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The South African National Blood Service (SANBS) in the eastern province of KwaZulu-Natal has made an urgent appeal for blood donations, saying its stocks of blood are running very low and it has only enough blood left to last two days.

It has appealed to eligible donors to donate blood this week. “The blood we have can only last us for the next 48 hours,” SANBS spokesperson in KwaZulu-Natal, Sfiso Khoza, said here Wednesday.

“So we are kindly appealing to everyone out there to please visit their nearest donor centre or visit us when they see us at their nearest shopping mall.”

Khoza said the province needs to have a reserve of 3,000 units of blood every day of the year but added: “Unfortunately we hardly ever make this target.

“So during this busy period over the festive season, due to the problem that people are involved in accidents and then we have to take the limited resources that we have to assist them so it’s not that we need more just at this time of the year. We need blood every single day of the year.”


UN and Africa Special: Sub-Saharan Africa

In this week’s special programme during the holiday season: the International Monetary Fund or IMF, looks at what a drought, earthquake or pandemic can do to economies in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Natural disasters hold back a country’s ability to produce, leading to an economic slowdown according to two top economists from the IMF.

Sub Saharan Africa has been especially prone and natural disasters have adversely impacted the overall economic performance of the region.

The IMF argues that the Ebola epidemic in West Africa and the 2016 droughts induced by El NiAo in parts of Eastern and Southern Africa, have cost economies and societies dear.

Here’s Bruce Edwards’ conversation with IMF economists Marshall Mills and Vimal Thakoor.

Source: United Nations Radio