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Hisense annonce la « feuille de route » : le plus important laser au monde, du LED au QLED

LAS VEGAS, 5 janvier 2017 /PRNewswire/ — « L’année 2017 est significative pour le développement de l’industrie de la télévision », a déclaré Liu Hongxin, président du groupe Hisense. « Les fabricants mondiaux de téléviseurs sont sur la route technique et le développement commercial de leurs différents croisements ». Mr Liu Hongxin a officiellement annoncé la technologie et la ligne de produits.

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Le Dual Color 4K Laser Cast est un produit phare sur le salon Consumer Electronics Show en 2017 pour Hisense. En tant que double source lumineuse, le Dual Color 4K Laser Cast nous présente des niveaux de couleurs plus abondants et significatifs. La luminosité du Dual Color 4K Laser Cast a jusqu’à 360 nits, ce qui est comparable avec la télévision LCD de pointe. La gamme de couleurs est classée à 110 % NTSC (Comité du système de télévision nationale), ce qui est bien supérieur aux télévisions classées à 72 % NTSC. En fonction du coût et du prix, le Dual Color 4K Laser Cast est désormais assez compétitif pour dépasser les téléviseurs LCD grand écran.

En plus du Dual Color 4K Laser Cast, Hisense s’axera davantage sur le QLED à l’avenir. La technologie des points quantiques est l’une de celles qui conduit la création de télévision à grande gamme dynamique (HDR) et à la création de la nouvelle norme UltraHD Premium, et elle sera un élément important des écrans de nouvelle génération. Comme l’a souligné le président Liu Hongxin, les points quantiques ont joué un rôle important dans l’amélioration de la qualité de la couleur des téléviseurs LED. La raison de choisir le QLED dans la nouvelle génération des technologies d’affichage est qu’il a une luminosité maximale plus importante, une meilleure efficacité de la couleur, un coût plus faible et des résultats plus stables. « Le rôle de Hisense dans l’écran à points quantiques et dans le domaine du QLED est également une extension naturelle de la technologie ULED », a déclaré le président Liu Hongxin, en termes d’amélioration de la qualité, l’ULED et la technologie de points quantiques s’allient parfaitement. La nouvelle génération des produits d’affichage à points quantiques de Hisense sera officiellement listée en 2019, et continuera ensuite à lancer des téléviseurs QLED de meilleure qualité.

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Hisense Announces the “Road Map”: The World’s Leading Laser, LED to QLED

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 5, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — “The year 2017 is significant for the development of TV industry” said Liu Hongxin, President of Hisense Group. “Global TV manufacturers are in the technical route and business development of their different crossroads.” Mr. Liu Hongxin officially announced technology and product line.http://prnewswire2-a.akamaihd.net/p/1893751/sp/189375100/thumbnail/entry_id/1_dyiemxpz/def_height/400/def_width/400/

Photo – http://mma.prnewswire.com/media/454202/Hisense_Tech_CES.jpg

The Dual Color 4K Laser Cast is a highlight of the Consumer Electronics Show in 2017 for Hisense. As a dual illuminant, the Dual Color 4K Laser Cast presents us more abundant and meaningful color level. Brightness of the Dual Color 4K Laser Cast had up to 360 nit, which is comparable with high-end LCD TV. The color gamut rated at 110% NTSC, far better than normal TVs rated at 72% NTSC. Depending on the cost and price, the Dual Color 4K Laser Cast now has the competitive power to overturn large-screen LCD TVs.

Aside from Dual Color 4K Laser Cast, Hisense will focus more on QLED in the future. Quantum dots is one of the technologies that’s driving the creation of high dynamic range TVs (HDR) and the creation of the new UltraHD Premium standard and will be an important component of next generation’s display screen. As President Liu Hongxin said, Quantum dot has played a significant role in improving color quality of LED TVs. The reason for choosing QLED in the new generation of display technology is that it has much higher peak brightness, better color accuracy, lower cost and more stable performance. “Hisense’s role in the quantum dot display and QLED field, is also a natural extension of ULED technology.” President Liu Hongxin said, from the perspective of enhancing the quality, ULED and quantum dot technology is a perfect match. Hisense’s new generation of quantum dot display products will be officially listed in 2019, and later will continue to introduce better quality QLED TVs.

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Remarks by the President at Armed Forces Full Honor Review Farewell Ceremony

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you so much. Thank you. (Applause.) Thank you. Please be seated.

Well, good afternoon. It turns out these are easier when you’re talking about somebody else. (Laughter.) At a moment like this, I think of all the times I’ve stood before our men and women in uniform. Commissioning our newest officers. Presiding over promotions. Presenting the Commander-in Chief’s Trophy to — the best football team in the military. I will let you argue over that one. (Laughter.) I have never taken sides.

Secretary Carter, I could not be more grateful for your gracious words, but more importantly, for your outstanding leadership, across, as you noted, more than three decades and nearly all of my presidency. You have always given me, Ash, your best strategic counsel. You’ve made sure that we were investing in innovation for the long term and a strong Force of the Future. As a physicist, Ash is also one of the few people who actually understands how our defense systems work. And I know that our troops and their families are immensely grateful for the compassion that you and Stephanie have shown them over the years. So to you and your family, on behalf of all of us, thank you for your outstanding service. (Applause.)

General Dunford, we’ve relied on you as Commandant of the Marine Corps, as our commander in Afghanistan, and now, as our nation’s highest-ranking military officer. I thank you, and General Selva and the entire Joint Chiefs for the unvarnished military advice that you’ve always provided to me, for your dedication, for your professionalism, for you integrity. Because of you, because of this team, our Armed Forces are more integrated and better prepared across domains — a truly Joint Force. Which is why, as a White Sox fan, I can overlook the fact that you love the Red Sox. (Laughter.) Moreover, on a personal note, outside of your professional qualities, you are a good man, and I am grateful to have worked with you. And thank Ellyn for allowing you to do this. (Applause.)

To members of Congress; Vice President Biden — who, along with Jill, has known the love and the pride and the sacrifice of a military family. To Deputy Secretary Work; service secretaries; distinguished guests; dedicated civilians from across the Defense Department; my national security team; most of all, our men and women in uniform. I thank you for this honor, and for the warmth and respect that you’ve always shown me, the support that you’ve shown Michelle and our daughters during these past eight years.

And so, although I recognize that the formalities require me listening to praise directed in large part to me, I want to turn the tables — I am still Commander-in-Chief, so I get to do what I want to do — and I want to thank you. Of all the privileges of this office — and there are many — I will miss Air Force One, I will miss Marine One — (laughter) — but I can stand before you today and say that there has been no greater privilege, and no greater honor, than serving as the Commander-in-Chief of the greatest military in the history of the world. (Applause.)

When I took office, I noted that Presidents and those of you in uniform swear a similar oath — to protect and defend this country and the Constitution that we cherish. By stepping forward and volunteering, by raising your right hand and taking that oath, each of you made a solemn pledge. You committed yourself to a life of service and of sacrifice. And I, in turn, made a promise to you, which, to the best of my abilities, I’ve tried to uphold every single day since, that I would only send you into harm’s way when it is absolutely necessary, with the strategy, the well-defined goals, with the equipment and the support that you needed to get the job done. Because that’s what you rightfully expect and that is what you rightfully deserve.

I made that pledge at a time when less than one percent of Americans wear the uniform. Fewer Americans know someone who serves. And as a result, a lot of Americans don’t see the sacrifices you make on our behalf. But as Commander-in-Chief, I do. I’ve seen it when I looked into the eyes of young cadets, knowing that my decisions could very well send them into harm’s way. I’ve seen it when I’ve visited the field — at Bagram and Baghdad — far from your families, risking your lives so that we can live ours safely and in freedom. And so you’ve inspired me, and I have been humbled by you consistently. And I want every American to know what I know — through year after year after year of continuous military operations — you have earned your place among the greatest generations.

The list of accomplishments that Joe and Ash so generously mentioned, they’re because of you. It’s what I tell my staff — I’m the front man, but you’re the ones doing the work. Because of you, our alliances are stronger, from Europe to the Asia Pacific. Because of you, we surged in Afghanistan, trained Afghan forces to defend their country, while bringing most of our troops home. Today our forces serve there on a more limited mission — because we must never again allow Afghanistan to be used for a safe haven in attacks against our nation.

It’s because of you — particularly our remarkable Special Forces — that the core al Qaeda leadership that attacked us on 9/11 has been decimated. Countless terrorist leaders, including Osama bin Laden, are gone. From South Asia to Africa, we have forged partnerships to go after terrorists that threaten us. Because of you, we are leading a global coalition against ISIL. These terrorists have lost about half of their territory. They are losing their leaders. Towns and cities are being liberated. And I have no doubt this barbaric terrorist group will be destroyed — because of you.

You’ve shown that when it comes to fighting terrorism, we can be strong and we can be smart. Not by letting our forces get dragged into sectarian conflicts and civil wars, but with smart, sustainable, principled partnerships. That’s how we’ve brought most of our troops home — nearly 180,000 troops in Iraq and Afghanistan down to 15,000 today. That’s how, even as we’ve suffered terrible attacks here at home, from Boston to Orlando, no foreign terrorist organization has successfully planned and executed an attack on our homeland these past eight years.

Because of you, the world has seen the awesome reach of American Armed Forces. In some of the first few weeks of my job, when Somali pirates took Captain Phillips, later on, when they kidnapped Jessica Buchanan, it was you that went in and you that risked everything, and you that brought these Americans home to their families.

The world has seen your compassion — the help you deliver in times of crisis, from an earthquake in Haiti to the tsunami in Japan. Think of Ebola and the countless lives this Armed Forces saved in West Africa. It was you that set up the architecture and set the example for the world’s response. One woman in West Africa said, We thanked God first and then we thanked America second for caring about us. That’s the difference you make — you continue to make — in the lives of people around the world.

As you know well, with service comes great sacrifice. And after 15 years of war, our wounded warriors bear the scars — both seen and unseen. In my visits to their bedsides and rehab centers, I have been in awe, watching a wounded warrior grab his walker and pull himself up and, and through excruciating pain, take a step, and then another. Or hearing troops describe how they grappled with post-traumatic stress but summoned the strength to ask for help. As a military and as a nation, we have to keep supporting our resilient and incredibly strong wounded warriors as they learn to walk and run and heal. As they find new ways to keep serving our nation, they need to know that we still need your incredible talents. You’ve given so much to America, and I know you have more to give.

And then you have not seen the depths of true love and true patriotism until you’ve been to Dover, when our troops receive our fallen heroes on their final journey home; until you have grieved with our Gold Star families who’ve given a piece of their heart to our nation — a son or a daughter, a father or mother, a husband or wife, a brother or a sister. Every one a patriot. Every single one of these American families deserves the everlasting gratitude and support of our entire nation.

Today, after two major ground wars, our Armed Forces have drawn down, and that is natural and it is necessary. And after reckless budget cuts of sequester, we need to keep improving the readiness, and the training, and modernizing our forces. So let me take this opportunity, while I still have it, to appeal to our friends from Congress who are here: We cannot go back to sequestration. There is a responsible way forward — investing in America’s strengths, our national security and our economic security. Investing in the reform and the equipment and support that our troops need, including the pay and the benefits, and the quality of life, and the education and the jobs that our troops and our veterans and all of your families deserve.

But make no mistake, even with the challenges of recent years — and there have been challenges– our allies and adversaries alike understand America’s military remains, by far, the most capable fighting force on the face of the Earth. Our Army, tested by years of combat, is the best-trained and best-equipped land force on the planet. Our Navy is the largest and most lethal in the world — on track to surpass 300 ships. Our Air Force, with its precision and reach, is unmatched. Our Marine Corps is the world’s only truly expeditionary force. Our Coast Guard is the finest in the world.

And we’re also the best because this military has come to welcome the talents of more of our fellow Americans. Service members can now serve the country they love without hiding who they are or who they love. All combat positions in our military are now open to women. And Joe Biden and I know that women are at least as strong as men. We’re stronger for it. It’s one of the reasons that our military stands apart as the most respected institution in our nation by a mile. (Applause.) The American people look up to you and your devotion to duty, and your integrity, and your sense of honor, and your commitment to each other.

One of my proudest achievements is that I have been able to, I think, communicate through the constant partisan haze, along with so many others, how special this institution is, and the esteem in which our military is held has held steady and constant and high throughout my presidency. And I’m very grateful for that. Because you remind us that we are united as one team. At times of division, you’ve shown what it means to pull together.

So my days as your Commander-in-Chief are coming to an end, and as I reflect on the challenges we have faced together and on those to come, I believe that one of the greatest tasks before our Armed Forces is to retain the high confidence that the American people rightly place in you. This is a responsibility not simply for those of you in uniform, but for those who lead you. It’s the responsibility of our entire nation.

And so we are called to remember core principles: That we must never hesitate to act when necessary to defend our nation, but we must also never rush into war — because sending you into harm’s way should be a last and not first resort. It should be compelled by the needs of our security and not our politics. We need to remember that we must not give in to the false illusion of isolationism, because in this dangerous time, oceans alone will not protect us, and the world still seeks and needs our leadership as the one indispensable nation.

We have to remember that our military has to be prepared for the full spectrum of threats, conventional and unconventional, from 20th century-style aggression to 21st century-style cyber threats. And when we do go to war, we have to hold ourselves to high standards and do everything in our power to prevent the loss of innocent life, because that’s what we stand for. That’s what we should stand for. We have to remember that as we meet the threats of our time, we cannot sacrifice our values or our way of life — the rule of law and openness and tolerance that defines us as Americans, that is our greatest strength and makes us a beacon to the world. We cannot sacrifice the very freedoms that we’re fighting for.

And finally, in our democracy, the continued strength of our all-volunteer force also rests on something else — a strong bond of respect and trust between those in uniform and the citizens that you protect and defend. At a time when too few Americans truly understand the realities or sacrifices of military service, at a time when many political leaders have not served, if some in the military begin to feel as though somehow they are apart from the larger society they serve those bonds can fray.

As every generation learns anew, freedom is not free. And so while less than 1 percent of Americans may be fighting our wars, 100 percent of Americans can do their parts — at the very least — to support you and your families. Everybody can do something — every business, every profession, every school, every community, every state — to reach out and to give back, and to let you know that we care, to help make the lives of our troops and your families just a little bit easier. Everybody can do something.

And that’s why Michelle and Jill Biden have mobilized more Americans to honor and support you and your families through Joining Forces. And that’s why, even after we leave the White House, Michelle and I intend to keep on looking for ways to help rally more of our fellow citizens to be there for you, just like you’ve always been there for us.

So we can’t say it enough and we can’t show it enough. Thank you for your patriotism. Thank you for your professionalism. Thank you for your character in representing the very best of the American spirit. Our nation endures — we live free under the red, white and blue — because of patriots like you.

It has been a privilege of a lifetime to serve with you. I have learned much from you. I’m a better man having worked with you. I’m confident that the United States and our Armed Forces will remain the greatest force for freedom and security that the world has ever known.

God bless you and your families. And God bless the United States of America. (Applause.)

Source: White House

Government congratulates the Matric Class of 2016

Government congratulates all the Grade 12 learners who sat for the 2016 National Senior Certificate Examinations, or Matric examinations, across South Africa.

The results released by the Minister of Basic Education, Ms Angie Motshekga, are indeed encouraging and highlight the strides we have made in providing quality education to all South Africans.

The Matric pass rate improved from last year’s 70.7 per cent to 72.5 per cent nationally. The marked increase in the overall pass rate is a reflection of the hard work of learners and educators, and the support of parents and communities.

The achievements of these young South Africans are evidence that we are a step closer to the goals of the National Development Plan, which projects that by 2030, all South Africans should have access to education and training of the highest quality, leading to significantly improved learning outcomes.

Achieving this outcome begins during learner’s formative years, and includes ensuring greater access to education. The Statistics South Africa Community Survey 2016 shows that enrolment rates for five year olds have quadrupled from 22.5 per cent in 1996 to 91 per cent in 2016.

The survey also shows that more people are engaging in further study. In 2016, 1.2 million people completed a bachelor degree, which is more than double those who completed in 1996. The efforts of lifelong learning indeed begin from cradle and progress to various higher education pathways. The improvement in Matric results should therefore not be viewed in isolation, as it is but one facet of our overall approach to ensure quality and affordable education for all.

We should also acknowledge that the improvement in results was achieved despite serious challenges in areas such as Vuwani where learners were out of class for long periods. The intervention by government in providing mobile classrooms, and the dedication of learners, teachers, School Governing Body members, traditional leadership, and the community ensured that learning resumed, and that matric learners were able to write their exams. There are many such inspiring stories of South Africans reaching their dreams despite considerable odds that should motivate learners for the year ahead.

“We therefore welcome the improvement in results of the Class of 2016, which were achieved against the odds, and congratulate them for this achievement. I am confident that the learners from the Class of 2016 have the knowledge and skills to enter the next chapter of their lives, said Acting GCIS Director General Donald Liphoko.

Government stands ready to assist learners from the Class of 2016 to fulfil their dreams. Through the Central Application Clearing House (CACH) service we are assisting learners to find available places at universities and at Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Colleges. The Clearing House service accessible on http://cach.dhet.gov.za matches applicants’ exam results and study preferences with places that need to be filled

We are especially excited by the potential of TVET colleges as drivers of the necessary skills and education needed to grow our economy. It is hoped that they will become the institutions of choice for school leavers; government hopes to have 2.5-million youth enrolled in them by 2030.

TVET colleges are the ideal vehicle to impart skills to young people that are required to support economic growth and development. Courses at these colleges have been specifically developed to respond to the scarce skills needed by employers. For details of publicly funded universities and TVET colleges in your province visit http://ncap.careerhelp.org.za/learningproviders

Our message to the Class of 2016 is to explore all available options and career choices. It is also important that learners think of entering study fields which are in high demand by employers.

Government is mindful that some learners may not have done as well as they would have liked. During this difficult time our support as families, neighbours, government and communities is vital.

Learners who have failed to achieve desired results should not lose heart as there are many options available. Candidates may apply for remarking or rechecking, and those who qualify for supplementary exams are encouraged to make use of the opportunity to improve their results.

I urge parents and guardians to monitor learners and loved ones in your care. Your support and encouragement is vital and will ensure that learners are able to rebound and emerge stronger, said Acting Director General Liphoko.

As per tradition, the Department of Social Development has again made available to the Matric Class of 2016 a 24-hour call centre for learners to receive counselling by social workers as the results are released.

Learners can call 0800 428 428 to speak to a social worker for assistance and counselling – toll free. They can also request a social worker from the Command Centre to contact them by dialling 120 7867# (free) from any cell phone.

Help is also available for learners at the Basic Education toll-free number 0800 202 933.

Government urges all media platforms to publish contact details for depression centres and other facilities that provide opportunities for rewrites as well as vocational training for the youth.

Government would also like to extend its congratulations to the 188 000 social grant beneficiaries who sat down for their matric examinations last year. In October last year, a special outreach programme was established between the Department of Social Development and the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS), working together with the Department of Basic Education to make sure that social grant beneficiaries apply for financial assistance. Grant beneficiaries who are accepted at institutions of higher learning will no longer be means tested by NSFAS when they apply for financial assistance.

Over the next few weeks many students will arrive at university and TVET campuses to either begin or resume their studies. Government along with institutions of higher learning stands ready to welcome them as they embark on a new chapter in their lives.

We would also like to reiterate that NSFAS qualifying students, as well as missing middle students will experience no fee increase in 2017. Government will also continue to do all it can to provide quality and affordable education to all deserving students.

Source: Government of South Africa