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Les boursiers de la YALI Mandela Washington doivent se réunir à Johannesburg

JOHANNESBURG, 15 mai 2015 /PRNewswire/ — L’initiative des jeunes leaders africains (YALI – Young African Leaders Initiative) du Président Barack Obama accueillera la 1ère Conférence régionale annuelle de l’Afrique australe pour les boursiers du programme Mandela Washington à Johannesburg en Afrique du Sud du 17 au 19 mai 2015. Plus de 130 boursiers prometteurs et accomplis vont mettre en commun leurs expériences dans le développement du leadership professionnel et discuter de plans de collaboration pour l’avenir du continent. Ils seront rejoints par certains des plus remarquables leaders du secteur privé en Afrique, du gouvernement américain et des organisations internationales et locales.

Mandela%20Washington Les boursiers de la YALI Mandela Washington doivent se réunir à Johannesburg

Mandela Washington Fellowship Southern Africa Regional Conference.

Photo : http://photos.prnewswire.com/prnh/20150514/216218

À noter parmi les conférenciers :

  • Sir James Mancham, ancien président de la République des Seychelles,
  • Son Excellence Monica Geingos, Première dame of Namibie,
  • Patrick H. Gaspard, Ambassadeur des États-Unis auprès de l’Afrique du Sud,
  • Cheryl Anderson, chef de la mission de l’USAID en Afrique australe,
  • Moeletsi Mbeki, vice-président de l’Institut sud-africain des affaires internationales.

Le Mandela Washington Fellowship emmène 500 jeunes professionnels africains provenant de tout le continent dans des universités américaines pour six semaines de formation en leadership dans les domaines des affaires et de l’entrepreneuriat, du leadership civique ou de la gestion publique. Sélectionnés par concours sur ce prestigieux programme phare, les boursiers représentent pour le continent la génération émergente d’entrepreneurs, de leaders communautaires et d’agents de l’État.

Les boursiers d’Afrique australe rassemblent des participants d’Afrique du Sud, d’Angola, du Botswana, des Comores, du Lesotho, de Madagascar, du Malawi, de Maurice, du Mozambique, de Namibie, des Seychelles, du Swaziland, de Zambie et du Zimbabwe.

L’USAID et l’IREX assistent les boursiers du Mandela Washington en offrant des possibilités de formation professionnelle continue en Afrique, lesquelles permettent à ces jeunes leaders de progresser le long de leurs trajectoires professionnelles.

Pour de plus amples informations sur le programme Mandela Washington Fellowship, veuillez visiter : https://www.irex.org/projects/yali/ Twitter: @WashFellowship | Facebook: www.facebook.com/WashingtonFellowship

Pour toute question et demande relatives aux médias, veuillez contacter : newsroom@irex.org ou téléphonez en Afrique du Sud : 084 206 6345 ou aux États-Unis : +1 202 628 8188 poste 108

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Thousands of Rohingya Stranded at Sea

Apparently, a duo of New York Times reporters spotted a ship full of Rohingya migrants who had been adrift at sea. The journalists then alerted the Thai Navy…which did nothing. There are some 6,000 Rohingya believed to be at sea right now, and no country is taking them in. Some countries have even pushed them away. “The green and red fishing boat, packed with men, women and children squatting on the deck with only plastic tarps to protect them from the sun, had been turned away by the Malaysian authorities on Wednesday, passengers said. They said that they had been on the boat for three months, and that the boat’s captain and crew had abandoned them six days ago. Ten passengers died during the voyage and their bodies were thrown overboard, the passengers said.” (NYT http://nyti.ms/1IBkQhi)

Want to go deeper? A 20 minute podcast explainer on the plight of the Rohingya of Myanmar — and why they are the subject of such deep racism and discrimination throughout the region. (Global Dispatches Podcast http://bit.ly/1zlclzh) 

Making a Bad Situation Worse…”A new law that would force aid agencies working in South Sudan to ensure that no more than a fifth of their staff are foreigners could cost lives and have “catastrophic effects” on those most at risk in the aid-dependent and conflict-riven nation, a group of NGOs has warned. On Wednesday, South Sudan’s parliament passed the non-governmental organisations (NGO) bill, which, according to the office of the president, Salva Kiir, is intended “to regulate the NGOs, international and local”. Although the bill is still awaiting Kiir’s signature, the South Sudan NGO Forumfears it could jeopardise humanitarian operations once enacted.” (Guardian http://bit.ly/1IBl6Nf) 

And in better news…Armed groups in Central African Republic released more than 300 enslaved children on Thursday as part of a United Nations-brokered deal as the country turns to healing after two years of conflict. (Reuters http://yhoo.it/1cYVnRV)

Burundi Coup Crisis 

Heavy fighting between rival Burundian troops erupted in the capital on Thursday, the day after a top general launched a coup to oust the central African nation’s President Pierre Nkurunziza. (AFP http://yhoo.it/1H5FOPI) 

President Pierre Nkurunziza returned to Burundi on Thursday, his office said, after the army chief declared that an attempted coup staged when the east African leader was abroad had failed. (Reuters http://reut.rs/1IBlkUG) 

The African Union said it condemned any attempt to seize power through violence in Burundi and called for dialogue to resolve the country’s political crisis, according to a statement by the AU Peace and Security Council on Thursday. (Reuters http://yhoo.it/1cYVnBl)


At least three soldiers, six vigilantes and dozens of Boko Haram insurgents have been killed during clashes in the restive northeast Nigerian city of Maiduguri, sources said on Thursday. (AFP http://yhoo.it/1H5FSPh) 

Twenty-three people have been killed in two new massacres blamed on Ugandan rebels in the restless east of the Democratic Republic of Congo, a regional official said. (AFP http://yhoo.it/1H5FQqP) 

Mali’s main Tuareg-led rebel alliance initialled a peace agreement with the government Thursday but demanded changes before signing a deal to end decades of conflict in the west African nation. (AFP http://yhoo.it/1cYVn4z)

Some 12,000 HIV/AIDS patients in Burkina Faso who rely on food aid are at risk of food insecurity and health problems this year if programmes don’t receive the required level of funding, local and international aid agencies warn. (IRIN http://bit.ly/1AZQYDu) 

The United Nations is sending up to 18 flights a day into South Sudan carrying seeds, tools and fishing equipment to allow desperate farmers to sow crops as the planting season begins in the conflict-ravaged country. (TRF http://yhoo.it/1cYVsoH) 

Uganda’s leading opposition figure, Kizza Besigye, was arrested on Thursday on suspicion of holding an illegal meeting, police said, a move the opposition said was meant to intimidate them ahead of next year’s elections. (Reuters http://yhoo.it/1cYVrB3)


The United Nations Thursday appealed to all sides in the Yemen conflict to respect a fragile five-day truce in the country in a bid to boost the delivery of sorely-needed aid. (AFP http://yhoo.it/1FgMUnF)

An extremist group based in the Sahara desert known for carrying out terror attacks in Algeria, Mali and Niger appears to have pledged allegiance to the Islamic State group after years with its rival, al-Qaida. (AP http://yhoo.it/1L4lUIP)

More than 700 potential terror suspects have traveled to Syria from the U.K. to fight or support extremists, and about half are believed to have returned, British police said Thursday. (AP http://yhoo.it/1L4lORd) 

Islamic State (IS) has released an audio message it says is from its leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, which if confirmed would be the first in month


A clearer picture is emerging of the attack on a Kabul guesthouse that left 14 people dead, including many foreigners. (WaPo http://wapo.st/1IBlrzF)

Nepal has been overwhelmed by its second powerful earthquake in less than three weeks, its prime minister said Thursday as he visited this normally placid foothills town, now filling up with frightened villagers desperate for government help. (AP http://yhoo.it/1FgMY6Q) 

Police in Moscow have briefly detained eight activists who picketed outside the presidential administration’s headquarters to protest the high cost of HIV treatments in Russia. (AP http://yhoo.it/1L4lQc1) 

Punjab province is set to launch an innovation for water-short Pakistan: Solar-powered ATMs that dispense clean water when a smart card is scanned. (TRF http://yhoo.it/1FgN26u) 

Indonesia has extended a landmark moratorium aimed at preserving the archipelago’s vast swathes of tropical rainforest, but environmentalists said on Thursday the logging ban did not go far enough. (AFP http://yhoo.it/1FgMXQo) 

Papua New Guinea’s prime minister on Thursday said he was shocked by an announcement from former colonial ruler Australia that it might open a diplomatic mission in the restive island of Bougainville, where a referendum on independence is scheduled. (Reuters http://yhoo.it/1FgMZI0) 

The Americas 

In spite of strides in social progress, Latin America’s maternal mortality rates remain unacceptable, and many of the deaths are avoidable, occurring partly because of neglect of the prescriptions provided by experts: preventive action and health promotion. (IPS http://bit.ly/1PJ2jyp)

An elections committee in Haiti has rejected first lady Sophia Martelly’s bid to run for Senate. (AP http://yhoo.it/1H5FJLN)

Colombian crews resumed efforts Thursday to rescue at least 15 workers trapped in a mine collapse, as authorities launched an investigation into the owners of the unlicensed gold mine. (AFP http://yhoo.it/1L4lYIz) 

…and the rest 

The global pharmaceutical industry should set up a $2.0 billion global innovation fund to help kickstart research into developing more resistant antibiotics, experts said on Thursday. (AFP http://yhoo.it/1FgN12t) 

A U.N. deal to combat global warming due in December will seek to lift world economic growth and be based more on encouragement than threats of punishment for non-compliance, the U.N.’s climate chief said. (Reuters http://yhoo.it/1H5FIYd) 


The U.N. at 70:  Is It Still Fit for the Purpose? (IPS http://bit.ly/1KOhO6Q)

Status quo won’t end extreme poverty by 2030, say experts (Humanosphere http://bit.ly/1KOilFU) 

Qatar: how have conditions for migrant workers changed in nine key areas? (Guardian http://bit.ly/1IDFxaM) 

The “University Report Card” Highlights Need for more University Research into Neglected Diseases (Policy Innovations http://bit.ly/1cZ0npD) 

Who Needs a Secular State? (Reinventing Peace http://bit.ly/1cZ0uBE) 

Why Central African Republic’s Hybrid Tribunal Could be a Game-Changer (Justice in Conflict http://bit.ly/1cZ0At9)

Burundi protests play out on social media as users ask #WhereisNkurunziza (Guardian http://bit.ly/1L4nGtf) 

Who will be the Next President of the African Development Bank? (Development Diaries http://bit.ly/1cZ0ZLW)

How do we get better at learning from history? (From Poverty to Power http://bit.ly/1L4nLNu)

Financing for Development: This year’s big debate (Virtual Economics http://bit.ly/1cZ1khJ)

Migration is capitalism’s unfinished business – it cannot and should not be stopped (ODI http://bit.ly/1cZ1ENs) 

Am I a coup d’état? A checklist on Burundi’s May 13 (Eyes Wide Open http://bit.ly/1cZ1DJA)



YALI Mandela Washington Fellows to Convene in Johannesburg

JOHANNESBURG, May 15, 2015 / PRNewswire — President Barack Obama’s Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) is hosting the 1st Annual Southern Africa Regional Conference for Mandela Washington Fellows in Johannesburg, South Africa from May 17-19, 2015. Over 130 promising and accomplished Fellows are going to share their stories of professional leadership development and discuss collaborative plans for the future of the continent. They will be joined by some of Africa’s most notable leaders in the private sector, the U.S. Government, and international and local organizations.

IREX%20logo YALI Mandela Washington Fellows to Convene in Johannesburg

*IREX logo*.

Photo – http://photos.prnewswire.com/prnh/20150514/216218
Logo – http://photos.prnewswire.com/prnh/20130628/DC39165LOGO

Event speakers include:

  • Sir James Mancham, Former President of the Republic of Seychelles
  • H.E. Monica Geingos, First Lady of Namibia
  • Ambassador Patrick H. Gaspard, U.S. Ambassador to South Africa
  • Cheryl Anderson, Mission Director, USAID/Southern Africa
  • Moeletsi Mbeki, Deputy Chairman, South African Institute of International Affairs

The Mandela Washington Fellowship brings 500 young African professionals from across the continent to U.S. universities for six weeks of leadership training in the areas of business and entrepreneurship, civic leadership, or public management. Competitively selected for this prestigious flagship program, the Fellows represent the continent’s emerging generation of entrepreneurs, community leaders, and public officials.

The Southern African Fellows include participants from Angola, Botswana, Comoros, Lesotho, Madagascar, Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, Seychelles, South Africa, Swaziland, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

USAID and IREX support Mandela Washington Fellows with continuing professional development opportunities in Africa, to advance these young leaders along their professional leadership trajectories.

To find out more about the Mandela Washington Fellowship visit: https://www.irex.org/projects/yali/ Twitter: @WashFellowship | Facebook: www.facebook.com/WashingtonFellowship

For all inquiries and media requests contact: newsroom@irex.org or call in South Africa: 084-206-6345 or in the US: +1-202-628-8188 x108

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Recurring Earthquakes Upset the Region: Deutsche Post DHL Group DRT will Extend Its Deployment until the End of May

– Disaster Response Team instrumental in ensuring Kathmandu airport remains operational to receive relief goods

– Over 2,000 tons of relief aid so far moved by DRT team at Tribhuvan Kathmandu International Airport for further distribution to those in need

– Close co-operation with local authorities, United Nations, and numerous foreign governments, NGOs and aid agencies

– DRT comprised 18 DHL volunteers from Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, Bahrain, India, Hong Kong, Pakistan, Belgium, UK in three rotating teams over three weeks so far

KATHMANDU, Nepal, May 15, 2015 / PRNewswire — Deutsche Post DHL (DPDHL) Group’s Disaster Response Team (DRT) will extend its deployment till May. The extension comes after another heavy earthquake hit the region on 12 May and causing additional devastation to the area. The DRT will continue to play a critical role in ensuring the Tribhuvan Kathmandu International Airport remains operational. The DRT was deployed less than 48 hours after the first earthquake struck on 25 April. As the country’s only international airport in a landlocked country, the airport is the main gateway for the international aid community to send relief goods into Nepal.

Photo – http://photos.prnasia.com/prnh/20150514/8521503095
Logo – http://www.prnasia.com/sa/2010/09/02/20100902467742-l.jpg

The 18-strong team of volunteers from DHL, all logistics experts and trained in disaster management, were deployed in three waves and tasked with improving logistics operations at Tribhuvan Kathmandu International Airport for incoming relief supplies. Over the last three weeks, the DRT handled over 2,000 tons of incoming relief supplies, sorting and moving goods with limited equipment into centralized airside warehouses run by the United Nations World Food Programme for further distribution by international non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

The airport has one runway servicing both passenger and cargo aircraft, and can process nine planes at a time, with a 196 ton cargo weight restriction per plane. The airport’s capacity, coupled with a current lack of equipment and resources in the currently very demanding situation, are huge factors impacting the speed of delivery of relief goods to those in need.

Chris Weeks, Director for Humanitarian Affairs, DPDHL Group, said, “We are faced with recurring strong earthquakes – this indicates that relief efforts will have to continue for quite some time. The Disaster Response Team takes care of a crucial part in the relief effort chain. When we first arrived, we had a big job to do in cleaning up the congested tarmac area which was filled with relief supplies – this is critical in an emergency situation. If we hadn’t done this, it’s likely the airport would have closed within the first 48 hours of the earthquake because the airport would have run out of space and equipment, and NGOs would have been unable to locate their aid and relief goods. We implemented a system to maximize the use of limited resources for ongoing relief efforts. Working closely with the civil aviation authorities, local military, international aid organizations and the UN, we have clarity on the daily flights coming in. We also set up processes to meet the cargo at the airside to make the necessary arrangements in the fastest possible time.”

“With the recurring earthquakes experienced in Nepal, we are glad to have the logistics expertise of DHL on the ground at the Nepal airport to help with the mammoth task of managing the deluge of incoming relief aid. It is a tough and thankless job but an extremely critical one, as Nepal relies on the continued operations of its airport to receive aid from the international community. The speed and dedication of the DPDHL Group’s DRT is truly commendable,” said Alex Marianelli, Senior Logistics Coordinator, Nepal Earthquake Response, World Food Programme.

DRT, which can only be activated by a request from the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA), worked closely with the Nepalese authorities, the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP), numerous governments, aid agencies and NGOs. The team used any available resources they had – from locally borrowed forklifts, tractors and makeshift dollies, to UK-donated K Loaders to speed up the logistics operations, ensuring that relief goods are delivered through vertical take-off US Osprey airplanes and even local tractors.

Fast unloading at the small airport and expert warehousing has been key to keeping the airport open and ensuring the right equipment get to the appropriate relief agencies as fast as possible. For nearly three weeks, DRT has been involved in coordinating the arrival and distribution of food, shelter, medicines and water including over three million high-energy biscuits from the United States of America’s Department of Agriculture, a 35-ton inflatable hospital from Medecin sans Frontieres, solar lamps, tools for rebuilding and plastic sheeting. The team also managed one chartered DHL plane carrying goods donated by sponsors from the Middle East.

Gagan Mukhia, Country Manager, DHL Express Nepal, said, “The generosity of people can literally be overwhelming in an emergency such as this and aid comes in many sizes and forms. Some of the huge air cargo pallets initially had to be dismantled before we could move them because there just wasn’t the equipment to unload them as a whole. With the latest earthquake on 12 May, we are still able to continue with our DRT operations as we now have the equipment and systems in place to deal with the ongoing relief effort that Nepal will desperately need for many months ahead. Planes can now be unloaded quickly and aid distributed more efficiently to the Nepalese community.”

In addition to the ongoing voluntary work of the Disaster Response Team, DHL’s Aid and Relief commercial service has moved over 100 tonnes of relief goods for organizations like ShelterBox and Norwegian Church Aid. Additionally, bookings for over 90 tonnes have already been received for the coming weeks.

The DPDHL Group DRT comprises highly-trained volunteers who provide logistics expertise free-of-charge to help coordinate relief aid at the airport for further distribution to the victims in the speediest manner possible. The DRT network consists over 400 trained DHL volunteers, who can be deployed within 72 hours. Since 2005, the DRTs have been deployed over 30 times worldwide, with recent deployments including Vanuatu following the destruction caused by Cyclone Pam in March 2015 and the Philippines following Typhoon Haiyan.

GoHelp is the disaster management program of DPDHL Group and comprises the “Get Airports Ready for Disaster” (GARD) program and natural disaster response via the DRTs. In a partnership with the United Nations since 2005, DPDHL Group provides the UN with access to its core competence in logistics, its global network and the know-how of its employees free-of-charge. To date, GARD has been implemented jointly with the United Nations Development Program to more than 29 local airports in countries like Armenia, Bangladesh, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Indonesia, Jordan, Lebanon, Nepal, Panama, Peru, the Philippines, Turkey and Sri Lanka. In cooperation with UNOCHA, DPDHL Group also established a global network of DRTs to support airports in the event of a natural disaster.

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US Congress to Hold Hearing on Rwanda’s Troubling Human Rights Record

– Witness David Himbara: Hearing to Shine Light on President Kagame’s Repressive Regime

WASHINGTON, May 14, 2015 / PRNewswire — The House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Africa, Global Health, Global Human Rights and International Organizations announced today that it will hold a hearing on May 20 to examine Rwanda’s deteriorating human rights record under President Paul Kagame.

The hearing, “Developments in Rwanda,” will feature testimony from several experts on Rwanda including David Himbara, a former top economic aide to President Kagame and coordinator of the North American branch of Democracy in Rwanda Now (DIRN); Robert Higiro, a former Rwandan army major who fled the country when he was ordered to assassinate Rwandan dissidents living in South Africa; and Robert Jackson, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary in the US Department of State’s Bureau of African Affairs.

“I highly commend Chairman Christopher Smith (R-NJ) and Ranking Member Karen Bass (D-CA) for holding this very important hearing, which will shine a brighter spotlight on Rwanda’s troubling and worsening human rights record,” said Mr. Himbara.

“I sincerely hope that this hearing, in addition to raising awareness among members of Congress and the American people about President Kagame’s repressive regime, serves as a critical step toward ending the troubling, long-established authoritarian governance of Rwanda. The Rwandan people deserve to live in a country of opportunity and freedom, not one of tyranny and fear.”

In recent years, President Kagame has taken deliberate steps to control Rwandan media, silence all opposition and quiet those who criticize his regime, as evidenced in Human Rights Watch’s World Report 2015. The US State Department has condemned these actions, with spokesperson Jen Psaki noting in a Jan. 16, 2014, press briefing that the United States is “troubled by the succession of what appear to be politically motivated murders of prominent Rwandan exiles.”

Many Rwandan opposition activists have disappeared or died under mysterious circumstances; the State Department’s 2013 Country Report on Human Rights Practices states that Rwanda has “major human rights problems,” including “arbitrary or unlawful killings both inside and outside of the country, disappearances, torture, harsh conditions in prisons and detention centers, arbitrary arrests, prolonged pretrial detentions and government infringement on citizens’ privacy rights.”

Democracy in Rwanda Now (DIRN) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that promotes democracy, free speech and human rights for Rwandans.

David Himbara
Democracy in Rwanda Now (DIRN)