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Online gamblers forfeit R1m winnings to State

Pretoria – Illegal gamblers have forfeited over R1 million of their winnings to the State, says Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies.

Unprecedented court proceedings led to the gamblers’ unlawful winnings of about R1.25 million being confiscated and forfeited to the State.

Trade and Industry Minister Dr Rob Davies said online gambling is illegal and that should South African citizens participate in online gambling and they win, their winnings are the proceeds of an illegal activity and they will therefore be confiscated and forfeited to the State.

The Minister had previously cautioned that online gambling is illegal.

National Gambling Board

The National Gambling Board (NGB), which is an agency of the Department of Trade and Industry (dti), is the national regulator in the gambling industry in South Africa.

In terms of Section 16 of the National Gambling Act, 2004, the NGB is obliged to investigate the circumstances of illegal gambling activities including illegal online gambling.

Upon determination of such illegal gambling activity, it applies to the high court for an order declaring that the unlawful winnings be forfeited to the state.

Meanwhile, Minister Davies has also expressed concern that online gambling could be used to launder money. It is on this basis that the banks continue to collaborate with the National Gambling Board to confiscate the unlawful winnings.

Accounting Authority of the National Gambling Board, Caroline Kongwa, emphasised that besides the forfeiture of unlawful winnings in favour of the State, the punters, who partake in illegal gambling activities, are liable for criminal prosecution.

The public is hereby cautioned to be weary of online gambling offerings, as online gambling is illegal in South Africa, and thus anyone participating in any illegal online gambling activity would be unable to receive any winnings and would expose themselves to criminal prosecution, she said.

She added that citizens caught gambling illegally or running an illegal gambling establishment like internet cafes that provide illegal online gambling will be targeted and they will face criminal charges or a fine to the maximum of R10 million or both.

The NGB is encouraged by the judiciary system in considering gambling related matters and in a related matter, the High Court of South Africa, Gauteng Division, granted a court judgement in favour of a licenced gambling operator prohibiting an illegal gambling operator from offering illegal online gambling, said Kongwa.

She emphasises that the NGB’s role and mandate is to protect the public. She also appealed to the public to report websites which advertise online gambling and establishments (especially those disguised as internet cafes) in South Africa which offer online gambling and other illegal gambling activities to the public.

The public was also encouraged to be vigilant and to distinguish between licensed and unlicensed gambling operators in addition to being aware of what constitutes an unlawful gambling activity.

Source: South African Government News Agency

Premier Helen Zille and MEC Albert Fritz launch Child Protection Week with door-to-door campaign in Mitchells plain

As part of the Western Cape Department of Social Development (DSD) Child Protection Week awareness initiatives, MEC for Social Development, Albert Fritz, and Premier Helen Zille today conducted a door-to-door in Beacon Valley, Mitchells Plain.

MEC Fritz was joined by the department’s social workers from our DSD Mitchells Plain local office, NGO partners Safeline and Khululeka Grief Support.

Our theme for 2017 and the key message we took to the community was, child protection is everyone’s business.

DSD spends the largest portion of its budget (R651.5-million) and resources (1510 social work professionals) on services that empower children and families.

The MEC will be leading the departments commemorative efforts over Child Protection Week, which will include a;

Child Protection Week Dialogue (31-05-2017),

Church service in Mitchells Plain in memory of abused and murdered children (31-05-2017),

Child Protection Week Social Indaba in Hessequa Municipality (01-06-2017).

In his interaction with community members, MEC Fritz emphasised the role committed and responsible parents play, and said, no government can replace the role of parents and strong households play in protecting children.

We continue to urge the public to report any cases of child abandonment, neglect and missing children to any of our regional and local offices, or to contact our DSD Hotline on 0800 220 250. We can protect our children if we continue to work ‘Better Together’.

Source: Government of South Africa

Premier Helen Zille opens Premier’s Council on Skills engagement in Cape Town, 30 May

Premier Zille to address employers on the Apprenticeship Game Changer

Tomorrow, Premier Zille will open the Premier’s Council on Skills engagement at the Cape Town International Convention Centre.

She will be providing an update on the Apprenticeship Game Changer which has an ambitious target to ensure sufficient technical and vocation skills in the province over the next few years.

The Premier’s Council on Skills was established in 2011 and includes representatives from government, learning institutions and business. The purpose of this council is to ensure that all of the relevant skills development role players within the province gather in one space to discuss areas of potential economic growth and to look at how to develop the skills required to meet the demand created by this growth

The Premier will also focus on the many opportunities for employers and the benefits of becoming partners in Apprenticeship Game Changer.

She will be joined by Minister of Economic Opportunities Alan Winde who will also address the council.

The Department of Economic Development and Tourism will present on the ambitious plans of the Western Cape Government to encourage growth and increase investment in the region, where business confidence remains higher than at a national level.

Source: Government of South Africa


JOHANNESBURG, Former African National Congress (ANC) Treasurer-General Mathews Phosa has again called for President Jacob Zuma to step down, saying South Africa is choking under a consistent string of scandals created by the president.

Speaking in Botlokwa in Limpopo Province on Sunday afternoon as he accepted the nomination by the ANC Molemole sub-region to be the ruling party’s next president, he again reiterated his call for the president to step down.

Phosa said the ANC could still save the country from President Zuma and that tabling motions of no confidence against the president would not help as South Africans were already losing confidence in the ANC.

It cannot be in our interest that every morning when we wake up there is a Zuma scandal, there is a Gupta scandal, the whole families are integrated in scandals. South Africa is tired; we are crumbling under the world of scandals which relate to our highest office in the country. The NEC (National Executive Committee of the ANC) must smell the coffee as a whole or they run the risk of people of this country losing confidence in them as a leadership.

The Molemole sub-region of the ANC said Sunday it had weighed Phosa in the balance and found him fitting to be President.

He has got a good name, he is credible, he is well read. We believe that it is about time that the ANC is led by people of his calibre, said ANC Molemole Sub-Region representative Nico Pohotona.