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Dairy parlour, cattle handed over to Eastern Cape community

About 400 households in Mantusini, near Port St Johns, will benefit from a state-of-the-art dairy parlour handed over by Rural Development and Land Reform Minister Gugile Nkwinti.

The Department of Rural Development and Land Reform said the initiative is an extension of the One Household-One Hectare programme, through which households are allocated a one hectare portion of land to produce crops.

It is also part of the department’s Strategy on Rural Agrarian Economic Transformation aimed at poverty alleviation, job creation and the creation of sustainable community-owned enterprises.

Targeting state-owned, traditional communal land, the aim is to create a class of black smallholder farmers, producers and agro-manufacturers.

Beneficiaries can plant and produce vegetables on state-allocated hectares of land and the harvest is reaped to restore food security.

Each household will also receive two dairy cattle which will contribute to the production of dairy products. The cattle will help to sustain the dairy parlour.

Addressing the community during the handover of the parlour and cattle, the Minister said the parlour belongs to the households and it is their responsibility to look after it as it will nourish them.

Mantusi Dairy Chairperson Bubele Hlangani expressed joy on behalf of the community.

We are happy to see this dairy parlour opened today, and we are confident our community will truly benefit and prosper, said Hlangani.

The project was initiated in 2005 by Minister Nkwinti while he was serving as MEC of Agriculture in the Eastern Cape. It took off in earnest in 2011 when the department, together with its partners, provided the necessary support for the project.

The dairy parlour has been constructed by the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform in partnership with the provincial Department of Agriculture and other stakeholders.

An investment of more than R18 million has been made into the project thus far.

An access road is also under construction and de-bushing to expand the fields for crop production is taking place, while some of the machinery that had been vandalized is being repaired.

Source: Government Communication and information System

Nigeria: Visa/Passport Processing – Nigerians in S’africa Defraud FG – Consul-General

Nigeria’s Consul-General in South Africa, Amb. Uche Ajulu-Okeke, said on Sunday that the Federal Government lost $39,370 (about N10.9 million) to visa and passport fees at processing centres in that country.

Okeke said in Johannesburg, South Africa, that the Online Integrated Solutions (OIS), a firm that processes passport and visa on behalf of the Nigeria Immigration Service abroad, reported the loss to the Consulate.

“Concrete evidence that we have got shows a recent compilation of 254 online payment fraudulent reversals of passport applications which occurred between the months of April and June 2016.

“These acts were deliberately done by Nigerians to defraud their government,” she said.

Okeke said the acts were perpetrated through the banks.

She said the South African banking system allowed anyone with a credit card to reverse such payment if there was complain within 30 days.

“Unfortunately, some Nigerians in South Africa have perfected the act of defrauding the Federal Government by going to the banks to report loss or fraudulent use of such cards and the banks will reverse the payment,” she said.

The Consul-General also said “because of speed in service delivery accorded Nigerians by the Consulate at the instance of the Federal Government, the passport would have been produced”.

According to her, the Nigerians will pay online; collect the passports within the stipulated 30 days with the passports in their pockets, go back to the bank and reverse the payments.

Okeke said it was very unfortunate that some Nigerians deliberately defrauded the government through such acts in a foreign land.

“The Consulate has compiled a list of those involved in this act and sent to Abuja. The Nigeria Immigration Service will decide whether those passports will be cancelled or withdrawn from circulation,” she said.

The Consul-General disclosed that the mission recorded 58 reversals of online visa payments between April and June 2016.

She said South African visa applicants reported that they paid a Nigerian agent to process it for them.

“The Nigerian agent will collect cash from the applicants, use his credit card to pay and reverse the payment there after,” she explained.

She said the Consulate was on top of the situation and that soon the Nigeria Immigration Service would be advised on local measures taken to deal with the situation.

Source: Vanguard.