) degree in international law from the Ethiopian Civil Service University. Mr Daba currently works at the Ethiopian Ministry of Finance and Economic Cooperation as a Coordinator, Tax Policy Directorate and Team Leader, Tax and Customs Policies Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation. Mr Daba’s experience positions him well to make an immediate impact on the tax policy of Ethiopia upon the completion of his studies.

CSAT is an autonomous think tank devoted to the study and development of African taxation and is an integral part of IBFD, an independent not-for-profit foundation that provides high-quality information and education on international taxation.

The Advanced Master’s in International Tax Law (LLM) is a 1-year, full-time programme that has been ranked as a top school in the LLM Guide’s 2017 top-10 list for LLM programmes in international tax law. Additionally, upon completion of the LLM programme, Mr Daba will be given a 6-month internship at IBFD’s headquarters in Amsterdam, where he will work with, and continue to learn from, IBFD’s core team of nearly 200 experts from over 40 countries.

“We launched CSAT with the objectives to study and provide well-researched opinions on taxation in Africa and to encourage research by Africans for Africa. By awarding the first-ever CSAT scholarship, we have taken an important step forward to help achieve these goals”, said Belema Obuoforibo, Director, IBFD Knowledge Centre. “We are very excited to award Mr Daba with the CSAT scholarship and look forward to working more closely with him over the next several months.”

IBFD is now accepting applications for the next CSAT scholarship for the LLM programme, which starts in September 2018. To learn more, please contact IBFD at CSAT@ibfd.org.

To learn more about the activities, objectives, goals and mission of CSAT, please visit the IBFD website.

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CAPE TOWN, Police in Cape Town, South Africa, have uncovered an illegal ammunition factory, dealing a blow to gangsters in the city.

Crimes associated with gangs would remain a priority for the South African Police Service (SAPS) in the province and the SAPS would pursue every avenue to bring perpetrators to book, police spokesperson Lieutenant-Colonel AndrA Traut said Sunday.

An intelligence-driven operation in Lansdowne in Cape Town on Saturday night led police to an address in Bombay Street, he said.

A search of the premises resulted in the discovery of an illegal make-shift factory for making ammunition, which we believe is intended for the gangs in the Hanover Park area. Large quantities of ammunition cartridges, projectiles, and gunpowder were seized, as well as apparatus to manufacture ammunition.

The circumstances surrounding the seizure were still under investigation and the possibility of arrests had not been ruled out, Traut said.

Western Cape Province Police Commissioner Lieutenant-General Khombinkosi Jula expressed his appreciation to the SAPS members involved in the operation and said time was running out for criminals in the province.


Deputy Minister Sindisiwe Chikunga extends Shova Kalula project to learners in KwaZulu-Natal, 23 Jan

Transport Deputy Minister’s Shova Kalula Bicycle Programme to promote access to basic education in KwaZulu-Natal

One hundred thousand (100 000) bicycles have been distributed to deserving learners under the Department of Transport’s Shova Kalula Bicycle Project since its inception in 2001.

These bicycles have improved the mobility and access to basic education of 100 000 school pupils so far.

The Department of Transport is determined to improve access to basic education of more learners in rural areas. In the 2016/17 financial year, the Transport Department had planned to distribute further six thousand (6 000) unisex bicycles under the Shova Kalula Project to qualifying learners.

The Deputy Minister of Transport, Ms Sindisiwe Chikunga has been at the helm of the project, making sure that more school learners who qualify benefit from the project.

She will be extending the Shova Kalula project to the learners in KwaZulu-Natal this week.

On Tuesday, 23 January 2018 Deputy Minister Chikunga will distribute 750 of the Shova Kalula bicycles to the pupils from fifteen schools in Kwa-Mbonambi in Umfolozi Municipality. Ms Chikunga will further rollout the programme in Weenen on Thursday, 25 January 2018.

KZN has the highest percentage of learners who walk more than 60 minutes to school.

These are the learners who walk 3km or more every day to school. The bicycles will improve their travel time.

Source: Government of South Africa

WHO: Brazil’s Death Toll From Yellow Fever Triples

RIO DE JANEIRO The number of confirmed cases of yellow fever outbreak in Brazil has tripled in recent weeks, with 20 deaths since July, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Monday.

Of 35 confirmed cases, 20 were in Sao Paulo state, which includes South America’s largest city, Sao Paulo. Earlier this month, a case of the disease was confirmed in the Netherlands for a traveler who had recently been in that state.

The WHO recommended last week that foreign travelers get vaccinated before visiting.

But Brazil’s Health Ministry has said the recommendation, coming just weeks before Carnival, a holiday event in which tens of thousands of tourists descend on Brazil, would not cause it to change its advisory that only travelers going to rural areas be vaccinated.

Last week, Brazilians lined up for hours to get yellow fever vaccinations in the country’s largest states, alarmed by the increase in the number of fatal cases of infection and a warning from the WHO to tourists visiting parts of the country.

Yellow fever is a viral disease transmitted by mosquitoes in tropical regions and is still a major killer in Africa. It had largely been brought under control in the Americas.

The first sign that the fever was back in Brazil was the death last year of hundreds of monkeys in the Atlantic rain forest in the states of Rio de Janeiro, Espirito Santo and Sao Paulo.

Source: Voice of America

MDDA mourns passing of former CEO Libby Lloyd

The Media Development and Diversity Agency (MDDA) has expressed condolences to the family, friends and media colleagues following the passing of Libby Lloyd.

Ms Lloyd’s contribution to the MDDA and to the community media sector will always be remembered for the firm foundations she laid for the agency to continue its invaluable role of providing access to the media for all � particularly our historically disadvantaged communities who have been side-lined by the traditional media, MDDA Acting Chairperson Musa Sishange said.

Lloyd passed away on 19 January 2018 after battling an illness since last year.

At the time of her passing, Lloyd served on a panel of experts that assisted the Telecommunications and Postal Services Ministry in the development of the Integrated White Paper on the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Policy

In addition to her many achievements in the media sector, she was the founding Chief Executive Officer of the MDDA following its establishment by an Act of Parliament in 2002.

Appointed in August 2003, Lloyd played a defining role in setting up the agency, not only establishing the operating systems but also forming long lasting strategic partnerships to harness the resources across the sector to the benefit of community media.

Under her leadership, which ran until 2006, the MDDA allocated financial support to just under 100 different media projects across all provinces of South Africa, with the MDDA board approving over R20 million in grants to these projects, said the MDDA.

Under Lloyd’s leadership the MDDA maintained an unbroken record of clean audits, testimony to the robust governance structures she and her management team had set up.

Through her work with the MDDA in creating an enabling environment for the community media sector, Lloyd’s legacy will include giving a concrete platform to the often-marginalized voices across all our communities, regardless of race, gender, disability and economic class, said the MDDA.

Source: South African Government News Agency