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Huawei Released Digital Urban Rail 2.0 Solutions at InnoTrans 2016

Accelerating the Pace for Customers to Embrace Urban Cloud Era

BERLIN, Germany, Sept. 21, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — At InnoTrans 2016, Huawei rolled out two core Digital Urban Rail 2.0 solutions for the industry, which include the cloud-based Traffic Control Integrated Automation Systems (TIAS) solution and next-generation Urban Rail Data Communication System (DCS) solution. Jointly developed by Huawei and its partners, the two solutions are designed to build a smarter, safer and more efficient rail traffic network for global clients with innovative technologies such as cloud computing, big data and Long Term Evolution (LTE).

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Huawei also hosted a summit with the theme of “Leading New ICT, Building a Better Connected Railway,” which served as a platform for over 200 rail experts, global renowned operators, integrators and associations, including International Union of Railway (UIC), Deutsche Bahn (DB), Singapore’s SMRT Corporation Ltd., Thales, Bombardier and Alstom and so on.

Leading New ICT, Building a Smarter, Safer, and More Efficient Connected Railway

Due to the never-ending demand for capacity increase, rail transit systems are also facing challenges with regards to punctuality, safety and efficiency. For that reason, rail operators are looking to adopt innovative ICT solutions and infrastructure that not only support elastic and efficient service expansion, but also facilitate the development of future-oriented and intelligent urban rail transit systems.

Yuan Xilin, President of the Transportation Sector of Huawei’s Enterprise Business Group said: “Today, powerful technologies are rebuilding the transport industry. For over two decades, Huawei has been at the forefront providing high-quality services to the railway industry. Using LTE, cloud computing, and big data technologies, we enable customers to achieve safe train dispatching and visualized management; efficiently managing assets and resources with urban rail cloud and BYOD technologies, we support customers to integrate their services and share information; using convergent and elastic technical architectures and big data analytics, we capacitate customers to implement intelligent full lifecycle management and formulate appropriate passenger ticket marketing plans to improve efficiency and increase revenues. We are also implementing Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to enable customers to improve performance in disaster prevention, freight transport, and full lifecycle management of resources.”

Huawei Jointly Releases Digital Urban Rail 2.0 Solutions, Facilitating Urban Rail Evolution

The innovative cloud-based TIAS solution is jointly developed by Huawei and HollySys, which introduces a groundbreaking design that integrates Huawei’s cloud technology into the TIAS from HollySys. Huawei deploys a cloud platform in the Operation and Control Center (OCC). This architecture offers data computing and storage features towards a manifold of services and systems along rail lines and operation centers.

Next-generation DCS solution is an urban rail signal bearing solution jointly developed by Huawei and Thales; while Siemens, Alstom and Bombardier also tested communication-based train control (CBTC) over LTE with Huawei. Featuring enterprise LTE’s anti-interference design, seamless dispatching and high scalability, the solution effectively enhances the reliability of wireless network and enables a more secure traffic signal bearer system, as a means to alleviate current public Wi-Fi’s interference problem.

At Huawei’s Railway Summit, Deutsche Bahn’s Klaus-Dieter Masur said: “GSM-R has clearly been a success story. Today this universal standard supports and enables telecommunication services for all the railways’ interoperability-relevant operational needs. However, Future Mobile Radio Technology can help rail operators to implement new services and applications. At the moment the frequency and migration aspects are still complex challenges. First steps have already been made in projects and activities to overcome these obstacles. We think that Huawei is one of the most important players in terms of research and development in the pathway to full deployment of such a new standard over the last few years. The full implementation is still going to take two decades.”

Committed to the principle of “Openness, Cooperation, and Win-Win”, Huawei has teamed up with partners for comprehensive and joint innovation to build end-to-end solutions, which support the railway industry to successfully journey through digital transformation. So far, Huawei’s digital urban rail solutions cover 100,000 km of railway around the world and serve over 50 urban rail lines in more than 30 cities globally, in open collaboration with more than 60 partners in the railway industry.

Caterpillar and Dealers Announce $1 Billion Investment in Business, Education and Training across Africa

Funds will enhance company and dealer footprint as well as provide critical skills training

PEORIA, Illinois, Sept. 21, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Caterpillar Inc. (NYSE: CAT) Chairman and CEO Doug Oberhelman, currently taking part in the U.S.-Africa Business Forum (USABF) in New York City, announced that the company, its independent dealers and the Caterpillar Foundation plan to invest more than $1 billion in countries throughout Africa over the next five years. Today’s news reconfirms Caterpillar’s long-term commitment to the continent and is intended to provide a major upgrade in customer service capabilities – including enhanced parts distribution capacity, new state-of-the-art Certified Rebuild Centers, new dealer branch locations, the expansion of Caterpillar’s Technicians for Africa online skills development program and millions of dollars to support programs that lift people out of poverty.

With approximately 15,000 Caterpillar and Cat dealer employees in Africa, Caterpillar already has a significant footprint in this important and growing market. Caterpillar’s investment will increase that footprint, while simultaneously boosting the infrastructure development and skills training capabilities necessary in African countries for them to continue their rise in global competitiveness.

“For 90 years, Caterpillar machines have helped build critical infrastructure projects throughout Africa. Today, we bring not only construction machinery to the continent, but also traditional and renewable power generation solutions, diesel-electric locomotives, marine engines and mining equipment,” said Oberhelman. “With today’s announcement, we are proudly confirming our plan to make a long-term investment to help build, develop and power communities, and serve as an education and training partner to broaden and strengthen local workforce talent and expertise.”

Since 2010, the Caterpillar Foundation has invested approximately $50 million to support projects in Africa focused on impacting those living in poverty, and specifically girls and women, through training, policy work, entrepreneurship programs and more. These investments are benefiting hundreds of thousands with access to education, energy, clean water and sanitation, and microfinance. Building on these historical investments, the Caterpillar Foundation will commit an additional approximately $15 million by the year 2020 to organizations working to improve lives across Africa.

Caterpillar Tackles Workforce Issues Facing Africa

As part of UN Week, Oberhelman will participate in a skills development discussion panel during the historic African Business Forum with President Kenyatta of Kenya, President Mahama of Ghana and IBM Chairman and CEO Ginni Rometty. During the discussion he will highlight Caterpillar’s significant progress since the launch of Technicians for Africa in 2015.

Technicians for Africa is a free, online learning platform for Africans seeking to develop important technical skills needed to pursue a career as an equipment technician.

Before his panel, Oberhelman shared Caterpillar’s excitement over the success of the program to date and the expansion plans. “Technicians are essential for our dealers and customers; they keep projects on schedule and customers productive. With investment and innovation – and through projects like Technicians for Africa – we can address the skills gap that currently exists. In 2017, Caterpillar will expand the availability of Technicians for Africa from three to 15 countries, and we expect thousands of people to benefit.”

Caterpillar Group President Named to U.S. President’s Advisory Council on Doing Business in Africa (PACDBIA)

Further enhancing Caterpillar’s involvement in Africa, Resource Industries Group President Denise Johnson has been named to the PACDBIA.

“It’s an honor to be named to this Council dedicated to improving trade and business opportunities between African countries and the United States,” said Johnson. “I’m looking forward to working alongside my industry peers to share Caterpillar’s decades of experience in Africa and provide counsel to the President as we seek to bolster those relationships.”

Johnson’s appointment strengthens Caterpillar’s voice in providing information, analysis and recommendations on U.S.-Africa trade and investment priorities.

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About Caterpillar
For 91 years, Caterpillar Inc. has been making sustainable progress possible and driving positive change on every continent.  Customers turn to Caterpillar to help them develop infrastructure, energy and natural resource assets.  With 2015 sales and revenues of $47.011 billion, Caterpillar is the world’s leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines, industrial gas turbines and diesel-electric locomotives.  The company principally operates through its three product segments – Construction Industries, Resource Industries and Energy & Transportation – and also provides financing and related services through its Financial Products segment.  For more information, visit caterpillar.com.  To connect with us on social media, visit caterpillar.com/social-media.

About Caterpillar Foundation
Founded in 1952, Caterpillar’s philanthropic organization, the Caterpillar Foundation has contributed more than $650 million to help make sustainable progress possible around the world by providing program support in the areas of environmental sustainability, access to education and basic human needs. To learn more about the global impact of the Caterpillar Foundation, visit www.togetherstronger.com

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Postulez dès aujourd’hui pour la 2017 Mandela Washington Fellowship

WASHINGTON, 21 septembre 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Les candidatures pour la 2017 Mandela Washington Fellowship pour les jeunes leaders africains sont acceptées à partir d’aujourd’hui jusqu’à mercredi, le 26 octobre 2016.

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La Mandela Washington Fellowship pour les jeunes leaders africains est le programme phare de l’Initiative en faveur des jeunes leaders africains (Young African Leaders Initiative, YALI). Initiée par le président Obama en 2010, YALI a pour but de soutenir les jeunes leaders africains alors qu’ils stimulent la croissance et la prospérité, renforcent la gouvernance démocratique et améliorent la paix et la sécurité dans toute l’Afrique.

Au cours de l’été 2017, la Mandela Washington Fellowship fera venir jusqu’à 1 000 jeunes leaders africains aux États-Unis pour six semaines de cours académique et de formation en leadership à une université ou collège américain, en se concentrant sur l’une des trois voies : l’entreprise et l’esprit d’entreprise, le leadership civique ou la gestion publique. Le modèle intensif de l’Institut combine des séances académiques, de la formation en leadership, des visites sur place, du réseautage professionnel, du service communautaire et des activités culturelles afin de maximiser les échanges culturels et d’apprentissage. Jusqu’à 100 boursiers auront également la possibilité de participer à des expériences supplémentaires de développement professionnel d’une durée de six semaines chez des ONG, des entreprises privées et des agences gouvernementales américaines.

Parmi les 2 000 anciens boursiers Mandela Washington de 2014 à 2016, on compte des entrepreneurs, innovateurs, dirigeants d’ONG, militants associatifs, journalistes, spécialistes de l’agriculture, professionnels de la santé, enseignants, fonctionnaires et responsables politiques de l’ensemble des 49 pays de l’Afrique subsaharienne.

Pour un bon nombre de jeunes leaders africains, la bourse est une expérience qui change leur vie. Un boursier de 2016 a fait remarquer : « la Mandela Washington Fellowship m’a donné les connaissances et les réseaux qui vont m’aider à exceller. Je sais maintenant qu’il n’existe aucune limite à ce que je vais réaliser ».

Les boursiers établissent des liens durables avec les américains et l’un avec l’autre, tant professionnellement que personnellement, et ils sont soutenus dans leurs efforts de partager leurs talents et expériences au profit de leur collectivité lorsqu’ils retournent chez eux.

Pour plus d’informations ou pour postuler, consultez le site yali.state.gov/washington-fellowship/apply. Vous pouvez également obtenir des mises à jour sur Facebook.com/MandelaWashingtonFellowship et Twitter.com/WashFellowship.

La Mandela Washington Fellowship est un programme du gouvernement américain qui est soutenu dans sa mise en œuvre par IREX.

CONTACT : Alex Cole, acole@irex.org, +1 202-628-8188

Apply Now for the 2017 Mandela Washington Fellowship

WASHINGTON, Sept. 21, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Applications for the 2017 Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders are being accepted now through Wednesday, October 26, 2016.

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The Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders is the flagship program of the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI). Initiated by President Obama in 2010, YALI aims to support young African leaders as they spur growth and prosperity, strengthen democratic governance, and enhance peace and security across Africa.

In the summer of 2017, the Mandela Washington Fellowship will bring up to 1,000 young African leaders to the United States for six weeks of academic coursework and leadership training at a US university or college, focusing on one of three tracks: Business and Entrepreneurship, Civic Leadership, or Public Management. The intensive Institute model combines academic sessions, leadership training, site visits, professional networking, community service, and cultural activities to maximize learning and cultural exchange. Up to 100 Fellows will also have the opportunity to participate in additional six-week professional development experiences at US NGOs, private companies, and government agencies.

The 2,000 Mandela Washington Fellow alumni from 2014-2016 include entrepreneurs, innovators, NGO leaders, community activists, journalists, agriculture specialists, health professionals, educators, civil servants, and political leaders from all 49 sub-Saharan African countries.

For many young African leaders, the Fellowship is a life-changing experience. A 2016 Fellow remarked, “The Mandela Washington Fellowship has given me the knowledge and networks that will help me excel. I know now that there are no limits to what I will achieve.”

Fellows make lasting connections with Americans and with each other, both professionally and personally, and are supported in their efforts to share their talents and experience to benefit their communities when they return home.

For more information or to apply, visit yali.state.gov/washington-fellowship/apply. You can also get updates at Facebook.com/MandelaWashingtonFellowship and Twitter.com/WashFellowship.

The Mandela Washington Fellowship is a program of the US government and is supported in its implementation by IREX.

Applications open for Mandela Washington Fellowship

The US Embassy in Pretoria is inviting interested South African candidates to apply for the 2017 Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) Mandela Washington Fellowship.

The Mandela Washington Fellowship is the flagship programme of President Barack Obama’s YALI, created in 2014 to deepen the United States’ engagement with the youth of Africa.

The US Embassy said the fellowship has been successful beyond its expectations in the past three years. The fellowship will engage up to 1 000 young leaders from all over the continent.

“The programme begins with six weeks of academic and leadership training at a US university, with a focus in one of three tracks: business and entrepreneurship; civic leadership and public management, followed by a summit in Washington DC, attended by business, government and NGO leaders,” the US Embassy said.

One hundred selected fellows will also participate in a six-week professional development experience with an American NGO, company or government office.

Upon return to their home countries, fellows continue to build their skills through support from US Embassies, the United States Agency for International Development, the United States African Development Foundation and other partners.

In South Africa, YALI alumni are already growing innovative businesses, forging durable networks with young leaders across Africa and deploying freshly honed skills in their communities.

Applicants for the fellowship must be citizens and residents of South Africa (or one of the other participating countries).

They must speak and write English proficiently and be between 25 and 35 years old when the application is submitted.

They must have a proven record of leadership and accomplishment in public service, business or entrepreneurship or civic engagement, and demonstrate commitment to public or community service, volunteerism or mentorship.

They must be committed to return to Africa and use their skills to serve their community.

The embassy has assured that applicants will not be discriminated against on the basis of race, colour, gender, religion, socio-economic status, disability, sexual orientation or gender identity.

Source: South African Government News Agency