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Syria&#39s &#39disastrous&#39 conflict fuelling child labour and exploitation across region, warns new UN report

2 July 2015 – Much more needs to be done to reverse the trend of an ever increasing number of children forced to work as a result of the conflict in Syria often &#8220carrying heavy loads, being exposed to pesticides and toxic chemicals, and working long hours,&#8221 according to a joint report released today by the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and Save the Children.

&#8220Syria’s children are paying a heavy price for the world’s failure to put an end to the conflict&#8221, says a joint press release issued on the report in Amman, Jordan.

&#8220The report shows that inside Syria, children are now contributing to the family iSyria’s children are paying a heavy price for the world’s failure to put an end to the conflict.ncome in more than three quarters of surveyed households, In Jordan, close to half of all Syrian refugee children are now the joint or sole family breadwinners in surveyed households, while in some parts of Lebanon, children as young as six years old are reportedly working,&#8221 the agencies said.

&#8220The most vulnerable of all working children are those involved in armed conflict, sexual exploitation and illicit activities including organised begging and child trafficking.&#8221

As the Syria crisis has dramatically reduced family livelihood opportunities and impoverished millions of households in the region, children are working primarily for their survival, and a spiralling number of children are employed in harmful working conditions, risking serious damage to their health and wellbeing,&#8221 according to UNICEF.

&#8220Child labour hinders children’s growth and development as they toil for long hours with little pay, often in extremely hazardous and unhealthy environments,&#8221 Dr. Peter Salama, UNICEF Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa, said. &#8220Carrying heavy loads, being exposed to pesticides and toxic chemicals, and working long hours &#8211 these are just some of the hazards working children face every day around the region.&#8221

The report, Small Hands, Heavy Burden: How the Syrian Conflict is Driving More Children into the Workforce found that three out of four working children surveyed in Jordan’s vast Za’atari refugee camp have reported health problems at work, and another 22 percent of children employed in the agricultural sector have also been injured while working.

&#8220Moreover, children who work are more likely to drop out of school &#8211 adding to fears of a &#8220lost generation&#8221 of Syrian children,&#8221 according to the report.

UNICEF and Save the Children called on partners and champions of the so-called &#8220No Lost Generation&#8221 Initiative, the wider international community, host governments, and civil society to undertake a series of measures to address child labour inside Syria and in countries affected by the humanitarian crisis including making more funding available for income-generating activities, providing quality and safe education for all children impacted by the crisis and ending the worst forms of child labour.

UNICEF said that Syria was a middle-income country before the war in 2011. The country’s economy was capable of providing a decent living for most of its people; almost all children in Syria went to school, and literacy rates were over 90 per cent.

But four and a half years into the conflict, the country is beset with destitution and misery, with four in five people in Syria estimated to be living in poverty and 7.6 million internally displaced with an estimated two million children are now living outside Syria as refugees, the agency said, and unemployment rates in Syria surged from 14.9 per cent in 2011 to 57.7 per cent.

Activation of highest level of emergency response in Yemen

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Smoke fills the sky above the Yemeni capital Sana’a after a series of airstrikes (12 May). Photo: Almigdad Mojalli/IRIN

The highest level of emergency response, level 3, has been activated by the UN and international non-government organizations working together in Yemen.

This is the global humanitarian system’s classification for the response to the most severe, large-scale humanitarian crises.

4.4 million Yemenis have reportedly been reached with aid in the past three months, but the UN says this is a fraction of those in need.

Stephanie Coutrix reports.

All UN agencies have agreed to declare a level 3 emergency response for Yemen, the highest possible and equal to the level of response in Syria, Iraq, and South Sudan.

In the past three months, some 3,000 Yemenis have been killed, half of them civilians, and 14,000 injured.

Over a million people have had to flee their homes and 21 million need immediate help.

In a statement, the UN Secretary-General repeated his call for an immediate end to the fighting in Yemen to help stem the unfolding of what he called a “humanitarian catastrophe” in the country.

He called on the parties to agree, at the very minimum, on an immediate pause in hostilities until the end of the holy month of Ramadan so that aid can be delivered into and across Yemen.

Stephanie Coutrix, United Nations.

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APR Energy Signs New Contract to Supply Gas Turbine Power for Egyptian Industrial Plant

JACKSONVILLE, Florida, July 2, 2015 / PRNewswire – APR Energy plc (LSE: APR), a global leader in fast-track power solutions, today announces that it has signed a contract to provide a gas turbine power plant for an industrial customer in Egypt. The project, which is for a minimum of 12 months, has an estimated value exceeding $30 million.

APR%20Energy APR Energy Signs New Contract to Supply Gas Turbine Power for Egyptian Industrial Plant

APR Energy.

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APR Energy’s plant will feature three GE aeroderivative mobile turbines that will run on clean-burning natural gas. The plant is expected to begin generation by Q1 2016.

“Our contract in Egypt is the result of many months of work and gives us a foothold in one of the largest markets in the region, supporting one of the country’s most strategic industrial investments,” said Laurence Anderson, APR Energy Chief Executive Officer.

Executive Chairman John Campion added, “The project builds upon our experience in the industrial space, diversifying our customer base and complementing the strong success that we have had in the utility segment.”

About APR Energy
APR Energy is a global leader in large-scale, fast-track power solutions, providing customers with rapid access to reliable electricity when and where they need it. APR Energy combines state-of-the-art, fuel-efficient technology with industry-leading expertise to provide turnkey power plants that are rapidly deployed, customizable and scalable. Serving both utility and industrial segments, APR Energy provides power generation solutions to customers and communities around the world, with an emphasis on Africa, the Americas, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East. For more information, visit the company’s website at www.aprenergy.com.

APR Energy signe un nouveau contrat de fourniture d’une centrale électrique à turbine à gaz à une installation industrielle égyptienne

JACKSONVILLE, Floride, 2 juillet 2015 / PRNewswire – APR Energy plc (LSE :  APR), un leader mondial en solutions énergétiques à déploiement rapide, annonce aujourd’hui la signature d’un contrat portant sur la fourniture d’une centrale électrique à turbine à gaz à un client industriel d’Egypte. La valeur estimée du projet, dont la durée minimum est de 12 mois, dépasse les 30 millions de dollars.

APR%20Energy APR Energy signe un nouveau contrat de fourniture dune centrale électrique à turbine à gaz à une installation industrielle égyptienne

APR Energy.

Logo – http://photos.prnewswire.com/prnh/20120207/FL48583LOGO

La centrale d’APR Energy sera équipée de trois turbines mobiles dérivées de réacteurs GE et alimentées en gaz naturel non polluant. La centrale devrait commencer à produire d’ici au premier trimestre 2016.

« Notre contrat en Egypte est le résultat de nombreux mois de travail et nous positionne dans l’un des plus importants marchés de la région pour appuyer l’un des investissements industriels les plus stratégiques du pays », a déclaré Laurence Anderson, président-directeur général d’APR Energy.

Son président exécutif, John Campion, a ajouté, « Le projet met à profit notre expérience dans l’espace industriel, diversifie notre clientèle, et vient s’ajouter au solide succès que nous avons remporté dans le segment des services publics ».

À propos d’APR Energy

APR Energy est un leader mondial en solutions d’électricité à grande échelle et à déploiement rapide qui offre à ses clients un accès rapide à une électricité fiable quand et où ils en ont besoin APR Energy allie une technologie de pointe éconergétique à une expertise inégalée dans le secteur pour fournir des centrales électriques clés en main rapidement déployées, personnalisables et évolutives. En desservant à la fois les segments des services publics et industriels, APR Energy fournit des solutions de production d’électricité à ses clients et aux communautés du monde entier en ciblant l’Afrique, le continent américain, l’Asie-Pacifique et le Moyen-Orient Pour de plus amples informations, veuillez consulter le site Web de la société sur www.aprenergy.com.