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Committee satisfied with Unemployment Insurance hearings

Parliament’s Portfolio Committee on Labour has expressed satisfaction with public hearings on the Unemployment Insurance Amendment Bill that were held this week.

“The step taken by the Department [of Labour] to amend this piece of legislation is indeed correct and will do wonders in assisting our people impacted by unemployment. The committee wishes to reassure all the participants that their views will reflect in the final product of the Bill,” said committee chairperson Lumka Yengeni.

The intention of the bill is to empower workers, who have just lost their employment, by extending the benefits that they are usually entitled to after losing their jobs.

The bill is intended to empower poor people by extending unemployment benefits to a wide range of citizens affected by unemployment, including public servants and learners, who are undergoing learnership training

“The public hearing is reaffirmation of correctness of Parliament’s approach to involve ordinary people in the legislation formulation process. It is very good for people to say what kind of legislation they want,” she said.

The public hearings on the Bill on Wednesday were attended by labour representatives, academics, employers’ association, and the general public, among others.

Most of the representatives welcomed the amendments, and voiced desirability of the bill as a matter of urgency.

The committee chairperson said the next step would be for the committee to sit down and discuss the input from submissions.

“This law would at least cushion our people during the economic downturn period, hence all political parties are unanimous regarding its speedy finalisation,” said Yengeni.



In 2014, the Minister of Social Development, Ms Bathabile Dlamini, held an Imbizo in Eshowe, KZN Province where she made a promise that the department would build an Early Childhood Development (ECD) centre for the community.

Minister Dlamini will attend a sod turning ceremony in Eshowe this Sunday, February 7, to mark the first step towards the construction of the new ECD centre for children in the area. It is estimated that more than eighty children from Eshowe will benefit for the new ECD centre. The centre will further offer employment opportunities for local women and skills training on early childhood development.

Minister Dlamini announced at an ECD Symposium in East London last week that Government has allocated an ECD Conditional Grant amounting to R812m for the 2017/18 and 2018/19 financial years to expand the ECD subsidy to poor children in registered ECD programmes. The subsidy amount will also be increased from R15.00 to R16.00 per child for 264 days across all provinces.

Government is working towards making ECD services a public good because of their role in laying a foundation for life-long development for children between the ages of 0 and 4 years. These centres also provide nutritional food for children’s physical development and further offer peace of mind to mothers by providing a safe place for children while they are at work.

Cabinet has approved a National ECD Policy through which the roll out of integrated ECD services will take place. The policy provides a framework for Government’s accountability to provide a comprehensive package of quality ECD services that would be universally available in sufficient quantities and proximity so that children enjoy an equal opportunity and access to these services.

After the sod turning ceremony, Minister Dlamini will host an Imbizo with the Eshowe community to assess progress made since her last visit.

Source: Social Development Republic Of South Africa