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South Africa: All Workers Should Be Allowed to Exercise Their Right to Vote

COSATU is reiterating its call to all employers to release workers and allow them to exercise their democratic right of voting for the candidates of their own choice ,in the upcoming local government elections. The federation is concerned that many workers especially in the security, services, retail and farming sectors will not be allowed to vote because they will be working. The federation is disappointed that government has failed to declare the 03rd of August 2016 a non-trading day.

We have received a troubling number of reports from workers , who are being forced to make an unfair choice between their jobs and or their right to vote. This is deeply unfair because no employee should be put under such unreasonable pressure in the workplace. We support the ANC’s call for employers to consider the needs of workers , especially those who are registered from voting districts that are far from their workplaces. We expect all workers including domestic workers to be given time off so that they can vote.

We are calling on all our affiliates to ensure that they fight for the workers’ rights to vote in all the sectors ,where they organize. COSATU urges workers should not succumb to bullying tactics from those employers, who want to influence or bully them to vote for their preferred candidates or political parties. Workers should remember that their vote is their secret and they do not have to divulge it to anyone , including employers.

We have discovered troubling cases of employers who are forcing workers to either vote for their favoured political parties or not vote at all. We repeat our call to all workers to report the cases of exploitation, the physical and psychological abuse in the workplace to government authorities, and also to nearby COSATU offices for intervention.

Source: Congress of South African Trade Unions

South Africa: Cosatu Fully Supports the Planned Strike By Ceppwawu in the Petroleum Sector

The Congress of South African Trade Unions supports its affiliate the Chemical, Energy, Paper, Printing, Wood and Allied Workers Union [CEPPWAWU] in its planned strike over wage negotiations against the employers in the chemical industry, the National Petroleum Employers Association. CEPPWAWU has already served a 48 hours industrial strike notice with effect from tomorrow , Thursday, 28th July 2016 ,and they have made it very clear that they ready to lead workers to streets in demand of a living wage.

It is unacceptable that the employers have refused to accede to the workers reasonable demands , especially considering that the high consumer price inflation means food, transport, goods and services have orbited further away from the reach of working class families. The price of bread has gone up 10.6% and transport by 8.7%. The current employers offer of a mere 6,5% on wage increment is wholly inadequate.

COSATU is calling on the employers to accede to the workers demands of a 9% wage increase , minimum wage of R8,000 and a one year agreement. To avoid strikes and improve labour relations employers need to address the extreme levels of inequality and poverty wages they pay workers. A meaningful living wage is also good for the economy because it will make a significant contribution to stimulating equitable economic growth and development.

We are calling on all our affiliates to support CEPPWAWU in their struggles. The 12th National Congress of the federation made it very clear that all our affiliates are expected to practice the principle of solidarity and ensure that they support each other’s struggles. An injury to one is an injury to all. Forward with the struggle for a living wage! Issued by COSATU

Source: Congress of South African Trade Unions.

South Africa: Cosatu Mourns the Passing Away of Former Saccawu President, Cde Amos Mothapo

The Congress of South African Trade Unions sends its sincere condolences to the family and friends of the late former SACCAWU President, Comrade Amos Mothapo, who passed away after a bout of illness. Comrade Mothapo was a long serving COSATU CEC member, who led the retail sector trade union for many years. He waged a relentless fight against labour brokers and labour casualizations.

We will remember him as a disciplined and dedicated worker leader, who led the workers struggles with integrity and devotion. He is one of the leaders, who was always ready to confront the workplace challenges facing the workers and the socio-economic challenges facing the working class in general.

We shall honour his memory by working hard to build a united, growing, militant, independent and fighting federation that will continue to be a major factor in the political and economic life of our country. May his soul rest in eternal peace!

The federation in Gauteng will host a memorial service that will be addressed by COSATU CEC Members.

Source: Congress of South African Trade Unions.

South Africa: Banyana Banyana and U23 Olympics Guide

Both teams are already in Brazil getting ready to take on the world at the world’s biggest sporting showpiece.

Banyana Banyana’s Group consist of hosts Brazil, China and Sweden. Not an easy group at all but coach Vera Pauw has vowed to shake the world during the upcoming showpiece.

The u23 on the other end are based in the capital city Brasilia and are in the Group comprising hosts Brazil, Denmark and Iraq.

The two teams were seen off at the OR Tambo Airport by SAFA President Dr Danny Jordaan who wished the two teams success.

You are welcome to download the Olympics Guide books for both Banyana Banyana and the u23 as they get ready to take part in the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Source: South African Football Association

South Africa: A Win Is Crucial Against New Zealand – Seoposenwe

The South African Senior Women’s National Team, Banyana Banyana, believe a good showing in their interntional friendly match against New Zealand on Thursday, 28 July 2016 in Rio de Janeiro will spur them on for their opening match against Sweden in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

The clash against New Zealand is the final warm up encouter for both teams ahead of the start of the world’s biggest spectacle.

The Sasol-sponsored Banyana Banyana kickoff the Games with a clash against Sweden on Wednesday, 3 August.

Vera Pauw’s charges have already had two training sessions since their arrival in Rio de Janeiro on Sunday, 24 July with the third one scheduled for this afternoon (Wednesday, 27 July) before taking on New Zealand.

“It feels good to be here finally, even though it still feels like it is taking forever for the Games to start, but it is good to finally be in the Olympic Village. We also got some training under our belt and we are trying to get ready for our friendly, hopefully we can get a good result out of that because I believe we need that, and not just a good performance but a win because even though we played well against teams like the USA and The Netherlands, losses are not what we wanted,” said striker Jermaine Seoposenwe, who is attending her first Olympic tournament.

“Getting a win in that match would be good for the team as a whole and it will increase the confidence of trying to get goals, which is what we have lacked in. And so it would be good if we could get a positive result and take it to the tournament.”

The South Africans have been in camp since November 2015 and have had friendly matches against the likes of Cameroon, Zimbabwe, The Netherlands and the USA.

Seoposenwe adds that it has been a great preparation, which has put the team in a better position.

“Yes it has been very good, and I believe the team is ready in terms of organisation and tactics. I think we have learned so much. We also have the determination, which we showed against the US, the best team in the world. So I believe we are ready but there are still a couple of things we need to adjust, alter and get better at,” added Seoposenwe.

“The team has definitely grown from where we were a few months ago, and you could see that from the performance against the USA, so we are ready and very excited for the game (against Sweden) to come because there is something we bring to the table that no one else does.”

South Africa competed in the 2012 London Olympic Games, but could not get out of the group phase. They would like to better that in Rio.

I think we will do well, hopefully the team will rally together and focus on our first game and get a good result. That would be really important for us in terms of getting out of the group because the first game is always very important,” said the Banyana Banyana striker.

“Tactically, physically and mentally we are almost there, so as the next game (New Zealand) comes it will help in terms of getting to the point where we want to be. From there we will be able to tell if we are still lacking and so I am excited and everyone is focused on the task at hand and hopefully we can get a good result out of our first game.”

Source: South African Football Association.