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House of Sillage Celebrates the Excitement of the Holiday Season

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., Nov. 18, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — House of Sillage, a leader in the world of haute parfumerie, celebrates the Christmas season with Holiday by House of Sillage. This dazzling fragrance resonates the warmth and generosity of the season with festive scents of mandarin, peach and vetiver.

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Inspired by the bright lights of the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree in New York City, the stunning snow globe cap showcases a sparkling scenery plated in 18 karat gold and white gold, where freshly fallen snow descends in a glittery veil over the bright setting. This opulent fragrance is adorned with 63 hand-placed, custom colored Swarovski crystals and is presented in a hand-polished, ombre-lacquered glass bottle.

Holiday magic emanates from this floral, citrus fragrance, while it exudes the overwhelming sense of excitement and joy that is felt during this time of year. The fresh scents of Holiday by House of Sillage encapsulate these magnificent emotions and resonate the warmth, sparkle and generosity of the season.

House of Sillage pays homage to the artistry, traditions and unmatched expertise of the classic parfumerie, while transcending modern conventions. “We have created a line of luxurious and sophisticated fragrances, gathering wisdom from people who have devoted their lives to this particular kind of beauty,” explains Founder Nicole Mather. Mather and House of Sillage have collected rare components from around the world to create the magnificently beautiful and enticing scents of Holiday by House of Sillage parfum.

House of Sillage is based in California and produced in France. The company creates extraordinary fragrances, which are rivaled only by their breathtaking bottles. Under the guidance of Founder Nicole Mather, House of Sillage dedicates itself to maintaining and surpassing the true definitions of luxury. Visit www.HouseOfSillage.com to learn more.

The photo is also available at Newscom, www.newscom.com, and via AP PhotoExpress.

House of Sillage
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Risen Energy Announces that the Largest PV Carport is under Construction in Hangzhou Bay

NINGBO, China, Nov. 18, 2015 /PRNewswire — The largest PV carport began construction in Hangzhou Bay in the first half of 2015. The first phase, with a capacity of 20MW, will use 255W high quality PV modules from Risen Energy.

The project total capacity is 55MW and covers an area about 20 soccer fields, which is enough space to park more than 20000 vehicles. It is the largest BIPV project in the world and will be used as a employee parking area at the Shanghai Volkswagen Ningbo Branch. The project is further evidence that Hangzhou Bay promotes comprehensive land development.

Hangzhou Bay will combine future city planning, “wisdom city” and “low-carton city” to accelerate the implementation of comprehensive development projects. It will overcome what is often referred to as “urban disease” and promote the sustainable development. Risen Energy, a top PV module manufacturer, is happy to be able to take part in the PV carport project and contribute to the sustainable development of Hangzhou Bay.

About Risen Energy
Risen Energy Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002 and listed as a Chinese public company (Stock Code: 300118) in 2010. Risen Energy is one of the pioneers in solar industry and has been committed to this industry as a R&D expert, an integrated manufacturer from wafers to modules, a manufacturer of off-grid systems, and also an investor, a developer and an EPC of PV projects. Aiming to deliver green energy worldwide, Risen Energy is developing internationally with offices and sales networks in China, Germany, Australia, Mexico, India, Chile, and Benin. During its rapid growth, Risen Energy has maintained a stable pace with an average debt ratio at around 50% from 2011 to 2014 and it also aims to set up subsidiaries for Internet Finance and Financial Leasing as one step towards “Internet Energy”.

For more information, please visit: www.risenenergy.com.

YPO Names McKeel Hagerty 2016-2017 International Chairman

DALLAS, Nov. 17, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO), the world’s premier peer network of chief executives and business leaders, announces the election of McKeel Hagerty of Traverse City, Michigan, USA to YPO’s highest elected office, the 2016-2017 chairman of the YPO International Board. Hagerty, who currently serves as a director on the board, will take office 1 July 2016.

A photo accompanying this release is available at http://www.ypo.org/site/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/McKeel-Chairman-elect.jpg

A member of YPO’s West Michigan Chapter, Hagerty was elected by peers serving on the organization’s international board. He will be YPO’s 65th international chairman. Currently, Hagerty serves on the YPO Leadership Committee, the International Board and the Global Leadership Conference Supervisory Committee. Over his fifteen-year membership in YPO, he has served in leadership positions at the chapter and regional level, such as regional chair for the Regional Chairs’ Council (2010-2012), and a member of the Membership Committee (2012-2014) as well as at the international level.

“YPO is committed to enriching each member’s lifelong journey of leadership, growth and significance through education and idea exchange. After 65 years of connecting business leaders around the world, YPO continues its tradition of being the premiere global network of its kind – and McKeel is the ideal leader to set the path for our next generation of leaders,” said 2015-2016 International Chairman Santiago Sanchez, from Guadalajara, Mexico.

“Members of YPO are peers who share in common the achievement of success at an early age, a commitment to learning as a lifelong adventure, and a desire to connect authentically in an environment of trust and confidentiality. McKeel has embodied these tenants, has provided inspiring leadership to the organization, and will continue to help us embrace change with each successive generation of young business leaders,” said Scott Mordell, CEO of YPO.

Hagerty is the president and CEO of Hagerty Insurance, a company that offers auto insurance as well as services designed for the classic car collector, including hobby-related resources, articles and videos.

His love for cars began at an early age and inspired him to join the family business in 1995. Under his leadership, Hagerty Insurance is one of the most recognizable brands in classic car insurance and an industry leader.

Hagerty started the Hagerty Education Program, a nonprofit that supports educational institutions and shop programs committed to the future of classic cars and giving young people the training they need to learn the art of restoration. He also founded the Historic Vehicle Association and the Hagerty Youth Programs, a youth advocacy program that hosts a series of events to give young people a first-hand experience with classic cars.

“For 15 years, YPO has been a part of my life, and it is an honor to take this next step and serve as the 2016-2017 international chairman,” said Hagerty.

About YPO

YPO (Young Presidents’ Organization) is a not-for-profit, global network of young chief executives connected through the shared mission of becoming Better Leaders Through Education and Idea Exchange(TM). Founded in 1950, YPO today provides 23,000 peers and their families in 130 countries with access to unique experiences, extraordinary educational resources, access to alliances with leading institutions, and participation in specialized networks to support their business, community and personal leadership. Altogether, YPO member-run companies employ more than 15 million people around the world and generate US$6 trillion in annual revenues. For more information, visit www.ypo.org.

Contact: press@ypo.org

Le Museo Jumex de Mexico accueille la Guggenheim UBS MAP Global Art Initiative


MEXICO, le 17 novembre 2015 /PRNewswire — Du 19 novembre au 7 février 2016, le Museo Jumex présente Under the Same Sun: Art from Latin America Today, exposition de la Guggenheim UBS MAP Global Art Initiative qui met en valeur une sélection dynamique d’œuvres récemment acquises de 40 artistes issus de 13 pays d’Amérique latine. Organisée par le natif de Mexico Pablo León de la Barra, conservateur de la Guggenheim UBS MAP, Amérique latine, en collaboration avec plusieurs collègues du Museo Jumex, cette exposition porte principalement sur l’œuvre d’artistes nés après 1968, et intègre également certains des touts premiers pionniers actifs à l’international dans les années 1960 et 1970. L’exposition Under the Same Sun présente plus de 45 œuvres dans une variété de supports, tels que la peinture, l’installation, le spectacle, la photographie, la sculpture, et la vidéo. Les pays représentés sont l’Argentine, le Brésil, le Chili, la Colombie, le Costa Rica, Cuba, le Guatemala, le Honduras, le Mexique, le Pérou, Puerto Rico, l’Uruguay, et le Venezuela.

Vidéo – http://youtu.be/iKfmHfBNEQk

Frida Escobedo, architecte basée à Mexico, a créé un concept d’exposition dynamique destiné aux espaces de galerie. Les œuvres artistiques sont également présentées dans les zones publiques du musée, notamment une installation spécifique au site de l’œuvre A Museum Is a School de Luis Camnitzer sur la façade du bâtiment, Another Day (2003) de Paul Ramírez Jonas à l’entrée du musée, et Artforhum (1972) de Rafael Ferrer au sein de la boutique du musée.

Under the Same Sun a été présentée en avant-première au Musée Guggenheim de New York en juin 2014, et, à l’issue de sa présentation à Mexico, sera proposée à la South London Gallery en juin 2016.

Aperçu de l’exposition
Démontrant que l’Amérique latine ne peut se réduire à une seule entité homogène, l’exposition Under the Same Sun examine la diversité des récentes réponses créatives aux réalités partagées façonnées par l’histoire coloniale et moderne, par les politiques gouvernementales répressives, par la crise économique, par les inégalités sociales, ainsi que par les périodes de développement économique et de progrès social. Malgré la croissance financière et l’augmentation de la stabilité dans la plupart des pays du continent au cours de la décennie précédente, l’Amérique latine demeure divisée par des différences de classes sociales et ethniques, et marquée par des bouleversements politiques et économiques. L’exposition Under the Same Sun présente les récentes œuvres artistiques qui traitent du passé et du présent de cette situation subtile et complexe, en explorant les alternatives d’avenir possibles. Les œuvres sont organisées selon cinq thèmes :

  • Conceptualisme comprend des œuvres de plusieurs conceptualistes pionniers d’Amérique latine, actifs aux États-Unis dans les années 1960, 1970, et 1980, dont la plupart travaillent encore aujourd’hui. Les formes d’engagement promues par ces personnalités clés sont aujourd’hui encore étudiées par des artistes plus jeunes.
  • Modernités s’interroge sur la disjonction entre les nobles idéaux du modernisme et ses réalités imparfaites, et comprend des œuvres d’artistes s’intéressant à son héritage aujourd’hui.
  • Participation/Émancipation incite la participation mentale et physique du visiteur, en lui permettant de participer activement dans l’œuvre artistique.
  • Activisme politique s’intéresse aux contextes sociaux et politiques dans le cadre desquels naît l’art, et confronte les différentes manières selon lesquelles les artistes d’Amérique latine ont transformé leurs pratiques en formes de dissidence, en protestant contre les influences étrangères en matière politique et économique, les régimes politiques dictatoriaux, et la violence autour du trafic de drogues.
  • Tropiques reconnaît les effets du lieu et de la nature (notamment le climat) sur la production culturelle, tout en faisant valoir l’argument selon lequel le caractère « tropical » constitue en fin de compte une question d’attitude qui transcende ces problématiques.

L’exposition sera accompagnée d’un large éventail de programmes éducatifs et publics — priorité importante de l’initiative et élément central de la plateforme d’art contemporain d’UBS — développés conjointement par le Museo Jumex et le Guggenheim. L’œuvre A Logo for America (1987) d’Alfredo Jaar sera diffusée sur des écrans numériques situés en dehors de l’Auditorio Nacional les 29 et 30 janvier, de 8h00 à 20h04.

Le Museo Jumex a créé un nouveau site Web — unmismosol.info — afin de préciser davantage le contexte de l’exposition, et de fournir aux visiteurs une présentation approfondie autour des artistes, des œuvres artistiques, et des thèmes de l’exposition Under the Same Sun. Sur Internet, les utilisateurs peuvent consulter les œuvres des artistes, se renseigner sur les prochains événements en compagnie d’artistes, écouter une liste de lecture Spotify créée par les conservateurs et les artistes afin d’accompagner l’exposition, et participer au Stand photo, qui permet aux utilisateurs d’appliquer un filtre « solaire » sur leur photo de profil et de la partager sur les réseaux sociaux via #bajounmismosol.

À propos de la Guggenheim UBS MAP Global Art Initiative
Lancée en 2012, la Guggenheim UBS MAP Global Art Initiative est une collaboration entre Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum and Foundation et la société de services financiers UBS, dont l’objectif consiste à renforcer l’accès et la sensibilisation autour de l’art contemporain d’Asie du Sud et du Sud-Est, d’Amérique latine, du Moyen-Orient et d’Afrique du Nord. L’initiative comprend des résidences de conservation, des expositions itinérantes internationales, des programmations de sensibilisation axées sur le public, et des acquisitions destinées à la collection permanente du Guggenheim. Toutes les œuvres ont été récemment acquises pour la collection du Guggenheim sous l’égide du Guggenheim UBS MAP Purchase Fund. Cette initiative exploite et reflète l’histoire renommée de la Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation en matière d’internationalisation, et renforce considérablement la participation artistique du Guggenheim au sein de ces communautés dynamiques.

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Museo Jumex In Mexico City Welcomes Guggenheim UBS MAP Global Art Initiative


MEXICO CITY, Nov. 17, 2015 /PRNewswire — From November 19 through February 7, 2016, Museo Jumex presents Under the Same Sun: Art from Latin America Today, the Guggenheim UBS MAP Global Art Initiative exhibition highlighting a vibrant selection of recently acquired works by 40 artists from 13 Latin American countries. Organized by Mexico City-native Pablo León de la Barra, Guggenheim UBS MAP Curator, Latin America, in collaboration with colleagues at Museo Jumex, the exhibition focuses predominantly on work made by artists born after 1968, and also includes several early pioneers who were first active internationally in the 1960s and ’70s. Under the Same Sun features more than 45 works in a variety of media including painting, installation, performance, photography, sculpture, and video. The countries represented are: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, and Venezuela.

Video – http://youtu.be/iKfmHfBNEQk

Mexico City-based architect Frida Escobedo created a dynamic exhibition design for the gallery spaces. Artworks are also presented in the museum’s public areas, including a site-specific installation of Luis Camnitzer’s A Museum Is a School on the building’s façade; Paul Ramírez Jonas’ Another Day (2003) in the Museum lobby; and Rafael Ferrer’s Artforhum (1972) in the Museum store.

Under the Same Sun premiered at the Guggenheim Museum in New York in June 2014 and, following its presentation in Mexico City, will travel to the South London Gallery in June 2016.

Exhibition Overview
Demonstrating that Latin America cannot be reduced to a single, homogeneous entity, Under the Same Sun examines the diversity of recent creative responses to shared realities molded by colonial and modern history, repressive governmental policy, economic crisis, and social inequality, as well as by periods of economic development and social progress. Despite financial growth and increased stability in most of the continent over the past decade, Latin America remains divided by class and ethnic difference, and marked by political and economic upheaval. Under the Same Sun presents recent art that addresses the past and present of this subtle and complex situation, and which explores possible alternative futures. The works are organized within five themes:

  • Conceptualism includes works by pioneering Latin American Conceptualists who were active in the U.S. during the 1960s, ’70s, and ’80s, many of whom are still working today. The forms of engagement these key figures advanced continue to be investigated by younger artists.
  • Modernities questions the disjunction between modernism’s lofty ideals and its imperfect realities, and includes work by artists dealing with its legacy today.
  • Participation/Emancipation invites mental or physical participation from the visitor, allowing him or her to become an active part of the artwork.
  • Political Activism addresses the social and political contexts in which art is made, and confronts the ways in which Latin American artists have turned their practices into forms of dissent, protesting against foreign political and economic influences, dictatorial political regimes, and the violence of the drug trade.
  • The Tropical acknowledges the effects that location and nature (including climate) have on cultural production, but presents the argument that being “tropical” is ultimately a question of attitude that transcends such concerns.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a wide variety of education and public programs—an important focus of the initiative and a cornerstone of UBS’s contemporary art platform—developed jointly by Museo Jumex and the Guggenheim. Alfredo Jaar’s A Logo for America (1987) will be displayed on digital screens outside of Auditorio Nacional on January 29 and 30 from 8:00 to 8:04 pm.

Museo Jumex has created a new website—unmismosol.info—to provide additional context for the exhibition and give visitors in-depth exposure to the artists, artworks, and themes of Under the Same Sun. Online users can browse artists work, learn about upcoming events with artists, listen to a Spotify playlist created by curators and artists to accompany the exhibition, and engage with the Photo Booth, which allows users to apply a “sun” filter to their profile image for social sharing via #bajounmismosol.

About Guggenheim UBS MAP Global Art Initiative
Launched in 2012, the Guggenheim UBS MAP Global Art Initiative is a collaboration between the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum and Foundation and financial services firm UBS aimed at bolstering access to and awareness of contemporary art from South and Southeast Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East and North Africa. It encompasses curatorial residencies, international touring exhibitions, audience-driven education programming, and acquisitions for the Guggenheim’s permanent collection. All works have been newly acquired for the Guggenheim’s collection under the auspices of the Guggenheim UBS MAP Purchase Fund. The initiative builds upon and reflects the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation’s distinguished history of internationalism and significantly increases the Guggenheim’s holdings of art from these dynamic communities.

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