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The University of Liverpool Celebrates Graduation of over 980 Online Students Worldwide

LIVERPOOL, England, Dec. 19, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — More than 380 graduates from the University of Liverpool’s online programmes celebrated their graduation during ceremonies and events in Liverpool between 6 and 8 December 2016. They are part of a graduating class of more than 980 students, representing 131 countries, who have recently completed University of Liverpool master’s and doctoral degrees, and postgraduate certificate programmes online. Graduates from the online programmes have the option to receive their degree certificate in person at graduation ceremonies held twice a year at the University of Liverpool.

“It’s a great honour to welcome our new online graduates and their families to Liverpool along with our campus graduates,” said the University’s Vice-Chancellor, Professor Janet Beer. “I hope all of our online graduates will celebrate their great achievements and are ready to use their new knowledge and skills to enhance their professional impact in businesses, organisations and communities globally.” 

In addition to attending the campus ceremonies, the graduates and their families and friends, as well as faculty members, were welcomed at the Online Graduates’ Recognition Ceremony and Reception at the Titanic Hotel, Stanley Dock, Liverpool on 8 December. The event honoured graduates from several online programmes who received the Student of the Year and Dissertation of the Year Awards, and provided an opportunity for all online graduates to meet and network with their peers from around the world.

The Student of the Year Awards – for outstanding performance throughout an online degree programme – were awarded to:

The Dissertation of the Year Awards – for an outstanding dissertation – were awarded to:

  • Dennis Bloch, an LLM in International Business Law graduate in Germany
  • Natalie Drever, an MSc in Applied Psychology graduate in Canada
  • Francesca Jones, an MSc in Forensic Psychology and Criminal Investigation graduate in the UK
  • Juan Manuel Vergara Montiel, an MSc in Software Engineering graduate in Spain.
  • Linnea Renton, a Master of Public Health (MPH) graduate in the UK

“An emergency doctor by training, I took the online masters to increase my management knowledge, focusing my dissertation research on emergency medicine in the private health care sector in Hong Kong. The programme gave me flexibility and was very well structured, with a lot of interaction with students and instructors from all over the world – the Middle East, Europe, America and even China,” said Dr. Clara Wing Yee Wu, MSc in International Management graduate and Student of the Year Award winner, from Hong Kong. “Here in the UK, I am meeting my Dissertation Advisor. It’s like going to meet an old friend whom you have worked with for over a year but have never met in person before.”

Designed for working professionals, the University of Liverpool’s fully online learning model enables students to earn an advanced academic degree without interrupting their career – from wherever they are based in the world. Students enjoy an engaging, global and highly collaborative learning experience that provides them with the knowledge and skills to achieve immediate professional impact.

For more information about the University of Liverpool’s online programmes, visit www.online.liverpool.ac.uk.

About the University of Liverpool Online Programmes
The University of Liverpool ranks in the top 1% of universities worldwide as listed in the International Handbook of Universities, published by the International Association of Universities (2014),and is a member of the UK’s Russell Group of research-led universities. More than 10,000 students from more than 160 countries are studying for postgraduate certificates, master’s and doctoral degrees online with the University of Liverpool. These programmes are provided in partnership with online learning expert, Laureate Online Education. For more information about Laureate, visit www.laureate.net.

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Minister Muthambi to spread the word on digital migration

Communications Minister Faith Muthambi will wrap up the year by visiting three provinces to spread the word to communities about the migration from analogue broadcasting to digital.

On Tuesday, Minister Muthambi will engage residents of ward 17 under the Umfolozi Local Municipality in KwaZulu-Natal about the significance of digital migration and its benefits to South Africans.

The event will take place at the Donda Sports Field, where residents are set to receive government subsidised Set-Top Box decoders (STB’s).

Government has committed to providing five million indigent homeowners – in possession of TV sets – with STB’s which convert broadcasting signal from analogue to digital.

South African households with a combined income of R3 200 or less are eligible for a subsidised set-top box. To qualify, the household members must be South African citizens, with a valid television licence.

Minister Muthambi will also interact with traditional leaders in the area and seek their support in encouraging their respective communities to register for the STB’s.

“Traditional leaders continue to play a key role in our society they are instrumental in disseminating information critical to the uplifting of the lives of their communities.

“In all provinces where we have enlisted the support of traditional leaders to drive public awareness of digital migration, we have seen an increase in the uptake of decoders,” she said.

The Department of Communications, is working together with the South African Post Office, to reach communities and to distribute the television decoders. As part of its public awareness campaigns, the department has also embarked on door-to-door visits.

The department said the total projected qualifying households with functional TVs in KwaZulu-Natal are 895 738; a total of 50 475 set-top boxes registrations have been processed up to 7 December 2016 and 23 443 set-top boxes installations have been completed.

On 22 December, Minister Muthambi will take the digital migration awareness campaign to Thabo Mofutsanyane Municipality in the Free State and Mpumalanga on 29 December.

In October the Minister officially switched off the analogue system in the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) area, signalling the biggest change to the television revolution in the country.

There are over 3 700 households in the town of Carnavon, Vanwyksvlei, Brandvlei, Vosburg and Williston, that have fully migrated to the digital platform.

Residents living in the SKA community of Keimoes and Kai Garib in Northern Cape province were the first people in South Africa to experience digital broadcasting in the country.

In 2015, the Minister kick started the registration process for STBs in the same area.

Subsequent to this, Minister Muthambi launched the first installation of government subsidised STBs in Keimoes in December last year.

Registrations will open in the North West, Eastern Cape, Western Cape and Gauteng at a later stage.

Digital broadcasting works by translating sound and picture into digital data rather than analogue waveforms and the process is key for opening up more frequencies and faster mobile broadband services.

Source: South African Government News Agency

Minister apologises for delayed trains

Transport Minister Dipuo Peters has apologised to passengers, their families and friends, who are on board the three trains which are delayed in Bloemfontein.

“The trains are destined for Queenstown, East London and Port Elizabeth and another one for Johannesburg, which has stopped at Springfontein,” the Department of Transport said on Monday.

The delays have been caused by the Transnet freight train, which derailed on the Southern side of Bloemfontein.

“To ensure the safety and comfort of passengers, the Port Elizabeth train is already rerouted through Kimberley and buses will be arranged for the Johannesburg train,” the department said.

Minister Peters has thanked both the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa and Transnet for their swift response in dealing with the situation.

Source: South African Government News Agency

Innovation pays off for young entrepreneur

Lightbulbs have revolutionised the way the world addresses lighting needs – but few of us know how much damage irresponsible disposal of these lightbulbs causes to the environment.

A South African company now wants to address this problem.

Baclan Energy Pty Ltd, trading as E-Waste Africa, is the first South African company to have officially commissioned the Balcan MP8000 bulb recycling plant that can crush all types of lamps and their by-products.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the company, Pravashen Naidoo, is the first person on the continent to bring in the ability to recycle compact fluorescent lamps (CFL).

Discarding lightbulbs carelessly releases harmful mercury gas which can contaminate land and water supply.

“We have hundreds and thousands of lightbulbs in South Africa, the most used are actually the most dangerous – namely your CFL and fluorescent tubes. Two and a half years ago, I was the first person on the African continent to bring in the ability to recycle these lightbulbs and make them safe again for reuse within a beneficiation market,” says Naidoo.

The BSc electronic mechanical engineering graduate clinched the Young Entrepreneur Award at the South African Premier Business Awards held in Johannesburg recently.

The awards have been hosted annually since 2013 by the Department of Trade and Industry in partnership with Proudly South African and Brand South Africa.

In a country that is predominantly made up of a young population, the category recognises 100% youth owned enterprises that are performing excellent work.

“It feels unreal to have won the award. It is a great feeling and it gives me some sort of motivation in terms of the hard work that we have to do,” says 33 year-old Naidoo.

At the time when Naidoo quit his job as plant manager for multinational company Unilever, South Africa did not have a solution for recycling it’s lightbulbs.

“It took me about a year to do my business plan. It took another year to become operational because of the licenses involved. Although it has not opened overnight, today we pride ourselves in saying that we are an environmentally, ethically and legally compliant lightbulb recycling solution.”

Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies has emphasised the importance of the award given the fact that not all youth are finding employment.

Minister Davies has further encouraged young people to become entrepreneurs while adding that the awards honour enterprises that promote the spirit of success, innovation and job creation.

Naidoo is among the hundreds of business people across the country who have heeded government’s call to promote entrepreneurship.

“Entrepreneurship is not easy, leaving a fulltime job and the benefits of a monthly cheque and bonuses can be difficult. This [award] is acknowledgement to show that what we are doing is creating jobs in the country.”

“In my perspective we are trying to help in some way or another to turn the economic scenario around and to support Minister Davies in his call to create more jobs,” he says.

eWaste Africa currently operates in Boksburg, Gauteng and Pietermaritzburg. It employs 13 permanent staff and several casual workers.

“We are envisaging an increase of 27 direct jobs and probably close to 200 indirect jobs over the next year,” says Naidoo.

Naidoo is not oblivious to the challenges that comes with starting and running a business.

Managing cash flow, getting the right systems and managing multiple collection facilities, among others, are among the challenges the business has faced.

“My advice to any budding entrepreneur is that business is tough. You have to surround yourself with the right people and keep pushing through those tough days. Don’t stop pushing because if you do, we will not be able to increase job growth in South Africa.”

Surrounding oneself with the right people is essential for any business, adds Naidoo.

Among the other winners in the 11 category awards was Icebolethu Group founder Nomfundo Mcoyi who took home the Women Owned Business Award.

The award is aimed at improving the imbalances of the past by recognising women who have made a significant impact in business and their communities.

Started in 2009, the funeral business has evolved to include other businesses such as tombstone, flowers and catering companies that were developed to feed into the main business.

Women make up 70% of the company that also has a branch located in London in the United Kingdom. The London arm of the company is focused on the repatriation of South Africans who passed on while in London.

Source: South African Government News Agency