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Photo credit: UNHCR/Sara Hoibak

Photo credit: UNHCR/Sara Hoibak


Out of the over 4 million Syrian refugees, more than 1.1 million now live in Lebanon – the world’s highest refugee population per capita. As the refugees do not stay in formal camps and are living in more than 1 700 localities across Lebanon, it is…

Photo credit: UNICEF/2015/South Sudan/Rich

Photo credit: UNICEF/2015/South Sudan/Rich


Since December 2013, the armed conflict in South Sudan has left thousands dead and over 2 million uprooted from their homes, including over half a million who have sought refuge in neighbouring countries.


One year ago, Gaza was targeted in a major 50-day Israeli military operation. More than 2 000 Palestinians were killed, and a third of the population was internally displaced, with thousands of homes and buildings destroyed or damaged. Key…


Drones, improved monitoring of hazards and airborne transfer of information are just some examples of what innovation means for civil protection today. At the European Civil Protection Forum in Brussels on 6-7 May 2015, a display of some of the…

Left with nothing: Boko Haram’s displaced


They flee and leave behind all they have, their now burnt villages and destroyed crops. Many have seen their relatives killed or being abducted by the Boko Haram insurgents. They are some of the 1.5 million people who have been displaced in the…


In 2014, more than 63 000 minors from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala were apprehended at the border between Mexico and the United States. They were fleeing the ever-increasing violence in Central America – one of the most unsafe regions in the…


It’s hard enough being a refugee anywhere in the world, having to uproot and leave your home, friends and family behind. But can you imagine being a refugee for nearly 40 years? That’s the situation facing Sahrawi refugees – one of the oldest…


Over the past four years, Syrians have witnessed and been victims of brutal fighting throughout the country. As a result, it is estimated that in addition to those injured, over 5.1 million people (including two million children) are at high risk of…


A fierce internal armed conflict is spreading chaos and destruction across Iraq and forcing hundreds of thousands of civilians out of their homes in search for safety. Over the past two years, more than 2.8 million people have been displaced, as…


Haiti is located on the second-largest island in the Caribbean – the most hurricane-prone sea in the world. Floods, massive mudslides and earthquakes also threaten its vulnerable communities.