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South Africa: Weekend Successes – Mount Road Cluster

Members from the Mount Road Operational Command Centre have effected several arrests since Friday, 20 January 2017. Several suspects were arrested for serious crimes including drug related cases, unlawful possession of firearm and ammunition, attempted murder and possession of suspected stolen property. A total of five firearms were confiscated by police since Thursday, 19 January to 21 January 2017.

On 19 January 2017 the Provincial Gang Investigation Unit were following up on information about wanted suspects in possession of shotguns. While the members were in Ibex street, a suspect was seen jumping over a wall and running away. A search was conducted in the immediate vicinity and a shotgun was recovered in the garden of one of the houses. No arrests

It is alleged that on, Friday 20 January 2017 at about 22:00 while members of Public Order Policing were patrolling in Highfield Road in Shauderville, they heard a gunshot and immediately noticed a person running with a firearm in his hand. Officers chased the suspect on foot and apprehended him in Durban Road with a Star pistol his possession. While police were still busy effecting the arrest, a 30 year old man appeared and informed them that the suspect allegedly shot at him in Highfield Road. The complainant alleged that while he was walking, the suspect approached him and asked him whether he belonged to a certain gang. When the complainant walked away, the suspect fired a shot at him. The suspect, aged 22 years was arrested.

It is alleged that on Friday, 20 January 2017 at about 20:45, while members of the Visible Gang Intervention Team were patrolling in Bethelsdorp they received information of an illegal firearm at a house on Gloxinia Ave, Ex 34, Bethelsdorp. Response was immediate and the house was searched. A .22 Astra revolver and 9 rounds was found hidden in the wardrobe. No arrests. The firearm was confiscated.

On 21 January 2017 at about 18:45 while Gelvandale members were patrolling, they were stopped by a community member who informed them that a person is in possession of a firearm in Aquarius Street. Members responded and spotted the suspect. As soon as police approached him he dropped the firearm. A 23 year old suspect was arrested and a Norinco pistol and 8 rounds was seized.

On 21 January at about 19:00 while the Crime Combatting Unit members were patrolling and doing random stop and searches, they found a revolver in a dustbin near a spaza shop in Dedonker Street. No arrests only confiscation. During the stop and search a suspect was also arrested for possession of ammunition. A .38 special and 5 9mm rounds was found on him.

Search warrants were also executed in Bethelsdorp and Gelvandale: At a house in Stag street, 11 9mm rounds were found in the backyard. A 27 year old was also arrested in Steenbok street for attempted murder and illegal possession of firearm and ammunition.

The illegal possession of firearms and ammunition is a concern for the South African Police Service. The continued recovery of firearms is a direct result of intensified crime prevention operations, police visibility and the efforts of men and women in blue who work daily to ensure that all people are and feel safe. It is a fact that firearms are at the centre of many incidents involving serious and violent crimes. The communities are urged to assist the police in ridding their neighbourhoods of crime and criminals.

Source: South African Police Service

MEC Ismail Vadi advises motorists to be cautious on N12 freeway

Motorists to be cautious on N12 freeway near Eldorado Park

Gauteng MEC for Roads and Transport, Ismail Vadi, has advised motorists to be extra cautious when approaching the so-called Kliptown bridge on the N12 near Eldorado Park due to construction work being undertaken on the bridgehead on East Road.

The bridge was structurally damaged over a year when an overloaded truck hit its beams rendering the road closed to traffic.

Several cars were also damaged in the accident.

Vadi said at the time that two concrete beams were severely damaged due to the crash, posing serious risks to motorists using East Road.

He indicated that the 60 year old bridge had to repaired and fully rehabilitated.

The new concrete beams are being constructed off site and will be installed once they are ready. Presently, the contractor is replacing bridge boards and safety railings that were either stolen or damaged over time, said Vadi.

He said that due to overhead construction work, traffic safety measures on the N12 freeway will be instituted during normal working hours.

Motorists on the N12 coming from Johannesburg should take care when approaching the bridge as construction workers are on site during the day, he emphasised. The construction project is scheduled to be completed in April this year.

Source: Government of South Africa

Limpopo education commits to delivery of stationery

The Limpopo Department of Education (LDE) has committed to completing the delivery of stationery to all schools in the province by Thursday.

The department on Sunday said it had noted the concern by the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) regarding the delay in the delivery of stationery to schools in the province.

However, the department said it is perturbed by an outcry that some schools have not been provided with textbooks.

The department said it is not delivering a new set of textbooks this year, but only top-ups as well as new syllabus for set works with deliveries currently being done to about 222 schools.

With regard to delivery of stationery, the department said it is acutely aware of the constraints faced by the learners who have not yet received stationery.

We are currently trying by all means to ensure that the delivery is completed by 26 January 2017.

The department said it intended to participate in the contract arranged by National Treasury in preparation for the current academic year when the previous contract for the stationery expired in 2016.

However, due to some delays in finalising the participation, the department had to come up with a contingency measure in October 2016 and commenced with the arrangement of a provincial contract, which was awarded to African Papers Products (Pty) Ltd in December 2016.

It said the bid could not be awarded to more than one supplier due to the material price difference and forgo a huge savings.

Splitting the award among more than one supplier could have gone against the principle of cost-effectiveness as this would have resulted in additional spending of at least R150 million, the department said.

The supplier updates the department at least once a day on progress made in order to clear any backlog in an effort to fast-track delivery. It has so far delivered to more than 60% of schools.

The department said the term of the awarded stationery bid is three years, adding that it signed an agreement with the supplier to complete deliveries by June of the preceding calendar year for the next two academic years.

The department said it is considering a longer term procurement model to ensure continuous and uninterrupted delivery of scholastic stationery and textbooks to circumvent recurrence of this challenge in future.

It hoped that the efforts will also contribute towards the improvement of matric results in the province.

Basic Education weighs in

Meanwhile, the Basic Education Department has expressed disappointment over a media statement issued by the SAHRC.

It is extremely unfortunate that the commission has chosen to communicate with the Minister of Basic Education through a media statement instead of engaging the department directly, said the department.

It said the SAHRC could have consulted with it or the Limpopo Education Department.

We have always cooperated with the commission in all previous occasions and we consider it an important institution for the advancement of our constitution.

It came as a shock to read via the media that the Minister had been given a deadline to make an undertaking about a task which the province was already handling.

According to the department, the Judge in the North Gauteng High Court in 2015 encouraged more dialogue between the commission and the department.

As a result, the department said it will request a meeting with the commission to discuss the matter.

Since 2012, more than R2 billion has been spent on the provisioning of learner teacher material in Limpopo only.

The department said it delivers supplementary material every year to augment what has already been delivered to schools.

It must be made clear that the provincial education department is not delivering new sets of textbooks but only top-ups to certain schools where shortages were reported as a result of lost textbooks or increase in learner enrolment.

We suggest the commission should rather join the department in spreading the message to learners and parents about the importance of returning textbooks at the end of every school year.

Source: South African Government News Agency


Say the word “graffiti” and many might think only of vandalism. However, in the Mother City, this once frowned-upon pastime is gaining respect as a proper art form.

Also called street art, it is fast losing its cloak and dagger approach. Many are proudly practising their craft in the open with permission.

Woodstock is a suburb for the artistically inclined near the Cape Town central business district( CBD) and the Woodstock Art hub covers the galleries in and around Albert Road. The area is slowly becoming the hub for buildings covered in street art.

Graphic artist and designer Wayne Beukes, also known as Conform, is fast making a name for himself here. He has recently been commissioned by a business owner to come up with colourful artwork outside his business premises.

Conform says a blank wall is a canvas that holds infinite possibilities. He says that although there is still some stigma attached, he is excited that graffiti no longer has to be done in secret.

People definitely need to understand that gangsterism and graffiti are two different things. Some graffiti artists stick to just vandalising properties, other graffiti artists study art and study design and do websites so it all depends on the individual.

Local gallery owner Jandre Pieters says he is working with artists such as Conform and his friend, Chad Hanning, also known as The Bushman, to change perceptions about street art. Pieters says their work is receiving rave reviews.

I’ve got a lot of people who come to the door with art, these guys approached me and I said ‘Let’s go for it’. Graffiti as an art form is becoming a fine art, well not becoming, it is a fine art,” he adds.

“In the past it used to be under cover in the darkness of night, today its open and the tourists want to see it.

The City of Cape Town has also commissioned several items of street art along its MyCity Bus routes.

The Bushman says you have to approach graffiti projects with the right mind set. I’ve always loved art and just the simple satisfaction of making something out of nothing is enough for me. I always want people to take positivity out of my art because I paint with vibrant colours, making the area a bit more fun, funkier, just positivity, that’s all I want to share.

Graffiti is definitely becoming more main stream. Slowly, the works of a myriad of street artists can be seen across the city. They serve as social commentary but more importantly it is about having fun for the artists.


Minister Nomvula Mokonyane convenes first MinMEC on Water and Sanitation

The Minister of Water and Sanitation, Ms Nomvula Mokonyane, will tomorrow meet with the MEC’s responsible for Cooperative Governance in the nine (9) provinces of the Republic.

This MinMEC, as meetings between the Minister and MEC’s are referred to, will be aimed at providing the Minister with an opportunity to update the provinces on the water and sanitation delivery performance plans of the national department, the newly adopted National Sanitation Policy and an update on the drought conditions that continue to threaten national water security.

It is the first official MinMEC to be held on Water and Sanitation since the 5th administration.

The Minister intends to strengthen cooperation between all spheres of government to ensure the efficient delivery of water and sanitation services to communities and people across the country.

Source: Government of South Africa