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JOHANNESBURG-South African politicians, activists and business people have voiced their views about State Capture and corruption within the government, just weeks ahead of the ANC Elective Conference.

In a televised debate, Ann Bernstein, who heads the Centre for Development and Enterprise South Africa, says well established white businesses have accepted responsibility for the negative effects of apartheid on the country and black people. She says the focus should rather be placed on moving forward.

We are 23 years into a democracy, I’m interested in how we move forward and deal with poverty today. But we can’t deal with poverty without acknowledging that the people who benefited have not done their bit to transform our society.

Big mining companies benefited greatly under apartheid, they did pay their taxes by the way which is more than what we can say for some other people. I think established businesses went to the Truth Commission and a lot of them apologised for what they have done, she said.

However, businessman and head of the Patriotic Alliance, Gayton McKenzie, strongly criticised Bernstein’s statement, saying she is in no position to urge black people to move on from apartheid.

Ann you are Jewish, you are a Jew. You cannot come here and say to us black people we must move on if you are still celebrating the holocaust every year. How will you feel if I tell Jewish people they must move on? So you must desist and refrain from telling black people to move on from today on. I want to make it very clear to you.


The joint operation is still on searching for an escaped lion

The Joint search operation is still ongoing in and around Geaorges Valley and Makgobaskloof areas looking for an escaped lion.

This search follows the allegations that two (02) lions jumped out of a trailer which was being towed by a bakkie along Gearges Valley road outside Tzaneen this afternoon, 26 November 2017.

According to the eye witness, these two lions were seen entering inside the pine plantations near Vula-Vula in the Georges Valley area after they escaped.

The driver of the vehicle alleged that the lions were transported from one animal enclosure to another but this is still being verified through the ongoing investigations to determine their exact destination.

One of the lions seemed to have hurt its leg when it jumped from the moving trailer and as a result, it was recovered while the second lion ran down towards a stream in the opposite side of the R528 road.

Members of the community are warned to be extra careful when moving or traveling in these areas.

Anyone with information, may contact the nearest Police Station or the Police Emergency number 10111.

The search operation is still continuing.

Source: South African Police Service