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Sanya Serenity Coast Successfully Promotes Sanya City at the University of Cape Town

CAPE TOWN, South Africa, Oct. 31, 2017 /PRNewswire/ —  On October 27th, The 2017-18 Clipper Round the World Yachting Race Sanya Committee representatives went to The University of Cape Town (UCT) and promoted Sanya City. Teachers and students at the International Academic Programmes of UCT came and listened to the promotion campaign. This included the legendary sailing journey of the world famous Yacht – Sanya Serenity Coast.

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At the beginning of the promotion a Sanya publicity film was showcased, giving the audience a nice introduction to Sanya. There was also a song called “Welcome to Sanya”, which was played – the song and film impressed the audience, and they were also able to view the tropical coastal scenery via the film. An “Oriental Hawaii” feel was generated with the audience members feeling excited and wanting to travel there.

A student from the International Acadmic Programme said, “Sanya is a very beautiful city, it definitely will be my preferred destination for traveling abroad. There are also duty-free shops, for me which will be a shopping paradise.”

After the introduction of Sanya, the Ambassador crew of Sanya, Law Feng, continued to share his own sailing story. “It is not an easy thing for twenty people to sail on a mighty sea with a 70-foot sailboat. The hull is often tilted more than 45 degrees, resistance to 10 meters high waves. ”

A video of the yacht passing through the Atlantic was then displayed. This shocked the audience, seeing the video of the yacht travelling through the waves – the audience were astounded and awed. Wayne, a teacher working at the International Academic Programmes heard that there would be a Sanya yacht open day, and excitedly asked about how to participate, and also said, “My son is 8 years old, I would like to take him to see the beautiful yacht from Sanya, China.”

Founded in 1829, the University of Cape Town is the oldest university in South Africa. The first case of a human heart transplant in the world was done by Prof Chrs Barnard of UCT. So far, two graduates have won the Nobel Prize.

The Sanya City Promotion Campaign will hope to bloom around the world, especially aimed at the younger generation and the young talents of the future.

North West Tourism on training for tourist guides

In its endeavour to create a conducive environment for youth entrepreneurship and create methods which will enhance the fight against unemployment within the tourism sector in villages, townships and small dorpies, the National Department of Tourism and the North West Provincial Department of Tourism will for the next three months give ten young people an opportunity to become qualified and registered tourist guides.

This will be done through a three months NQF level 2 certificate in culture site guide training which recently commenced at the Taung Hotel and Convention Centre in the Dr. Ruth Segomotsi Mompati District.

Deputy Manager for Tourist Guiding, Growth and Development at the National Department of Tourism, Bakang Makolomakwe said the purpose of the training is to ensure that new entrants were brought into the tourist guiding subsector. We need young people to play meaningful part in tourist guiding and assist in dealing with the scotch of poverty and unemployment in this country.

This is an NQF level 2 certificate which upon completion will afford these young people an opportunity to better their lives. We want to create employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for the youth even though we know the challenges that are faced by our country with regards to unemployment in general. This is a qualification that is acquired to assist the tourist guides to become legally compliant and professionally recognized in the subsector, said Makolomakwe.

She added that the National Department of Tourism will continue assisting provinces in capacitating tourist guides and contribute towards the growth and development of the sector.

Going forward in terms of the next financial year planning, we are hoping to come up with some new innovative ways of improving, we will look at other methods outside just providing training or capacity building initiatives to tourist guides. In the meantime we maintain that this training will help aspiring guides because they will now be accredited and registered tourist guides. Which means that when opportunities arise they will be able to compete and participate within the subsector. We hope that all relevant stakeholders within this subsector will be willing to work together and ensure that where there are opportunities they take our tourist guides and utilise them as we will not recognize anybody as a tourist guide until they have a qualification and they are registered with both the provincial and national registrar, she added.

Supporting the course and assisting in ensuring the realization of this course, Manger for Local Economic Development at Greater Taung Local Municipality, Tshepang Baloyi said that this training was as a results of good working relations between the provincial department of Tourism, the district municipality and the local municipality. She said they work closely in capacitating local unemployed youth in relevant skills programs.

This is the reason why the department has deemed fit it to bring this training to Taung, we need to capacitate our youth in tourist guiding. In this area there is a dire need for such training because this area is rich in tourism and we have products and projects which needs to be packaged and we don’t have enough young people to assume responsibilities of a qualified and registered tourist guide. As the municipality we appreciate this kind of training, these young people will now be qualified and registered tourist guides and when there are employment opportunities within the municipality in this subsector they will be the first to be considered, Baloyi said.

The participants are from various areas across that Dr. Ruth Segomotsi Mompati District. One such is Mothusi Maine of Bloemhof near Christian who said was hopeful that the training will be able to equip them with the necessary tools to be able to actively participate within the subsector.

I am hoping to turn my life around. I hope that this will inspire me to start my own tourism business. We are really grateful for the opportunity as we are from the most rural villages of this province where nothing ever happens. Information about opportunities such as this one is very scarce and I’m grateful that I was able to apply, got interviewed and now I’m part of the ten aspiring tourist guide in this district, said Maine.

The training will run in phases for at least three months and upon completion as part of their assessment for competency, trainees will be expected to create a route for a guided tour. They will conduct this tour under supervision of a training facilitator.

Source: Government of South Africa

Wage increase for EPWP workers

The minimum wage for all Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) participants, with effect from 1f November, will increase from R83.59 to R88.00 per day or per task.

This was announced by Department of Public Works’ Deputy Director General for the Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP), Stanley Henderson.

The wage increase is in line with the current inflation rate.

As EPWP continues to play a significant role in uplifting the lives of EPWP participants and communities through the creation of work opportunities and providing much needed services under the EPWP sectors such as infrastructure, non-State, environment & culture sector, as well as the social sectors, its impact is noticeable through the assets created and skills provided to our communities and participants.

The wage increase will significantly boost the socio-economic conditions of the EPWP participants, and I urge all the implementing bodies of the EPWP to timeously adhere to the implementation of an approved prescribed minimum wage increase as of 1 November 2017, said Henderson.

The implementation of the adjusted minimum wage is applicable to all the participants of the EPWP across all sectors. However, many public bodies implementing the EPWP projects pay wages that are much higher than the prescribed minimum wage, which is a significant move towards achieving better socio-economic status of the participants and communities.

The EPWP is a government initiative aimed at reducing poverty and unemployment through the provision of training and short-term to medium-term labour intensive work opportunities to the poor and unemployed South Africans.

The EPWP participants work in different projects like Early Childhood Development Centres, Home Community Based Care, Extra School Support Programmes, Working on fire, Working for Water, Roads Maintenance Projects, etc.

Through various skills and training that the participants receive from the EPWP, the participants stand a better chance to enter a formal job market or become entrepreneurs.

Source: South African Government News Agency

Minister Faith Muthambi presents quaterly reports in Parliament, 1 Nov

Minister for Public Service and Administration Honourable Faith Muthambi is leading the team within her portfolio as the Executive Authority, as they present the second quarter reports for the 2017/18 financial year to Parliament’s Portfolio Committee on Public Service and Administration, Performance Monitoring and Evaluation, on Wednesday 1st November 2017.

The team that is presenting their quarterly reports includes;

The Public Service Commission (PSC)

The Department of Public Service and Administration (DPSA)

The National School of Government (NSG)

The Centre for Public Service Innovation (CPSI)

The quarterly reports provide account of the financial and non-financial performance of the Minister for Public Service and Administration’s portfolio. It is also an opportunity for the Ministry and the team to demonstrate how they are effectively and efficiently utilising their allocated budgets to deliver on annual performance plans.

The team as led by the Minister is once again showing that it is always ready to account to parliament.

Source: Government of South Africa

Un champion olympique de Londres devient un fan la ville de Sanya

LE CAP, Afrique du Sud, 30 octobre 2017 /PRNewswire/– Le 25 octobre, l’athlète sud-africain Cameron van der Burgh qui a remporté la médaille d’or du 100 mètres brasse masculin et établi ainsi un nouveau record du monde lors des Jeux olympiques de 2012 est apparu au Victoria & Albert Waterfront du Cap.

Cameron s’est rendu sur la Côte de la Sérénité à Sanya pour se joindre à l’équipage d’un bateau. Au cours de la navigation, les ambassadeurs de Sanya ont raconté leurs expériences de voile durant la première et la deuxième étapes, et ils ont également présenté à Cameron la ville de Sanya.

De façon analogue à la situation du Cap, Sanya est une ville qui se trouve au point le plus au sud de la Chine. C’est une ville tropicale, et c’est aussi en Chine la seule destination internationale de vacances au bord de la mer. Sanya est le lieu où vivent ensemble les nationalités Li, Miao, Hui et Han. La nationalité Li en particulier est spécifique de la province de Hainan à laquelle est rattachée la ville de Sanya. 3000 ans plus tôt, les ancêtres de ce groupe ont traversé le détroit de Qiongzhou et se sont installés sur l’île où ils ont continué à développer ce qui est devenu leur culture unique et remarquable.

Plusieurs personnages historiques chinois ont fondé certains aspects de la culture du pays en choisissant Sanya et chacun y a laissé la marque de ses efforts. Le plus célèbre d’entre eux est le moine Jian Zhen sous la dynastie Tang, lequel a par cinq fois essayé sans succès de rejoindre le Japon à la voile pour y diffuser le bouddhisme. À sa cinquième tentative, son navire dériva pour s’échouer à Nanshan près de Sanya, où il décida de s’établir. Il y construisit par la suite des temples et érigea des statues de Bouddha.

La cuisine de Sanya embrasse elle aussi la diversité. La province est connue pour la grande variété des spécialités locales, et pas uniquement pour l’abondance de ses délicieux plats de fruits de mer. Un plat emblématique est le riz au poulet hainanais. Sanya réunit les spécialités de l’ensemble de la province pour offrir un festin pour les papilles des amateurs universels.

Après cette présentation, Cameron s’est laissé séduire par la culture, le climat et la nourriture, et il espère un jour pouvoir revenir dans la ville de Sanya.

Les ambassadeurs de la ville et les représentants de son comité ont par ailleurs mis en place plusieurs campagnes afin de promouvoir Sanya auprès des touristes et des habitants du Cap. Les gens cherchent à connaître cet endroit qui ne leur est pas familier et ils sont intrigués par cette ville qui est semblable au Cap.

L’escale sur la Côte de la Sérénité est la rencontre entre la ville de Sanya et Le Cap en Afrique du Sud, et cette possibilité est offerte aux superstars tout comme aux personnes ordinaires.

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