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XCMG Apprentice Program Introduces Latest Technologies and Chinese Culture to International Apprentices

Wang Min, chairman and president of XCMG, cordially welcomed the apprentices.

XUZHOU, China, Feb. 22, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Five international apprentices visited global construction and mining equipment manufacturer XCMG’s headquarters in Xuzhou, China for a one-week immersive XCMG Apprentice Program from January 18 to 24.

XCMG Apprentices wearing eye masks were about to get a surprising experience in Asia’s largest vibration and noise lab.

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The program was the company’s first time bringing global apprentices to China; five apprentices from the United States, Brazil, Russia, Kenya and Pakistan stood out from a global selection.

The participants came from different backgrounds but shared the same interest towards the construction and machinery industry. In addition to the comprehensive tour led by XCMG employees that included visits to the crane assembly factory and Asia’s largest vibration and noise lab, as well as engaging activities like operating excavators, the apprentices also acted as their mentors’ assistants, learning about the state-of-the-art technologies in construction machineries through a day’s work.

XCMG employees taught the apprentices the art of Chinese paper cutting.

“XCMG has a keen focus on cultivating talents and encouraging communication through educational programs like XCMG Apprentice, which has introduced XCMG’s technological and innovational achievements to the international community,” said Wang Min, chairman and president of XCMG.

The apprentices found the working conditions at XCMG’s headquarters, with its world-class facilities, very impressive. For them, visiting XCMG was a dream come true — they not only got hands-on experience in the engineering field, but also gained friends through teambuilding activities.

“XCMG is a great company, a very big company with great values and amazing workers, who are the friendliest people and they have accepted us amongst themselves,” said Sharon Maingi, a student of software engineering from Kenya. “During this XCMG experience, I’ve gotten to meet wonderful people with brilliant minds, and it’s been such a great opportunity sharing this with my fellow apprentices, and I believe it has formed friendship bonds for life.”

XCMG Apprentices were focused in the competition of installing rubber tube protectors.

The XCMG Apprentice Program presented the group of apprentices the opportunity to take a behind-the-scenes look at the world’s leading construction machinery manufacturer. It’s also part of the company’s global strategy to promote international exchange in the construction machinery industry.

“My expectation before I came to XCMG was to get hands-on experience in the engineering field and especially my field – mechanical engineering. And my expectations were met. I’m very happy to be here,” said Laiq Shah, a mechanical engineering student from Pakistan.

For more information, please visit: www.xcmg.com, or XCMG’s pages on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


JOHANNESBURG, The civil war in Syria has seen thousands of refugees crossing the sea to reach Europe, where they are not always welcome.

However, one family who fled the Syrian capital, Damascus, more than a year ago in search of a new home, has made the trek down south, to South Africa.

Yaser and Safaa Jabri Al Rehawi have settled in Gauteng Province with their two sons aged 16 and 20.

Safaa Jabri, describing the family’s plight, said: “We ran away from Syria, because (the boys are at) the age they have to go into the army in Syria. So (we) decided to come to South Africa because (of the) dangerous situation in Syria.”

Her husband, Yaser, added: “It was very difficult to take this step to come here and settle down here and make a business here; you are afraid for your children, the culture is different but you have to keep them safe.”

Hoping to add a bit of their flavour to a multi-cultural country, the Damascus family has opened a restaurant in the east of Johannesburg.

Safaa Jabri said: “We (have been) here for 14 months and decided to start our lives again. We used to invite lots of South African friends and they were excited about our style of food, so we decided to try this.”

The family, like many others, has been torn apart by the civil war. They have lost many loved ones and have relatives scattered across several countries.

“A lot of people are dead but no one speaks about them by their names. They are like numbers and they forget they are human, have their own families, have their own lives and they left everything to live or save their families.”

As the bombs continue to rain down on Syria, the prospects of returning home are slim. The Al Rehawi family misses Damascus but they are determined to turn their Jasmine suburb restaurant here into a pleasant reminder of home. –


Don’t ignore the signs

The Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) and the Department of Transport have launched a new multimedia campaign to educate the public about the importance of obeying the rules of the road.

Transport Minister Dipuo Peters is featured in the “Don’t Ignore the Signs” campaign, which is a television commercial.

During the commercial, Minister Peters makes a plea to road users to stop disregarding the rules of the road.

“The campaign is currently flighted on SABC television stations and at soccer stadium television LED screens.

“It will be rolled out on other communication platforms in the coming weeks and intensified during peak travel periods,” RTMC said in a statement on Monday.

Prominent actors such as Nambitha Mpumlwana, Gabriel Temudzani and soccer players such as Mandla Masango also feature in some of the adverts. The campaign forms part of the 365 day, 24/7 road safety programme to promote and increase public awareness on road safety.

“It is informed by an understanding that almost every road crash is preceded by a violation of road signs and regulations.

“An analysis of road crashes show that intentional misbehaviour such as ignoring speed limits, drunk (and drugged) driving, dangerous overtaking, and disregarding traffic signs ( such as stop signs, robots and barrier lines) is a major contributor to fatal crashes,” RTMC said.

The agency said human factors account for 74 percent of road fatalities in South Africa.

Less intentional forms of human error, such as fatigue, poor judgement especially on sharp bends and wet surfaces also play a critical role in crash while failure to wear safety belts is one of the most common causes of death in road crashes.

“Road Safety is everyone’s responsibility and every South African has a role to play in keeping the roads safe.

“Let us all be responsible in the way we conduct ourselves on and off the road. Do the right thing. Don’t ignore the signs,” RTMC CEO Advocate Makhosini said. –