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Freedom Park pays tribute to international communities

Human Rights Day is a significant day to South Africans for remembering not only the 69 people, who were killed during the Sharpeville Massacre, but all those who made the ultimate sacrifice for South Africa’s freedom, says Freedom Park Chief Executive Officer Jane Mufamadi.

Our struggle was waged under the four arms, one being international solidarity, and therefore, in honouring those who sacrificed, we also pay tribute to the international communities that made the sacrifices and supported us, Mufamadi said on Tuesday.

Speaking at a ceremony to memorialize the Swedish International Solidarity to people of South Africa during the liberation struggle, Mufamadi said it is an open secret that the Swedish people contributed greatly for the attainment of freedom and that they also continued to support South Africa even in preparing the country for the first democratic elections.

We are also aware that Sweden has been supporting efforts aimed at ensuring that we do not forget links forged during the liberations struggle, Mufamadi said.

Mufamadi said documentaries, books and even archival material in institutions like the Nordic Africa Institute bears testimony to that.

The Freedom Park has been involved in the project of the Memorialisation of Swedish Solidarity during the liberation struggle since 2014.

According to Mufamadi, the project resulted in a number of activities which include, amongst others, meetings in South Africa with the former Swedish Ambassador Anders Hagelburg as well as having meetings in Sweden.

We signed the MOU with Kalmar lans Museum and we are already implementing some of the programmes, he said.

Swedish Ambassador Cecilia Julin said she was excited to be in South Africa representing Sweden, a country that supported South Africans during the struggle for democracy.

It is pertinent to be here at Salvokop honouring the people that fought the battle, some of whom paid the ultimate price, Julin said.

Ambassador Julin said Sweden is proud to have contributed to the downfall of the apartheid regime.

As part of the event, a wreath laying ceremony was conducted at the Isivivine at the Freedom Park and a moment of silent was observed in remembrance of those people who died during the struggle against the apartheid regime.

Also at the event, Freedom Park CEO was presented with a list of Swedish names of people who died during the struggle to liberate South Africa from the apartheid regime.

In total, the list contains 55 names and according to Mufamadi, the Swedish government will bring more names to be inscribed at the Wall of Names at the Freedom Park.

In 1966, the United Nations General Assembly called the Sharpeville Massacre the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination and called on the international community to redouble its efforts to eliminate all forms of racial discrimination.

Source: South African Government News Agency

Police Raid Offices Across Brazil as Corruption Probe Widens

BRASILIA � Brazil’s federal police raided the offices of people close to several prominent senators on Tuesday in the latest phase of a sweeping, three-year corruption probe, according to authorities and local media.

The 14 search and seizure warrants were issued by the Supreme Court based on information provided by executives of engineering conglomerate Odebrecht SA in plea bargain deals tied to the graft probe, police said in a statement. The raids took place in the cities of Brasilia, Maceio, Recife, Rio de Janeiro and Salvador.

Neither the police nor prosecutors provided details on the targets. Globo News TV said the investigation targeted people closely associated with Senate President Eunicio Oliveira and Senators Renan Calheiros, Valdir Raupp and Humberto Costa.

Oliveira, who is a key ally of President Michel Temer in his efforts to pass fiscal reforms, denied receiving illegal donations in his 2014 campaign for governor of Ceara, a northeastern state.

“The senator is convinced the truth will prevail,” a statement issued by his lawyer said, commenting on the morning police raids.

Senator Costa in a statement said he was confident the raids would corroborate his defense.

Other senators mentioned in the media did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

In December, Odebrecht signed the world’s largest leniency deal with Brazilian, U.S. and Swiss prosecutors and admitted bribing politicians across Latin America and in Africa. The Supreme Court is expected to disclose details in the coming weeks of the 950 depositions given by 77 Odebrecht executives.

Carlos Lima, a federal prosecutor who has helped lead the probe, told Reuters this month he thinks upward of 350 new investigations could stem from the Odebrecht testimony. The scandal has reached into Temer’s inner circle and threatens the fate of proposed reforms to curb an untenable budget deficit and pull Brazil out of its worst recession.

Source: Voice of America