Daily Archives: October 3, 2015

Answer – Memoranda of Understanding on International cooperation with Uruguay – E-011076/2015

In the margins of the EU-CELAC Summit in Brussels, 10-11 June 2015, the European Union signed two Memoranda of Understanding on International Cooperation with Chile and Uruguay. The main purpose of these Memoranda is to develop, promote and strengthen the bilateral relations in the field of international cooperation and development between the EU and partners countries, and give visibility to development cooperation with the EU. The Memoranda mainly provide a framework for cooperation based on partnership, fostering joint cooperation with third countries. This is called. ‘triangular cooperation’.

The Memoranda are a way for Chile and Uruguay to act together with the EU in promoting such values as democracy, rule of law and human rights in Latin America. In signing the Memoranda, the EU has consolidated the commitment by Chile and Uruguay to those principles.

The Memoranda have no financial implications and do not create any legal obligations on either side under domestic or international law. No specific measures have been defined with Chile or Uruguay under the Memoranda.

At the EU-CELAC Summit, the Regional Facility for International Cooperation and Partnership was also announced. This Facility aims at supporting South-South and multilateral development cooperation actions in the Latin American and Caribbean region, implemented by one or more Latin American and Caribbean countries for the benefit of another or several of these countries, with the support of the EU. It counts on a budget of EUR 12 million to support the improvement of the design and implementation of public policies with a direct impact on poverty reduction.